Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Microsoft introduces its new operating system for mobile

The computer giant Microsoft announced on Tuesday 24 May, the next version of its operating system for mobile phones, Mango. This new version should be available on Tuesday for developers who want to produce tailored programs. However the public should wait until fall. Mango first provides a tight integration of messaging and social networks to "organize the information around the person with whom one wants to talk, not about applications." Mobile users will benefit from shortcuts between the browser and Web applications, allowing for example to go directly to the application of digital library Kindle in connection with research on a book title.

Microsoft finally equip these phones for the latest versions of its software, such as the Office suite. Mango will be provided as a free update for owners of phones running the Windows Phone 7, released in fall 2010, and will also make its appearance in new equipment manufactured by Samsung, LG and HTC, as well as new partners like Acer.

Most is Mango will inaugurate the first devices from the partnership announced in February with a declining number of mobile phones, Nokia. Coming out in the fall, will face competition from Mango flagship phone of this segment, the Apple iPhone, which experts expect a new model after the summer - not to mention future versions of Google's Android system, new leader World according to a Gartner study released last week (36% market share).

MARKET INCREASINGLY COMPETITIVE For Michael Gartenberg, an analyst at Gartner, "in terms of technology, Mango seems very, very good, but it's not just technology but also that will do best proselytizing among consumers. " Now Microsoft has a hard time convincing: despite the release of Windows 7 Phone end of 2010, its market share in operating systems for mobile phones has dropped to 3.6% against 6.8% last year first quarter, with the number of units sold declined slightly while the world market surged by 19%.

To increase its chances, Microsoft announced it would quadruple its market potential on the occasion of the launch, with availability in more countries and more languages (Portuguese, Chinese, Russian etc..). Microsoft also hopes to distinguish itself with a system he claims quicker and "easier" than its predecessors and competitors.

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