Saturday, July 16, 2011

Twitter app for people with disabilities a "chirping" with a breath

 It's called "Bird Breath", the breath of the bird, and is currently only an application for iPad, created by Techfirm, Japanese developer, which also allows the handicapped to use Twitter. The importance of social networks is that even for those who can not use a keyboard, and Breath Bird in particular is dedicated to those who can not use your fingers and has difficulty speaking.

And to use just a breath. How it works. At launch, Breath Bird shows on the left side of Twitter updates, and the right side its interface all its own. When you want to send a message, using an illuminated keyboard on the right side of the screen. The rows of letters on the keyboard are highlighted in an automatic cycle, and the idea of Breath Bird is all about: to write is enough to blow the iPad when the keyboard lights on the string of letters that contains what you need.

The processor of the iPhone 5 ready for production

The legal battle that pits Apple and Samsung could soon have the first consequences beyond the courts and patent disputes. According to the Taiwanese factory CNET TSMC will be chosen to make the processor A6, which will form the core of the next iPhone 5 and a future iPhone 3. This new unit would have four processing cores.

The Pentagon goes on the offensive on Internet

The Pentagon is preparing for a militarization of cyberspace. After several attacks on their networks and subcontractors working for him, the Department of Defense has decided to make official a new cyber defense strategy, which provides Internet range of possible battlefield, as it is land, sea and air.

Cyber Command, created in May 2010, will assume the management of military resources intended to safeguard the security of U.S. networks.

Reda, the good hackers '' that violated Facebook

All your data on Facebook are not safe: to steal, to do good, we thought Agatha, a program created by a young Moroccan - Cherqaoui Reda, 22, a security expert - who was able to identify a flaw in the social networks created by Mark Zuckerberg. Agatha would have full access to the data of more than 80 thousand Facebook users, without the need to discover your username and password.

Reda is a genius of science: just out of high school and enrolled at the faculty of computer science at the University of Casablanca, has created a society that takes care of websites and online security. And over the years has identified problems in sites such as eBay and Hotmail. Today he lives and works in Paris.