Wednesday, May 25, 2011

EPSON Tablet "?

The tablet market is growing more and more and more names are in addition to competition for a piece of cake. The latest name to add to this list is Epson, the famous manufacturer of printers and office products may be planning to launch a new tablet. Several sources indicate that the company is working on a new tablet first line, the project was confirmed by the manufacturer has not yet revealed any information.

New tablet Pantech

The Asian technology manufacturer Pantech has officially announced the launch of a new art tablet that will hit stores in China and Korea over this year. This is the new Pantech Vega No. 5, a tablet with very interesting characteristics that have little to envy from the top brands in the market. The new Pantech Vega No.

5 is powered by a Qualcomm MSM8660 processor dual-core 1.5 GHz, has 1 GB of DDR2 RAM, 16 GB of internal memory and MicroSD memory slot. Yet at the moment is soon to be motivated by the announcement, at first the Pantech Vega No. 5 will be sold exclusively in the Asian market and has not yet confirmed its entry to Europe.

The e-G8 should send a message very liberal in Deauville

Fewer laws and a more favorable environment for investment: not surprisingly, e-G8, which ended Wednesday night May 25 in Paris, should transmit to the eight most industrialized countries a message asking for more guarantees Free Internet business and less restrictive laws. The exact message to be relayed at the top of Deauville is not yet known, but the concluding discussion of e-G8 should relay requests rather general and focusing on the needs of the business world.

Apple is around half a million of approved applications

Planet of the applications Apple is gaining population. According to unofficial information, Apple has already passed half a million of them are active but in different stores a little less. 356,000 are for the iPhone, are designed for 96,400 and 4,800 iPad Macs are for 37% of the applications are free.

The games are more prevalent. 15% of the applications are. They are followed by books (14%), other entertainment (11%) and educational applications. The average price application fee is $ 3.64 and $ 891,982.24 would be needed to buy them all. The phenomenon of applications has been a great asset to Apple to enhance the sale of their products.

Barnes and Noble has launched its new digital reader version

Barnes and Noble has launched its new digital reader version Nook monochrome touchscreen six inches, operating system and a range Android 2.1, according to the company two months. Sell it to $ 139. Has as its Amazon Kindle compete wifi connection. The storage capacity is 2G, but about half are reserved for content purchased from its online store, but a microSD card can extend this storage capacity.

The last Xbox creator leaves Microsoft

Otto Berkes one of the creators of the first Xbox, and last remaining of the four founders of the console, Microsoft has left these days, to take a new position with another company, but do not yet know what kind of role is going to do. The news comes from Seattle Times, which gives some comments Berkes: "No regrets, but it's time to go for me, I am very proud of what I was able to achieve here." Ted Hase, Seamus Blackley, Kevin Bachus and Otto Berkes were in fact the head of the Xbox project, and urged Microsoft to venture in the area of the console, risquotendo also a great success, despite the monopoly of the Sony PlayStation 2.

Atom Cedarview reach the first rumors price

Intel later this year plans to launch the next-generation 32-nanometer Atom Cedarview, code-named Cedar Trail, which will be announced in September and will arrive on the market with four models, two for two for netbook and nettop . The new CPUs are named Cedarview Cedarview-D and-M, the D-series dedicated to the Desktop platforms start with the CPU Atom Atom D2500 and D2700, the former has a frequency of 1.86 GHz, 1 MB of cache and is devoid of Hyper -Threading and has a TDP of 10 watts.

XBox 360 to support full 3D stereoscopic

The latest rumors about the Xbox 360, show that on June 6 at E3, Microsoft will officially declare its full support for stereoscopic 3D, which supports the rival PlayStation 3 for almost a year that was released a firmware update in June 2010. Stereoscopic 3D for the console should not be a problem, although some rumors indicate that CPU and GPU will be the bottleneck, and struggle to render the image twice.

Microsoft introduces its new operating system for mobile

The computer giant Microsoft announced on Tuesday 24 May, the next version of its operating system for mobile phones, Mango. This new version should be available on Tuesday for developers who want to produce tailored programs. However the public should wait until fall. Mango first provides a tight integration of messaging and social networks to "organize the information around the person with whom one wants to talk, not about applications." Mobile users will benefit from shortcuts between the browser and Web applications, allowing for example to go directly to the application of digital library Kindle in connection with research on a book title.

"Access to the Internet must become a fundamental right"

"[When I first proposed holding a summit Internet players] some told me, 'they'll believe you want to control them'. It makes no sense, but I think it's important for you to be heard. It is not necessary that everything be preordained, there should be a bit of life too. "In his speech opening the e-G8, Nicolas Sarkozy promised to listen to the message that the participants - mainly Web business representatives - would have to say.

Blog - Playtime Hits: study "K"

"The quality information travels over the paper and digital

PARIS - The fate of the press is an open game and play online as well, with different approaches and results. "The Network kill or raise the newspapers?" is the question posed to some of the leading publishers in the world eG8 Paris. The answers vary depending on the country and head, but there is a shared certainty: the value of quality information is still strong and the newspapers will not die.

Copyright, no clenching of the e-G8

"I am very surprised to hear that. I feel that I do not live on the same planet as the other participants in the debate." The remark by John Perry Barlow, co-founder of the Electronic Foundation, is greeted by laughter and applause in the room, but if the atmosphere in the debate on intellectual property to e-G8, held at Paris on Tuesday 24 and Wednesday, May 25, is a good child, different points of view are profound.

Update on Mango

They have released a series of developments of the new Windows Update Phone 7 Mango, the system has already been revealed along with their specifications but can not install on our end until next September, when a big batch of Windows Mobile Phone on the market worldwide. Mango's new service offers more than 500 enhancements, according to Microsoft at least, its systems primarily focused on boating, social networking, multimedia communications and other activities.

HTC 3D EVO with a price that FLIP

Since its announcement in front of the new HTC EVO 3D became one of the most acclaimed mobile market. Thousands of people each month continue the development of what will be the first mobile 3D display without glasses in history, technology and fashion Nintendo introduced with the release of the wonderful portable game console Nintendo 3DS.

Well now we have not learned that the new HTC 3D EVO will cost very affordable in the United States. The U.S. telephone operator Sprint has been the victim of a leak RadioShack has revealed that the cost to provide the U.S. mobile. The telephone company will market the new HTC 3D EVO $ 199 subsidized by the contract, a cost that is news indeed, we all expected a figure considerably higher.