Saturday, May 28, 2011

A new rumor about NGP

It had been a few weeks the project was diverted from the general internet user but with the latest rumors Sony NGP returns to the staging. According to several websites Sony may be preparing to launch an "economic NGP. Presumably, this strategy comes motivated by the recent blows he has received the image of the company, including problems with the PlayStation Network and has been widely accepted that the new handheld console Nintendo (Nintendo 3DS).

Information still catches the eye. According to rumor this year Sony will market a cheaper version of the new generation of handheld dubbed NGP NGP Lite. This console technology would have considerably less than the model mother, about half of potential. Would be equipped with 256 MB of RAM and only 128 MB of VRAM; also would have only Wi-Fi connectivity and MicroSD memory storage would be using.

While sources that promoted the rumor is fairly reliable for the news did not generate questions. What Sony wins this? Personally I think that image down to the console and it is very possible that the "Lite" version has problems running some games that run smoothly normal NPM.

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