Monday, June 13, 2011

Anonymous attack the website of the Spanish police

The group of "hacktivists" Anonymous launched on the night of Saturday 11 to Sunday, June 12, an attack against the website of the Spanish police. "In the night between Saturday and Sunday at 2 pm on the police website fell victim to an attack and has been blocked for a few minutes," said Monday, a police source.

On Twitter, @ Anon_Central account noted: "Objective: www. Policia. Es, status: failed, for arresting peaceful protesters." Spanish police announced Friday the arrest of three hackers regarded as responsible for Spain Anonymous, accused of attacks against official websites and institutions.

Anonymous was once defended in a statement, ensuring not to count as "leaders" in its ranks. "We have no members and we are not a group made you arrested three people speaking for themselves," the statement said. The attack on websites "is a sign of peaceful protest, which is the same as a sit-in outside a store to prevent people from entering," insisted Anonymous.

A "THREAT" SAYS NATO group has been described as a "threat" by NATO because of the risk of hacking or lock it poses to computer systems of the Atlantic Alliance, stressed the police. The group Anonymous was known for attacks against websites of U.S. credit cards Visa and MasterCard, in response to their decision to block payments to the publishing site of confidential information Wikileaks.

Anonymous has already been endorsed by police operations in the United States and the United Kingdom. The Turkish authorities have also announced last week they had arrested about thirty persons suspected of being linked to this group.

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