Sunday, June 26, 2011

BlackBerry: another tablet on the market

Sophisticated design, operating system and as new way to browse are the hallmarks of Playbook, the first tablet BlackBerry. Unlike the iPhone, supports both Flash content and pages HTM5. That is, load any content created with the current web standards and the future, which looks like a desktop computer.

Another aspect of care: the browser allows you to save links, photos and text. As with Xoom Motorola, BlackBerry tablet was presented at the Consumer Electronics show (CES), held earlier this year in Las Vegas, before Apple unveiled its second iPhone. At that time appeared as a very superior to all other proposals available in the market, but now the feeling that comes rather late, also the price.

The tablet of 10 mm thick, more than the new iPhone, it is easier to carry in your bag because it is smaller and lighter, weighing 425 grams and measures 130 to 194 millimeters.

The bright, seven-inch frame features a touch screen. One feature that goes unnoticed at first, but soon becomes indispensable to control applications. Playbook runs, although they are minimized, several at a time without noticeable delay. In fact, you can use two powerful graphical games simultaneously to test their processing capacity.

Another of its virtues is the ability to project any content through its HDMI output while performing an action on the screen. For example, you can type a document while the tablet A film on TV. Also surprising for autonomy. To start using a computer is not necessary, just turn it on. Neither a BlackBerry.

If you have, yes, synchronizing contacts and calendar programs is a matter of minutes. The virtual keyboard is displayed when the finger pose any field to be filled or job application. Given the small size of the screen you type more comfortably horizontal. The range of applications, proposals still very professional, is widening every day.

The updates to both applications and operating system, cumbersome in the operating system of Apple and Android rare, are almost automatically. They appear as an alert on the top left corner and just give them the approval to begin the installation and downloading. As is standard on these devices include GPS, Bluetooth and Dual Camera: Front and rear to take pictures and video.

The battery reaches, with some effort, the seven hours of battery life in continuous use. Anything less than the Apple option or running the Android operating system 3.0, Acer, Motorola and HTC.

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