Monday, June 13, 2011

Intel seeks to revive the Celeron range

Many of you were thinking that Intel has "killed" the Celeron range for several years now, since you are very wrong. The production of these processors never stopped, although we can not say the same commercial success. Intel seeks to revive But the line to include new media Sandy Bridge. Here's the latest news suggests that Intel will update the range of economic Celeron processors using its new Sandy Bridge architecture.

Samsung continues to have problems with its range of tablets

Some time that Samsung has been showing different "excuses" to delay the launch of its 8.9-inch version of Galaxy Tab. First there were problems with the interface without too much detail, and now the problem comes from the side of the screen. As you all know Samsung to announce the project ensured the presence of the new screens G1f, a new model that achieves GFF screens screens thinner than the conventional format.

Another Orange smartphone

Orange exclusive mobile betting continues manufactured exclusively for the telephone operator, in this case Orange Orange presents the new Barcelona, a new Android smartphone. The mobile phone presents a fairly simple design but comfortable to use interface with a QWERTY keyboard and 2.6 inch touch screen.

It also has an interesting 3.2-megapixel camera, Android OS 2.2 and HD audio system exclusively. The most interesting model is clearly not its technology but its price. Yet to know when the new Orange Barcelona cost will have to wait but no doubt will be affordable.

Spotify preparing his landing in the United States

Both Wall Street Journal and Financial Times at the possible release of the online music service Spotify early in the month of July. Both media explain that the Swedish company has already struck deals with Universal, Sony and EMI, three major labels and just missing them do the same with Warner. Lutz Emmerich, head of the company in Spain, and last year announced the intention of landing in the U.S., the obstacle, then, was the lack of a broader catalog tailored to the tastes of this country.

Think of the Samsung smartphone with AMOLED flexible

iPhone 5 begins the testing phase, but we'll see in September

The long-awaited iPhone 5 seems to have entered the final phase of testing, which Apple called "AP". The news came from the site 9to5Mac, showing what was said by an anonymous source, but near the top of Apple, which says that the new smartphone is already in the hands of Apple executives and the biggest players.

Apple Ssued by the use of the mark icloud

An Arizona company, icloud Communications, has sued Apple for using the mark icloud. The signing of Phoenix, a provider of IP voice (via Internet), argues that the name caused confusion over competing products. In the text of the application, said Apple's offer to icloud is similar to the competitors and make the applicant itself through icloud Marks since 2005.

"However, due to the global coverage generated by the announcement of Apple and its services icloud and saturation advertising campaign by Apple, the media and the public have been associated with Apple icloud brand." The company requests an unspecified amount of money and that Apple cease using the term icloud.

Facebook losing momentum in the U.S.?

Facebook's growth is continuing at a global level, but the social network seems stalled in some countries like the United States, says a report published Sunday, June 12 According to the website Inside Facebook Gold, which conducts monthly surveys, social networking, co-founded by Mark Zuckerberg, will soon reach the 700 million active users.

In early June, Inside Facebook accounted 687 million, against 675 million a month earlier. Based on the demand for online advertising on social networks, social enterprise Bakers consider it more than 698 million in Tech News Buzz. There are less than a year, the social network for its part claimed to have surpassed the 500 million registered.

Deezer's future threatened by a complaint from Universal

Deezer and between record labels, is "I love you I do not either." On the one hand, the independent label Sooner or Later will use the resources of Europe's leading streaming music and offered him to celebrate his fifteenth birthday, a nice roster of artists on stage (Yael Naim Thomas Fersen L, Dick Annegarn, Heads Stiff ...).

They will succeed at the Cabaret Sauvage in Paris, Tuesday, June 14, for a private concert broadcast live on Deezer. But the charm of operation will not forget that Universal Music Deezer filed a complaint June 10 in summary proceedings before the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Paris for infringement.

Anonymous attack the website of the Spanish police

The group of "hacktivists" Anonymous launched on the night of Saturday 11 to Sunday, June 12, an attack against the website of the Spanish police. "In the night between Saturday and Sunday at 2 pm on the police website fell victim to an attack and has been blocked for a few minutes," said Monday, a police source.

On Twitter, @ Anon_Central account noted: "Objective: www. Policia. Es, status: failed, for arresting peaceful protesters." Spanish police announced Friday the arrest of three hackers regarded as responsible for Spain Anonymous, accused of attacks against official websites and institutions.

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Spotify is a licensing agreement with Universal Music

The online music service Spotify has signed a licensing agreement with Universal Music, the world's first label. The agreement was sealed two weeks ago, showed, Friday, June 10, unnamed sources quoted by Reuters news agency. Spotify has now catalogs of three of the four major labels, or 70% of the market and makes its imminent arrival on the U.S.

market, according to two sources cited. The streaming site has indeed reached an agreement with the U.S. Sony Music Entertainment and EMI. Sources contacted differ on whether Spotify will launch just before or after entering into a partnership with Warner, the world number three single disc and staff now missing its offer.

Washington wants to thwart the censorship of dictatorships with an Internet ghost

The United States is working on a global project to deploy an Internet "ghost" as well as mobile telephone systems to allow dissidents to bypass censorship of dictatorial regimes. That is what is reported, Sunday, June 12, the New York Times, in an investigation based on documents and secret diplomatic cables on an operation worthy of the purest spy novel.

According to the newspaper, young entrepreneurs and Washington are seeking to develop electronic devices do not attract attention and compact enough to be transported in a bag of ordinary trip. CASE FOR ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT Funded by a grant of 2 million from the State Department, this case will pass the borders of a country and the equipment to be quickly assembled to enable wireless communications over a wide area with Internet access.