Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nokia Symbian abandons U.S.

In an interview with Allthingsdigital site, Chris Weber, CEO of Nokia in the United States, confirmed that the company would abandon its Symbian operating system in the United States and Canada, and focus exclusively on Windows Mobile, operating system from Microsoft. The two companies have partnered to 700 million euros in March.

Nokia also announced it would stop selling entry-level phones in the U.S. market, a key area in the war between phone manufacturers. Yet the entry-level phones that Nokia has built its considerable success in the 1990s, but it is now estimated that the future lies in its agreement with Microsoft and the industry smartphones.

Until this year, Nokia, the leading sector of mobile phones, was counting on its own operating system, Symbian to counter Google's Android and Apple's IOS. But the manufacturer is faced with significant challenges: behind its competitors in the smartphone market - the most lucrative - the manufacturer has published the results in sharp decline, punished the stock market, and announced the elimination of 7,000 jobs, 3000 Outsourcing.

In late July, the rating agency Moody's was degraded by two notches the rating of the long-term debt of the company. In this difficult context, the alliance with Microsoft suggesting a possible takeover by the manufacturer's software publisher. Assumptions repeatedly denied by the companies, but that would be a logical consequence of the approximation becoming stronger between the two companies.

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