Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Apple is around half a million of approved applications

Planet of the applications Apple is gaining population. According to unofficial information, Apple has already passed half a million of them are active but in different stores a little less. 356,000 are for the iPhone, are designed for 96,400 and 4,800 iPad Macs are for 37% of the applications are free.

The games are more prevalent. 15% of the applications are. They are followed by books (14%), other entertainment (11%) and educational applications. The average price application fee is $ 3.64 and $ 891,982.24 would be needed to buy them all. The phenomenon of applications has been a great asset to Apple to enhance the sale of their products.

It not only increases the attractiveness of the same if not that customer loyalty because they migrate to another brand is to leave the list of applications that have purchased or used with Apple products. Therefore, any competitive offers application stores. Apple launched the application in July 2008.

In November 2009, offering 100,000. In April 2010, the figure was already double. In January 2011, the number of applications was 350,000 and reached tens of billions of downloads. Angry Birds game is the king of this market.

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