Friday, March 4, 2011

G-Skill Phoenix II also joins the ranks of the most powerful SSD

We already have 3 and Vertex OCZ Patriot Wildfire, considered to this day as a couple of SSD models of the most powerful on the market. And all thanks to SandForce SF-2200 chipsets, which also form part of the new G-Skill SSD Phoenix II. The features and specs of the new Phoenix II as we know them, they are similar to those of the competitive offer.

Up to 550 and 500 MB / s read and write, respectively, with 6 Gbps SATA interface (SATA or III) and 2.5-inch format. What's New? Nothing about the past OCZ or Patriot, but a very good improvement in terms of power that will affect overall system performance. Again do not know the prices, but we know that is sold in lengths of 60, 120 and 240 GB.

Spam goes away and then returns

Less than fifty percent between July and December according to figures from security firm Barracuda Computer Labs, the volume of unsolicited email, or spam, has plunged in 2010. A trend corroborated by measurements of other companies, including Symantec and Kaspersky, the latter noting that the proportion of spam in all email messages exchanged continued to decrease in January, before returning to rise sharply in February .

Sonim XP3300 Force arrives in Spain

Today the mobile phone is an essential tool that is part of our daily lives, working in an environment too hostile and no excuse for being incommunicado, pregnant has become a requirement in today's world. Sonim Mobile XP3300 as Force provide security for us to expose our aircraft to risk without major complications.

The XP3300 Sonim Force is a mobile off-road or high strength, specially designed for people who work or pursue leisure activities in hostile environments for mobile phone. This "warrior" of mobile telephony was introduced during the last MWC 2011 held in Barcelona and is capable of supporting up to thirty minutes to two meters under water.

What attracts us in games?

The "gamification", or use of game mechanics for other applications, is one of the big buzz of the moment. In January 2011, held also the first Gamification Summit. The gamification is essentially asking what draws us in both games then extracting the basic revenue to be applied outside the fun. At the heart of this process is the idea that the dot gain, the acquisition of status, are driving fun enough to encourage users to use a service.

Digital publishing in Italy: high prices and too many dealers

"Is it possible that the latest book by Umberto Eco in the electronic version costs slightly less than paper? And then actually has a price even higher, because at least 10% off any bookseller me would you? This is the "stomach ache" of publishers who think that way to stop this phenomenon eBook. Without realizing that in doing so do nothing but fuel the piracy.

"And 'this is the first question put into the pot by Antonio Tombolini, creator of Simplicissimus, and STEALTH ®, an eBook distribution platform, and organizer of the first edition of Ebook Lab Italy, held March 3 to 5 in Rimini, the first exhibition devoted entirely to publishing digital in Italy.

Elf P1, the robot more human-phone

In fact, this concept midway between a robot and a conventional phone is more of a monster the less curious. Human form, this robot-phone breaks the usual coldness of device with which we communicate this gesture to try to make us more human. Although honestly looks more like a toy, this elf has been named P1 has been created by the Japanese Institute of Advanced Telecommunications (ATR) and has a size of 20 centimeters.

Estonia, a paradise of electronic voting

Tallinn, correspondence - Following parliamentary elections in Estonia, Sunday, March 6, the government led by Prime Minister Liberal incumbent, Andrus Ansip, would in all likelihood, be extended with support from its traditional ally the Conservative party Pro Patria and Res Publica (IRL). In this country of 1.3 million inhabitants, the novelty lies rather in the multiple ways of voting, with an action taken to new technologies and promotion of electronic voting.

Video - The Moment of Geek: Secrets of the scrolling

Pleo, a dinosaur for pet

Crosses one of the halls of CeBIT Hall 15, and instead of terrifying like the rest of his kind, the dinosaur awakens tenderness with his looks and gestures. Pleo is a robot with twelve sensors: light, motion and sound. Thus, the pet knows if it is on the ground or suspended, if you cherish or you're stuck, whether it is day or night.

Who even knows if the owner is called by the voice. You can tell if your love alone speak or spoke his name, also tell if the tone is loving or he is scolding. Thanks to the chip and software using artificial intelligence to guide it operates and behave almost like a pet. Blinks, to cuddle and be left wanting, but also can make mischief to get attention.

Windows 8, the first images!

In these hours, rumors have emerged about the operating system Microsoft Windows 8, which is still under development, this time the news comes from a Chinese site that also publishes the image, and shows some features that have been discussed in Passas. As we all know Microsoft is already working version of the M3 "Milestone 3" and the images have appeared instead of the M2 version, so the interface may have already been changed in part.

Unreal Engine 3 DirectX 11 here are some pictures!

Epic Games has brought in these days with a new version of Nvidia's Unreal Engine 3, which has been implemented to support DirectX 11 and on support for the PhysX technology, APEX and Vision 3D, NVidia, and at this time appeared the first images that show the characteristics. Epic wanted to explain how the passage of his engine to the new libraries, is a pretty substantial step forward, and that has not changed the version number because, by their policy this happens only when there is a generational leap.

The iPad 2 makes Samsung to rethink a few details about Galaxy Tab 10.1

It seems that Samsung sees itself thinness and price of the new iPad an obstacle to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 Samsung is competitive with her, and has pronounced Don-Joo Lee, Vice President, Mobile Division of the Korean company. Although I have been following reviews of all types, I personally thought it was a pretty aggressive renovation and Samsung itself feels the same way, being forced to rethink some point in their strategy.

Blog - Disney makes social games

HP and work in Metal Watch Fossil, a watch that will interconnect all devices

One of the most important pillars of HP's strategy regarding their new devices, are mobile phones, computers or tablets, is the interconnection between devices. And demonstrations have shown us what they can do between them, but did not expect to have a clock gadget meantime. Besides webOS, link the different elements, we find the so-called Metal Watch, a watch still in the prototype stage but in the future will have its place in the wide catalog of gadgets from HP.

Mortal Kombat here is a video of the Tower Challenge

One of the most anticipated games this year is the new edition of Mortal Kombat will be resumed early versions of the game, including all the most popular characters and even new, pending his appearance on the market, are starting to get the first video the gameplay. We already talked about the game and the changes introduced in an earlier news (The remake of Mortal Kombat arrives in April with a lot of news) and as we mentioned, the game should uscre in April to be exact on 21 for Xbox 360 for PS3 and will be available in three different editions, in addition to normal there will be versions Kollector's and Tournament, plus some content "special" that you may have booked the title at some chains.

Internet cut in Libya

After intermittent power outages and increased screening but mainly affecting Tripoli, Libya has cut back its Internet access for more than twelve hours. The Transparency Report of Google, which shows real-time changes in service use the search engine shows that the traffic from Libya fell to zero, to 6 am Paris time (7:00 in Libya).

Measurements made by the company Renesys shows that pathways Libyan sites were completely cut off at the same time. Hosted sites in Libya, including official government sites are currently inaccessible. The extent of the blockage seems to indicate that it is the DNS protocol which allows browsers to navigate the Internet, which has been cut by Libya.

New Operating System: Windows 8 in eight minutes

Microsoft is working hard on a new version of Windows. Now are the first pictures of it appeared on the Web - and a report that the update can be installed in record time. At least if the hardware fits. Hamburg - A completely new Windows install in eight minutes: This nerd-dream is a preview version of Windows 8 apparently become true.

Which specializes in Windows themes win7china Chinese website. com reports the trick. The information comes from an anonymous tipster, who obviously works at Microsoft. According to him, it was possible to install the latest pre-release M3 (Milestone 3) in the given record time on a PC.

Blog failure: Web attack paralyzes Wordpress

A massive data attack has taken the popular Wordpress blog provider. com paralyzed: overtime, many Blogs do not reach, including in the repressive regime of critics States. CEO Mullenweg suspects a political background for the attack. The blog provider, which is used worldwide by some 18 million people, was on Thursday the victim of a cyber attack.

Many bloggers were at times not subscribe to a service. After six hours, all blogs were accessible again. Noteworthy is the strength of the attack: As CEO Matt Mullenweg announced that all three data centers are powered by Wordpress. com have been affected. Gigabit per second are more data to the server is pouring down, a two-digit number in the millions of queries per second.

Move will come to PC PlayStation to promote development through

Sony has announced on its official blog that will bring the development tools Sony Move peripheral to the world of computers. In a move similar to what Microsoft is doing with Kinect, helping them to enhance the possibilities of technology. The initiative is part of a service that the electronics giant has decided to be baptized as a move.

I, with which to foster the development of applications that take a whole juice PlayStation Eye Camera, PlayStation 3 and controller logic Move. Although it is necessary to have the above set to kick-start the invention, it is not necessary to have the Development Kit PlayStation 3, thereby lowering costs and bringing more people development.

The platform Blogger blocked in Turkey

"Blogger, latest victim of a deadlock on the Internet in Turkey", Hürriyet title. Justice has decided to prohibit access to the platform Blogger, owned by Google, press reports, Wednesday, March 2. "This ban should take effect within days, unless challenged in court," the daily. To justify this, the court explained that some blogs have infringed copyright by illegally broadcast on their pages and broadcasts of football matches.

OKI develops a sensor for detecting television age and sex of the viewer

TVs that are smarter every day is something we already know, but the latest invention of OKI perhaps even excessive by the possibilities that entails. This is a sensor, in principle designed for TVs, but adaptable to other devices, automatically detecting the approximate age and sex of the user in front.

The device uses a small camera attached to the corresponding facial recognition software to estimate how old the audience and whether you are male or female. The effectiveness of the invention is to be demonstrated, especially given the disparity between factions and body hair, for instance, Asian and European people.

Jail for British teenagers who had created the "Facebook of piracy"

Four and five years in prison: the creators and administrators GhostMarket. net, an important forum where enrolled about 8,000 suspected pirates were sentenced to heavy prison Thursday by a British court. Arrested in 2009 at the age of 18, Nicholas Webber, the creator of the forum has received a sentence of five years firm.

On his computer, investigators had discovered 100,000 credit card numbers stolen. The young man had also tried to evade justice, fleeing in Majorca when he was on parole before being arrested in late January, and issued death threats against investigators on other forums. The administrator has been sentenced to four years in prison, and his host, also accused of creating hacking tools, to five years in prison.

Panasonic wants to compete with Photoshop with its Lumix FX78

Compact cameras are reaching a level of quality hard to beat for the sensors in that move, so that the major firms are looking for added value. This is the case of Panasonic, who works for a major new software for its Lumix. In the Panasonic Lumix FX78, the Japanese have included a series of photo retouching in-camera, with which to treat lips or skin tone, reduce glare, style, face, enlarge the eyes, make teeth whiter photographed and even put a little makeup.

Cyber attacks against South Korea

Forty government sites and South Korean companies have been victims of a vast computer attack on Friday. Among the targets were the sites of the South Korean Presidential Office, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or U.S. forces in Korea. These sites have been blocked by what looked like a denial of service, that is to say a very large number of connections that are designed to saturate a server.

Microsoft do not fall asleep, Windows will no tablets before 2012

In tablets Frenzy, Microsoft seems to walk cautiously. Or at least want to plan well your landing with an operating system designed for these devices. So while its main competitors, Google and Apple, are now thrown in the race, the software giant plans to launch no earlier than next year. Yes, it seems that by the end of this 2011, the new Windows will begin to be tested by partners and customers.

The rise of the tablets will trim sales of PCs in 2011 and 2012

The marketing firm Gartner has revised down sharply, Thursday, March 3, its outlook for the global PC market this year due to a slowdown in China but also the growing attraction of alternative devices such as tablets. While Gartner had put forward a growth forecast of 15.9% this year, he expects more than 10.5%.

Next year, growth would be 13.6% instead of 14.8% so far anticipated. "These results [are] based on expectations of lower demand for laptops, largely because of the near-term weakness expected in the Chinese market for laptops, but also due to a general loss of consumer enthusiasm, "said a research director at Gartner, said Ranjit Atwal, in a statement.

Motorola Xoom has a component cost of $ 360, according to iSuppli

This type of analysis we must take with tweezers, I like to clarify from the outset that what iSuppli is establishing a cost components that have an idea, and to compare in similar conditions of competition. For He has made all the important gadgets in the market, and the truth is that we wanted a device such as Motorola Xoom, so questioned for his alleged high price.

The price component of the tablet Honeycomb is 359.92 dollars. Outside are a whole bunch of concepts such as distribution, advertising, manufacturing, design, etc, etc. But it is curious to see how a first generation iPad (32GB/3G) is somewhat less expensive, $ 320. The new iPad will be in a tablet-like numbers of Motorola.