Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Apple blasts Samsung

The U.S. technology manufacturer Apple has filed a lawsuit against Samsung for concept of plagiarism it focuses specifically on Samsung S Galaxy Galaxy Samsung 4G and Tab. Steve Jobs and his never dismiss the possibility of weakening the competition, so Apple has already begun campaigning against Samsung in the courts.

According to Apple the overlaps between between Samsung 4G Galaxy and S 3G/3GS iPhone is "indisputable", to equal that in the case of the new Galaxy Tab and the iPad. No doubt both tablets and mobile phones look alike, but the "like" plagiarism is a long way. Both devices have a simple design and little stylized disernir plagiarism in a very basic model is very complicated.

Toshiba launches portable 3D glasses

Nintendo 3DS pioneered but today the 3D glasses has become a fancy for many. Toshiba has joined this trend and has introduced its first portable 3D glasses but with a special addition, simultaneous 2D and 3D. What do we mean by simultaneous 2D and 3D? As the new Toshiba Dynabook Qosmio T851/D8CR plus 3D glasses design allows us to split the screen into zones and determine which one will or not 3D.

LCP-670, an extremely compact desktop computer

The Stealth technology manufacturer has introduced a new mini-desktop with powerful features that will really have to talk, it is the new LCP-670 and has configurations with the latest Intel. The new LCP-670 is powered by Intel Core ranges i3, i5 i7 or very powerful, with the range i5 already have 2.4 GHz processors capable of supporting large amounts of computer processing.

Also we will choose SSDs up to 750 gigabytes of storage and up to 8 GB of DDR3 RAM. In terms of design we must also note their size, no doubt we are facing one of the most compact PC market with measures of 16.6 × 15.7 × 4.8 cm. As for the price nothing is known yet but will keep you informed.

British operators fail to counter an anti-piracy law

Service Providers (ISP) British failed, Wednesday, April 20, in their legal action against a law passed in 2010 under the auspices of the Labour Party, which includes measures to fight against digital piracy. The incumbent operator BT Group (formerly British Telecom) and its rival TalkTalk, two of the largest ISPs in the country, had complained to the British courts against the "law on the digital economy" adopted last year, arguing that it violated European law and violated freedom of expression and the right to privacy of Internet users.

One report describes the three "digital divides" in France

To describe inequalities in access to new technologies and the Internet in particular, the term "digital divide" is often mentioned. But according to a report by the Center for Strategic Analysis (CAS), published Monday, April 18, there is no "one but three digital divides" in France. Beyond the technical issues of network coverage, there is a "generation gap, leaving the elderly in the margin of new technologies, a social divide, which excludes the poorest, and a cultural divide, which deprives the least education opportunities of the computer, "details the organization, which was tasked in 2009 by Parliament to enact such an inventory.

Insider Reports: iPhone 5 is supposedly in September

Almost every week a new rumor about alleged delivery dates of fresh Apple products. This is a bit more credible: the news agency Reuters reports, citing three unnamed informants with insider knowledge of the supply chain of the company "that Apple in September will bring new iPhone 5 in the trade.

The fact that Apple released later this year, a successor is not surprising. The fact that the iPhone is said to have 5 a "faster processor" than the previous model, as Reuters reports, is actually of course - the new device must somehow so different from the old one. Externally to the iPhone 5 are similar to the previous square, say the insiders.

The EU is investigating the freezing of the Network for operators

The European Commission ended the abuses of roaming charges and is now proposed to defend net neutrality. At the moment, opening an investigation into whether the operators block traffic to VoIP services like Skype. Also watch for the speed of the connections offered are real and if there are obstacles to change carriers.

On May 25, when in force, the legislative package Telecom, the consumer may perform number portability within one business day. The European Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications (BEREC) and national regulators, such as CMT, will conduct research, which aims to "ensure that citizens and businesses enjoy an open and neutral Internet, no hidden restrictions and promised speed "according to Neelie Kroes, vice president of the Commission.

Idea is worth anything on the Internet?

Advanced service economy, the most precious little in circulation - but the higher value added - are ideas. "If you have an idea you have to raise your voice" is, not surprisingly, a top that Steve Jobs willing to trim its staff. Of course, not everyone would be able to imagine the iPhone. But among the crowd of brains that populate the Internet, you hide some of the good ideas that can, if you help, find space.

YouTube converts open format WebM

Google is positioning itself in the battle of video codecs. His platform YouTube has announced Tuesday, April 19, all new videos uploaded to its site will be converted to open WebM. YouTube also said to have converted 30% of videos already available, which represent 99% of pages viewed by users. To reduce the weight of the videos available on the Web, while ensuring high quality, multiple encoding formats are available.

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Intel's net income up 29% in first quarter

World number one microprocessor, Intel, published Tuesday, April 19, net income up 29% and higher expectations for the first quarter to 3.2 billion dollars (2.2 billion euros). Revenues meanwhile rose 25% to $ 12.8 billion (8.8 billion euros). "The revenues for the quarter reached a record high for Intel, fueled by double-digit growth in sales in all major product segments and regions", welcomed the CEO, Paul Otellini said in a statement.