Saturday, May 28, 2011

A major download site closed, its leaders arrested

Liberty Land, one of the most visited websites in France, which gave access to tens of thousands of links to pirated content, has been closed and its three directors arrested, officials said Saturday at the gendarmerie. The three men, aged 25-30 years, were arrested Tuesday in Marseille (southeast), near Le Havre (northwest) and Montreuil (near Paris), and indicted (charged) for "counterfeit organized gang, "according to the gendarmerie in Rennes (west) which has been the investigation.

The e-G8 summit to the limited impact

While the G8 summit ended Friday night in Deauville, the findings of the e-G8 summit preparatory spent on the Internet that took place Tuesday and Wednesday in Paris are not yet known - a sign of trouble to build consensus among participants. What was the impact of these two days of talks, attended by 1500 persons, mostly heads of web companies and fully funded by private funds? Despite the presence in Deauville a "delegation" of e-G8, the final declaration of the G8 seems to have finally taken little account of the summit preparatory discussions.

When the friend is a treasure the network makes your projects

Once upon a time who had a great idea, the dream of a life, a project that also would have bet mom, but no means available to achieve it. Today there are the Internet and social networking. And a thing called crowdfunding or financing from below ground, which focuses on the enormous potential of friends and contacts in the network and uses the Internet as a reservoir for the collection of funds.

A new rumor about NGP

It had been a few weeks the project was diverted from the general internet user but with the latest rumors Sony NGP returns to the staging. According to several websites Sony may be preparing to launch an "economic NGP. Presumably, this strategy comes motivated by the recent blows he has received the image of the company, including problems with the PlayStation Network and has been widely accepted that the new handheld console Nintendo (Nintendo 3DS).