Wednesday, August 10, 2011

200,000 BitTorrent users pursued in the U.S.

TorrentFreak has taken account of the activity of the owners of rights against Internet users who use P2P file sharing systems, particularly BitTorrent. According to their numbers, about 200,000 users have complaints from copyright owners who claim the alleged breach of same by internet users. The estimated half said that each week a dozen open cases and the courts are saturated with demands.

Nokia Symbian abandons U.S.

In an interview with Allthingsdigital site, Chris Weber, CEO of Nokia in the United States, confirmed that the company would abandon its Symbian operating system in the United States and Canada, and focus exclusively on Windows Mobile, operating system from Microsoft. The two companies have partnered to 700 million euros in March.

Nokia also announced it would stop selling entry-level phones in the U.S. market, a key area in the war between phone manufacturers. Yet the entry-level phones that Nokia has built its considerable success in the 1990s, but it is now estimated that the future lies in its agreement with Microsoft and the industry smartphones.

Facebook launched a messaging application for mobile

The social networking site Facebook has launched Tuesday, August 9, a new application for smartphones, for sending messages to his "friends" on social networking, but also to other contacts. Called "Messenger", the application can send both text messages (SMS) and email. "Messenger is an extension of" Facebook messages, "to find all the conversations.

Whether you are on your phone or on the Web, you can view the entire history of your messages," says the social network's official blog . This application is available on mobile devices from Apple, and those equipped with the Android operating system from Google, is separate from the official social network application.

Copyright on the tablet: Apple vs. Samsung's

The new tablet from Samsung, the Galaxy Tab 10.1, can no longer be sold throughout Europe. The Regional Court of Düsseldorf has upheld the request of Apple, accusing the Korean company has breached the copyright of some elements of the iPad 2 in integrating its tablet without permission, and issued a preliminary injunction prohibiting the distribution of the tablets and block any action of Samsung's marketing.