Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hackers have stolen the data of 77 million users Playstation

SAN FRANCISCO - The blocking of the network of those who play online with the Playstation was only the symptom of a bigger problem. Sony has revealed tonight that hackers have stolen the personal data of 77 million subscribers to the network. According to the company have been stolen, Japan, in addition to user names, addresses, emails, dates of birth, username and password.

They seem to have escaped the looting only credit cards.

Sharp introduces new Apple touch screens and is interested

The Japanese manufacturer Sharp has announced a few weeks ago a new technology for the manufacture of touch screens that allow the development of much thinner displays and efficient, Apple has already shown interest to use are screens on your mobile product line. According to Japanese newspaper Nikkan Kogyo science and technology Shimbun Steve Jobs's company has been interested by the new ultra-thin touch screen by Sharp.

2010, "year of catch-up" for Tech News Digital Buzz

Digital markets rebounded moderately in 2010, says the Institute of Audiovisual and telecommunications in Europe (IDATE) in its annual global report. Tech Buzz News Digital, which includes the markets of telecommunications, media and information technology, has returned to growth in 2010 with an increase of 3.3% to just over 2 750 billion, according to this report Published Tuesday, April 26.

Facebook, another button next to "like" appears "send"

New, small-big step for Facebook towards complete "verification" of the interests and intentions of its users. From today, but only for developers and for those who have their own Web pages, you can combine the "like" another button which, in the English version is called "send." What is it? It 'easy to understand: the "like" distinguishes our choice and makes it known to all our contacts on Facebook.

iPad competitor: Sony's Tablet collapses

Two iPad competitors: Sony has announced two tablet computers, which are intended to accommodate flat with Apple's computers. One looks like so many other tablets too - in other Sony experimented with two touch screens, a hinge and case suitability. Hamburg - Sony will be the next big hardware manufacturers into the business with tablet computers.

Two devices with the new Google Android operating system in the variant "Honeycomb" to come in the second half of the market, announced the Japanese electronics group to Tuesday. One - working name S1 - is to get a touch-sensitive screen iPad in almost the same size as Apple's (9.4 inches).

'Facebook Send' button to share the group

Just one year after launching the "I like" Facebook is limiting the manner in which information is shared within the network. Elliot Lynde announced at the company blog of Palo Alto how this option will gradually appear in the profiles and group pages. In October 2010 had the opportunity to create groups of friends, so you can differentiate between co-workers, family and football team, for example.

Sony is committed to the design in their tablets

Sony has officially submitted its proposal for a tablet. And it does so twice. The main novelty lies not in the operating system, which will be Android (Honeycomb), if not in design. One of them has a dual screen and the other is particularly designed for easy handling with a bulge in the tarsier. This, with the code name S1, have a 9.4 inch screen, two cameras and Tegra processor 2 and have an infrared port that allows it to use as remote.

Google and Apple are in a hurry to launch its free music download service

Google and Apple are moving to launch its own music service without downloading (streaming). And no rush, after the Amazon are brought forward with his music store in the Internet cloud. Google is in talks with Spotify for a joint operation and Apple seems to have reached agreement Warner for his service.

But they are not alone, another big HP is planning its own music service to the launch of their tablets based on the Palm operating system. Google has renewed its contacts with the Swedish music service Spotify for a possible joint venture in the United States. Spotify still could not get in this country because it has yet to close their negotiations with record companies reluctant to license their music to the listener service without discharge.

The Optimus mobile, dual-kernel

The dual-core processors are the new demand of the handset manufacturers. HTC has announced the mobile Sensation with this technology, but only Optimus 2X LG is already on the market. When turned on it shows the power. In a few seconds to pass the screen of Android to the desktop settings. It does not have the latest version of the OS, but LG promises a future update.

The dual core is not noticed as much when you open a program like when doing several actions at once. We do not occur in any iPhone or Android. The screen is 4 inches and 139 grams of weight are light when taking into account the dual camera, front and rear, 2 and 8 megapixels. The second records video at 1,080 pixels.

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Copyright: China blames Baidu

The Chinese authorities will take action against 14 Web sites accused of violating copyright and promoted illegal downloading of music, says Xinhua, Monday, April 25. Among these sites contained Baidu, the first search engine in China. The agency did not specify what sanctions will be taken against these sites.

The Ministry of Culture attacking particularly the portal Baidu MP3 search engine that provides direct access to music. "Despite repeated requests the authorities, the content in question were not withdrawn," said Xinhua. Reuters quoted a Baidu spokesman said however that the group will act quickly to remove infringing content copyright.

Blog - Interest Crusaders Obama and Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg's company has intensified its lobbying in Washington. The U.S. president has him on the social network for his campaign.

Facebook is launching a competitor Groupon

The social network Facebook has launched Tuesday, April 26, his service to obtain combined purchase discounts on products once a certain number of buyers have expressed interest. These "cheap" is currently available only to U.S. cities of Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, San Diego and San Francisco. The procurement sector increasingly interested in Web players.

Launched in November 2008, Groupon, which claims 60 million subscribers in 45 countries, opened the door. The Chicago company has even refused to fall, a bid at $ 6 billion (4.3 billion euros) from Google. But tailgating is now Groupon LivingSocial, supported by giant Amazon e-commerce.

Sony launches two digital tablets

The Japanese electronics giant Sony launches, Tuesday, April 26, in the market for digital tablets. Sony introduced two devices that will work with version 3 operating system from Google Android (called Honeycomb) said Kunimasa Suzuki, deputy chairman of the consumer product division and group services.

These tablets should be available in the fall. Model S1 has a screen about 10 inches (about 25 cm) diagonally, two cameras, and compatible with Wi-Fi Larger than a smartphone but more like a tablet iPad, the S2 has its part of two touch screens. With these devices, Sony wants to try to take advantage of a market increasingly competitive.

Nintendo Wii renewed in 2012 at the grave each sales

With the 3DS is not enough. Nintendo's reign in the mini-console does not replace the drop in profits in general, and the Wii in particular, which is becoming less attractive to the Kinect of Microsoft Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 from Sony. So the CEO of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, has announced that in 2012 there will be a new Wii on the international market.

A prototype will be presented at E3 Los Angeles, held in June, and there be known the first details of the machine, as Iwata did not pass. The announcement coincides with the presentation of the economic performance of the company that for the second consecutive year, declining sales and profits.

Reader Photos: Thus, the pinhole camera for DSLR

Back to basics: With a little trick makes the hundreds € expensive digital camera to a simple pinhole camera, the photos as it was 150 years ago. One of our readers has tried it - they see its results. We asked our readers to retro photos - and get more than 100 letters. Among many snapshots that are created by using apps on the smartphone, but also more complex experiments.

Particularly impressed us the photos by Jens Hoesel from Leipzig. He has used his shots a Canon digital camera, but it omitted the lens. Instead, he put the cover of the camera housing on the lens thread, in which he had previously drilled a tiny hole. This turns the DSLR a pinhole camera, according to a principle that Aristotle and Euclid in the fourth century before Christ known.

AutoCAD available on Android MOBILE

Autodesk has made available to Android users of the application of one of its most popular programs, AutoCAD. Users may edit, display and transport DWG files. The application is available for smartphones and tablets with Android. AutoCAD is a design program for creating drawings and plans in two and three dimensions.

This is one of the most widely used software for professional image development projects, prototypes or drawings. In late March the company unveiled new versions of its software. Now Autodesk Launches for Android users. Editing on a smartphone can be challenging but not impossible, but the output of new tablets with Android can convert this existing practice.

Steve Jobs: "We do not track anyone"

South Korea has requested an explanation from Apple on the collection of geographical data owners iPad iPhones and tablets, which are stored in a hidden file as last week unveiled two researchers at the Where 2.0 conference, held in Santa Clara (California, USA). The telecommunications regulator wants to find out why South Korean stored data and how often is done to determine if it is a violation of user privacy.