Saturday, June 25, 2011

LulzSec, the meteoric rise of a group of hackers

Police in Arizona, the CIA, Sony, the U.S. Senate, Nintendo, PBS television, the Fox television network, the porn site Pron. com, the X Factor, the British police, the video game publisher Bethesda ... The list of victims of computer attacks claimed by Lulz Security, a group of hackers, is long. Most importantly, all of these attacks took place within a very short: there are still unknown two months, "Lulzsec" - "lulz" is a corruption of the acronym for "laugh out loud" - has cut in a few weeks an international reputation.

What is their motivation? Why pick on targets as diverse? "For the lulz" just for fun, the group provides through their official website as a twitter account - both still online. "You find it funny to see the chaos to develop, and we find it funny to cause it," the group writes, for example in one of his many releases.

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