Monday, June 27, 2011

The pirate group stops acting Lulzsec

The six members of hacker group Lulzsec announced yesterday that they cease their activity. In a statement, recalled that sailed 50 days ago "in our humble ship" in a brutal ocean: Internet, 50 days have attacked businesses, government ... by a spirit "chaotic and anarchic." Lulzsec, which has always claimed a desire humorous, confidents that the revolution continue without them.

The statement announces that he wants to keep the messages in the group ... to open a mirror site because they fail to pay the hostel's own. The announcement of his self-discipline solution coincides with an internal war of different groups of hackers and filtering messages that crossed Lulzsec members in its internal chat.
 f the CIA to steal about 180 passwords from a security company, Sony and attacks on police in Arizona.

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