Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Pentagon goes on the offensive on Internet

The Pentagon is preparing for a militarization of cyberspace. After several attacks on their networks and subcontractors working for him, the Department of Defense has decided to make official a new cyber defense strategy, which provides Internet range of possible battlefield, as it is land, sea and air.

Cyber Command, created in May 2010, will assume the management of military resources intended to safeguard the security of U.S. networks.

The Pentagon defended the militarization of cyberspace as a necessity, given the rise in recent years in network communications Lynn stressed that the Internet has grown from 360 million users connected in 2000 to 2,000 million a decade later. The bulk of the work already undertaken: In those 10 years, Washington has erected 15,000 computer networks and is connected to seven million hardware devices worldwide, according to official figures from e-strategy, published this week.

Several senior military commanders have recently demanded the political leadership of the Pentagon to force a shift from a purely defensive strategy to an offensive and prevention via deterrence.

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