Monday, June 27, 2011

HTC launches its first 3D phone

As you did with your LG model that records in three dimensions, HTC has included the best possible hardware to be able to record and play content with this technology and without glasses. Graham Wheeler, director of the company in Europe, Middle East and Africa, believes that this terminal, which goes on sale across Europe in July, goes a step beyond what's on the market: "Not only for appearance creative, but also the ability to download movies successfully broken down the barrier of the glasses.

Apple prepares its mapping service

Apple prepares its own mapping service. Although it has an agreement with Google Maps, the  Steve Jobs company did not give up this offer. One indication of this is that tracking the legal information contained in operating system IOS5.

The pirate group stops acting Lulzsec

The six members of hacker group Lulzsec announced yesterday that they cease their activity. In a statement, recalled that sailed 50 days ago "in our humble ship" in a brutal ocean: Internet, 50 days have attacked businesses, government ... by a spirit "chaotic and anarchic." Lulzsec, which has always claimed a desire humorous, confidents that the revolution continue without them.