Monday, June 13, 2011

Spotify preparing his landing in the United States

Both Wall Street Journal and Financial Times at the possible release of the online music service Spotify early in the month of July. Both media explain that the Swedish company has already struck deals with Universal, Sony and EMI, three major labels and just missing them do the same with Warner. Lutz Emmerich, head of the company in Spain, and last year announced the intention of landing in the U.S., the obstacle, then, was the lack of a broader catalog tailored to the tastes of this country.

However, he preferred not to comment on this news: "Right now they are only rumors." This news comes a week after Apple introduced icloud, storage service in the cloud to sync the songs that the user on different devices synchronized with iTunes. It will function much like Spotify: no need to store the music on the device, but accessing your files over the Web During the developer conference the search giant Google Music was his proposal to bring the songs .

At the moment only available in the U.S. and works both on computers and phones and tablets with Android. Spotify is a music listening service over the Internet that became popular for being free, by invitation and easy to connect to Facebook and Twitter. In mid-April made a controversial decision: to listen to a song more than five times had to start paying.

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