Thursday, March 31, 2011

Calculations in full color with Casio FX-CG20

As the market moves increasingly seen gadgets most colorful devices with better displays, image quality, faster processors and new specifications. But this progress not only refers to tablets, smartphones and laptops, Casio has introduced a new scientific calculator with a color screen. The new Casio FX-CG20 features a LCD display with a resolution of 82,944 pixels and 65,000 colors, maybe a little exaggerated for a calculator but striking nonetheless.

Samsung Galaxy prepare a version of IBS with 1.4 GHz chip

As we approach the launch of the new Smartphone from Samsung new details about the different versions of it, beyond the fact that not all of them come to Spain. In recent times has released a new Samsung model Galaxy SII will feature a 1.4-GHz processor updates on the new Samsung Galaxy SII not only dealing with technology, the company has also implemented some design changes.

The new device will have a metal back cover, probably something that Samsung has applied because of the bad reviews received by the excess plastic in the previous design. Regarding the technique we have confirmed that the new Samsung Galaxy SII chipset will have a 1.4 GHz (single core), although still not confirmed whether it is an improved version of Hummingbird or a new chip.

PCI-Express 3.0 might be a surprise to Intel for 2012 Ivy Bridge

Ivy Bridge, the Intel microprocessor family that will succeed the Intel Core 2nd Gen. (or Sandy Bridge), will bring about an evolution toward the main manufacturing process of 22 nanometers, but could also have some surprises: PCI-Express 3.0. PCIe has become in recent years in connection standard graphics cards to the motherboard in the domestic sphere, ie on computers in our homes.

Currently dominates the PCI-E version 2.0. The main improvements involve the third generation would be a bandwidth of twice based on 16 links (16x), so that the GPU could communicate much faster with the other components of the computer. Obviously, besides the improvement provided by PCI-Express 3.0 also need to evolve both graphics cards and motherboards, especially its chipsets.

Apple is the No. 1 tablets

Last year 2010 Apple introduced what would become the first tablet on the market, iPad, this device renewed the technology product market setting a new trend in what he referred gadgets. As we all know to be the first matter in positioning and Apple exceeded in this area to other companies for several months.

While we all have the certainty that in 2010 the market of the tablets was dominated by Steve Jobs and his people until now could not specify the earnings she Apple with its flagship product. Thanks to a study by Gartner now we know the exact figures of the market over the past year and have confirmed that Apple has been almost one hundred percent of profits.

Google and the "+1" one click to say "I like"

ROME - "More than one", he writes, "+1" and read "too". Originally, the "+1" on the web is an abbreviated form used on forums and message, when you want to subscribe to others without a thought back or add more. And now is also a button, for now focus only on Google. com and in the coming months on us too.

Which serves to let the world know that "to us" like a site or particular content. A sort of button "Like" global, like Facebook, only it does not bring its results only on the social network, but includes them in the Google search. Google more. The introduction of +1 is another of Google's innovations orientatate to a greater focus on sharing.

HTC will present developments on April 12, "Honeycomb phones or tablet?

Too many leaks about HTC phones in recent weeks for not having an official event by, as said and done, the Taiwanese firm is inviting the media on 12 April to submit news. As in the invitation does not give us more information we have material on the bet. Given the date, it could be Windows phones 7, since Microsoft's MIX11 kicks off in Las Vegas that day.

Two phones with Microsoft's operating system, which we hope are the HTC Ignite and Prime. HTC's event will take place in London and do not rule out new Android, in this case the two players with more ballots to appear on stage are the HTC Pyramid, and the European version of 3D HTCEVO. Both terminals have been appearing on the network in recent weeks, and they share the fact that the first two telephones with dual core in the Taiwanese firm.

Intel SSD 320 Series, a development somewhat lower than expected

Of the 320 Series Intel SSD is much to talk about. After a few words in his presentation Habar need something deeper about them, because it is one of the most anticipated developments in recent years. The reason lies in the new manufacturing process of memory chips, the jump from 34 to 25 nanometers that brings several changes: efficiency, performance and price are features that vary significantly from the previous generation and should be taken into account.

Threatened to block a German gossip site Cree students to censorship

IShareGossip site, a site for German teenagers who can post anonymously gossip and rumors, denounced Wednesday, March 30, the "censorship" which he considers to be after blocking by the major search engines in Germany. Inspired by the TV series Gossip Girl, where a teenager is an anonymous blog about the secrets of his comrades, the site lets leave comments on all German schools.

Few moderate, filled with xenophobic messages, defamatory or offensive, the site launched earlier this year acquired a strong reputation in a few weeks. But it is a fact that has propelled the various sites on the public square in Germany: the beating, by a score of people, a schoolboy of 17 who tried to defend a friend, victim of verbal abuse at the site.

Microsoft versus Google "Abuse of Position"

ROME - Even a clash of the titans of the digital world. Microsoft has submitted to the Commission a complaint against Google for abuse of dominant position. The survey is part of an already open by the Antitrust Authority of the EU, about the company's Mountain View last November, after several complaints, including that of the Internet portal owned by Microsoft Hello.

He writes a Redmon counsel, Brad Smith, on his official blog: "We recognize that Google has made over the past decade a number of innovations for which we should be commended. But we are concerned by the extension of a pipeline to halt the creation any alternative by competitors. " It 's the first time the company takes the field in Windows directly against his most formidable opponent, but not the first time the two big clash.

The Casio fx-CG20 offers more color and resolution in your backpack

I can not even imagine what would have been to college with the amount of gadgets and Internet access I have now between your hands. And surely one of them would have been the new Casio graphing calculator, the fx-CG20. Are not you sweet memories come to your mind? Or perhaps nightmares? The graphing calculator Casio fx-CG20 maintains the key layout of the previous models so there is no trauma to the change, and its most notable are of course color LCD screen with resolution of 82,944 pixels and 65,000 colors.

CXC Sennheiser 700 is adapted to the environment but not your pocket

There are headphones with noise cancellation system and then there are the new Sennheiser CXC 700, a model that does not leave you indifferent or benefit or for the price. The CXC Sennheiser headphones 700 are actually in charge of reducing the noise from outside but we offer three ways to do this, depending on the environment in which we find ourselves.

If for example we are in subway stations, bus or not very aggressive environments, the noise reduction will focus on a low frequency range (between 100 and 400 Hz) spectrum increases when we speak of an airplane (between 400 and 3,000 Hz) or in environments with many people and noisy (between 100 and 3,000 Hz).

Between nine and ten inches, so is the perfect tablet xatakeros

And what we imagined, but here are the results of the survey that I made about the perfect size for the screen of a tablet. I we suggested starting the 5 inches of the current superphone, which logically has obtained testimony just a few votes. The fork is from 5 to 7 inches has not had support from just xatakeros and now we have to go to higher values to see which you prefer as screen size for a tablet.

Driver Nvidia GeForce 270.51 Beta, a plus

Nvidia has released a beta version of the GeForce driver 270.51, which should guarantee a performance boost, with both single and video cards in SLI mode. The recent additions are many, starting from the increase in performance of 400 and 500 series cards up to the integration of 3D Vision Controller driver that should not be installed separately.

The control panel driver now includes an option to enable or disable the 3D Vision in windowed mode, new profiles, support for HDMI 1.4 with 3D TV 3DTV Play software, including DirectX 9 games, Google Earth and 3DVisionLive. com, new features on 3D Vision in windowed mode (which now works with Windows Aero enabled) and a new update system that notifies you of new drivers.

A PlayStation with telephone

When taken in hand like a normal phone, maybe something heavier. Horizontal slide the screen up and becomes a handheld console. Play is the Xperia phone from Sony Ericsson. Thanks to a mechanism of two-lane below the display is a panel with the controls of the PlayStation classic, two spacers on the sides that are handled with the thumb, just below two circles touch, and two buttons below the screen for fingers indices.

Google Print Cloud sneaks into HP printers ePrint

HP extends the presence of third parties on their printers with print function from the cloud, mail or any mobile device. With Apple already had right from the start, but his ePrint has now joined another horse winner: Google. The idea of printing with ease and where we want is closer than ever. This agreement brings HP and Google resulted in compatible printer models from the first, you can print more intuitively and directly from Chrome, Gmail email and Google Docs.

Blog - Scary Party: game situations, step by step

Google wants to become the new Microsoft's mobile

Google is moving their pieces in a very interesting direction. The Mountain View is driving the standardization of Android 3.0, and says that even negotiating with ARM to implement a standardized operating system ahead of the processor architecture. Standardization means several things. For one thing, it means removing the current obstacles to upgrade from one version to another on ARM platforms, solving one of the big buts Android fragmentation.

The boss of Acer leaves

In a move that catches us all by surprise, Gianfranco Lanci, Acer CEO, has resigned the company and no longer in charge of the brand, which had led to a rather large growth figures in recent three years, when it took over the reins of the company. The reasons were not disclosed in a very accurate (at least not official) and will probably never be known.

Differences in the company's strategy is what is argued, but it seems clear that the complexity of the market today has been a key factor. With its highly focused business in the manufacture of computers, Acer lives with the other brands in a constant stress because they miss a day at present is falling behind in relation to competitors.

Samsung Galaxy S Plus, new version with 1.4GHz

With the Samsung Galaxy SII just around the corner, still appear different versions of the original model, which does not necessarily have to appear in our country, but it is interesting to comment on it just in case. In different sources such as Samsung call it Galaxy S Plus, and fortunately, before I ask, keeps the Super AMOLED display the first model.

We remind you that there is an alternative to LCD and OMAP3 chipset, dubbed Galaxy SL. The other major development in the phone is using a chipset at 1.4GHz, we understand that this is a version of Hummingbird vitamins, but we expect confirmation in this regard. What is certain is that it is not dual-core processors, we recall that we have another handset market with this speed in the processor, the Pre 3 with a Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8 × 55.

Microsoft against Google complaint before the European Commission

Microsoft announced Thursday that it filed a complaint against Google with the European Commission for anti-competitive practices, joining an ongoing investigation which will determine if Google has abused its dominant position in online search. Industry leader in Europe, Google is more than 90% of online searches in the countries of the European Union.

In a lengthy blog post, Brad Smith, Microsoft's vice president, explains why his company has filed a complaint. There are problems jumble metadata access YouTube videos, which Microsoft claims not to have full access (unlike Apple, for example) or data sharing advertising campaigns. Microsoft also relies on the recent rejection by the American justice of the agreement between Google and publishers about the Google Books, claiming that the search engine tries to get exclusive access to "orphan works", these texts do are not in the public domain but which have no known assigns.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Android phone analysis (I)

Every day makes us more difficult to analyze mobile phones. Have already integrated many functions to find a balance between them is complicated. In addition, each user has specific needs, and there is no perfect phone. Sony Ericsson Xperia Play This we have discussed in depth for you added extra of being a real handheld.

In this first part we will tell you at length on the finish of the phone, its characteristics and behavior of the battery when you use it as a phone. Then talk about what your screen, your computer's performance, the operating system with touch Swedes and the multimedia section. End up with the star feature of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play: its use as a handheld.

James Cameron wants more frames per second to improve the 3D

Surely no one is more appropriate to talk about James Cameron 3D film. His movie Avatar we could say that was the baptism of 3D cinema in the world, and surely that the sequel is already preparing seeking a higher level. And for the director, increasing the frames per second shown in film and TV is the key to improving the 3D images, avoiding eye strain and reducing one of the drawbacks of 3D cinema: the loss of brightness by using glasses.

Boxee wants a stable relationship between the "box" and the IPAD

As promised Boxee itself and also to users that updated at least every three months your box of dreams, and we have details of what comes with being prepared for May. In addition to resolution of incidents and errors identified in the previous version, Boxee will enhance the web browser with better load times, travel, history and bookmark management while also adding a touch to the interface when playing videos.

Gbagbo ordered the government to block websites

The organization of press freedom Reporters Without Borders (RSF) reveals that the Gbagbo government has ordered the blocking of several independent news sites, or the elected President Ouattara favorable to all Ivorian providers. A half-dozen sites are affected by the directive of ITAC, Constable Telecommunication Ivorians, including sites such as Abidjan.

net or information. Hosted abroad, these sites will remain accessible in all cases other countries, but should be made inaccessible to the Ivorians. The directive, signed March 24, has not yet been implemented, which is said to Jean-Francois Julliard, president of RSF, it could be an intimidation.

Microsoft will 1 GB more on their Xbox 360 discs

These days Microsoft was looking for volunteers to test a user's desktop update your Xbox 360 home console and you know what it was: a new disc format for games. In the present, more than 1 GB is reserved for the video track and security measures and copy. In the company seems to have already found the solution to maintaining optimal security system and free up the most space that remained to the developers when putting their games on a disc for the Xbox 360.

The HTC Pyramid scene again

The next superphone HTC is closer every day. And every minute that passes we'll know better, this time up with pictures of pretty good quality. The HTC Pyramid and look this good in photos and more details are uncovered on their technical characteristics. Its 4.3-inch screen with a resolution of 960 × 540 pixels is the most prominent by far, and we know that your heart will beat to the rhythm that will mark a chip dual core 1.2 Ghz, well supported with 768 MB of RAM and under the command of Colonel Android 2.3 in time for the occasion makeup HTC Sense 3.0.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Google search is social

When the first pictures were leaked, many thought that "+1" would be the expected network of Google. However, it is a supplement that will now be gradually incorporating in the United States, according to Matt Cutts, head of the search will be worldwide in a matter of months. "+1" Is a button that appears at the bottom of each search result.

When a user finds that the results produced by Google is set to what you want, press "at the end of the line. So, when someone from your contacts will also look for something as important and you will do your contact person decided that it was interesting. When asking about how to protect the privacy of voters Cutts is argued, adding that "if someone does not want to see what they prefer, who do not vote.

Nokia E6-00, the first with Symbian ^ 3

Nokia continues to develop the third installment of its Symbian mobile operating system and as it moves ever further details are known of what will be the Nokia E6-00, the first phone that come with Symbian ^ 3. The new Nokia E6-00 is a smartphone Touch and Type, ie physical keyboard and touch screen, you will have excellent technical characteristics.

Although little is known yet about the phone we could confirm that a screen will reach a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, the size is yet to be confirmed but will range between 2.5 and 2.8 inches. Interestingly the proportion of it will be 4:3, although the reason is unknown but we wonder what consequences will this mean for existing applications for Symbian.

Acer already has price Iconia Touchbook

Acer has announced the official prices of its new Acer Iconia Touchbook, the famous hybrid tablet notebook that incorporates a physical keyboard. We've talked about this gadget before, this is an excellent tablet technology very respectable and probably well above other devices. The new Acer Iconia Touchbook has two 14-inch displays, Intel Core i5, 4 GB of RAM, USB 3.0, HDMI connection and Wi-Fi.

Sigma Introduces New DP2x

The American firm Sigma has introduced its new high-definition digital camera, this is the new Sigma DP2x to hit stores mid-April. The new Sigma DP2x is an excellent piece of technology, has a photographic resolution of 14 megapixels and can capture video in high definition. It also has an interesting 2.5-inch LCD display and a 4.7MP sensor from Foveon APS-C (20.7mm x 13.8mm).

This is a very compact and lightweight camera with dimensions of 113.3 x 59.5 x 56.1mm and weighing only 280 grams. Although not everything that glitters is gold, as the company contrary to its tradition has launched this new product at a much higher cost than expected. This new "baby" will cost around 800 dollars, a cost that puts it far above the competition and can hardly compete with giants like Nikon or Olympus.

Smartphone and Google as money goes in your wallet

ROME - Imagine you no longer need cash, coins or checks for any transaction, the purchase of an appliance to the balance of an invoice until the payment of parking meter, but can handle every transaction, from the smallest to largest, with a flick of your smartphone. An idea that excites many and on which you are throwing with all his power one of the giants of the web: Google's new investment-oriented money management and payments through the NFC) Near Field Communication).

The privacy policy of Google to be externally audited for 20 years

The Federal Trade Commission and Google have agreed to sign a pact that is a comprehensive program of preservation of privacy would resolve claims against the launch last year of Google Buzz, the company's foray into social networks received persistent criticism of the Internet for the information shared by its members.

The agreement, which does not imply recognition of wrongdoing, including external monitoring of its privacy policy for the next 20 years. The pact was supported by the five members of the committee and must be approved after a public comment period. Google has acknowledged that the launch of Buzz did not cover the requirements that the company has in privacy issues.

Sony Vaio L, first impressions

We could not pass up the opportunity, even as a first contact, to get their hands on a Sony Vaio L. The new all in one of Japan's boast, as usual, good design, and feature an interesting array of entertainment-oriented components explicitly. There are two versions of the Vaio L, the first is the Sony Vaio L 21M1 or VPCL21M1E / B, equipped with Intel Core i5 and somewhat lower performance.

The second, which is what we have ever tried is the Sony Vaio L 21S1 or VPCL21S1E / B. Whatever the version, the new Vaio L incorporates an LED display with 24 inches diagonal and 1920 x 1080 resolution in 16:9. The screen is a display VAIO Plus technology identical to that of home multimedia notebooks.

Buzz: Google will be audited every two years on the protection of privacy

Google and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the regulator responsible for consumer protection, reached an amicable agreement as part of the investigation into the launch of Buzz. In February 2010, Google launched this new social network, built largely on its mail service Gmail. But very quickly, many users complained about the lack of control they had over their personal information in Buzz.

Vimeo debuts on iPhone

Early reviews on the Apple App Store are a mixture of criticism and praise, it is worth, but have been slow to take the plunge. Since the birth of the iPhone on your home screen is an icon like an old television. It is the gateway to YouTube. Now you can download the classic "V" from the corner of his long creative competitor, Vimeo, apparently another site to upload videos if it were not been able to become the hotspot for up short, experiments the latest in animation.

Digital Music: Sony Amazon threat of lawsuits

The day after the launch of its Cloud Drive, a system that allows users to store music online and listen anywhere, Amazon has incurred the wrath of the record label Sony. "We hope they will get a release agreement, but we examine all possible legal remedies," said a spokesman for Sony. With its music service, Amazon has overtaken other Web giants like Apple and Google, which plans to offer similar services.

Crysis 2: The DirectX 11 patch is disproved

In recent months there has been much talk of the game Crysis and especially spoke about the unpleasant news that Crytek would also exit the PC version without support for DirectX 11, news that has enraged fans of the series and especially those who play on PC . As we wrote in a previous news "A patch for the DirecX 11 on Crysis 2?", Rumors circulated on the net talking about a possible patch abbilitato that would support the new libraries, but Crytek by a moderator of the forum

AMD Catalyst Catalyst 11.3 and 11.4 Early Preview

AMD has released new Catalyst 3.11 WHQL drivers that are compatible with video cards from the Radeon HD 2000 onwards, this version implements the default enabling of runtime AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing (APP) OpenCL, which would enable applications properly written exploit the GPU to relieve CPU usage.

In addition to these drivers, AMD has also released the Catalyst 4.11 version Preview Early anticipating the features that will be implemented in the final version of Catalyst 4.11 drivers out for the end of next month. Here are the release notes for Catalyst 11.4: And here are the release notes for Catalyst 11.3: New Features: Seamless support GPU Compute Resolved Issues for the Windows 7 Operating SystemThis section Known Provides information on resolved issues in this release of the AMD Catalyst 3.11 software suite for Windows 7.

MySpace, a former star of the Web, in decline

Less than 10 million unique visitors a month according to figures from the firm Comscore, diving audience of MySpace (News Corporation) was breathtaking in February, from 73 to 63 million visitors. For two years, the site, bought $ 580 million in 2005 by Rupert Murdoch, has seen its audience and revenues crumble.

In February 2010, it recorded 95 million unique visitors, and has lost a third of his hearing in one year. The decline is also sensitive to the other sinews of war, social networking sites that is advertising. Several large advertisers surveyed by the Wall Street Journal explains no longer want to invest in major advertising campaigns on the site, largely because of uncertainty over its future.

Intel Atom Z670, Oak Trail thinking of tablets and smartphones

This week was important for Intel: firstly presented the new generation of SSD, and on the other side and know the Intel Atom Oak Trail, which have been officially presented with a new model: the Atom Z670. Z6XX Intel Atom is the Intel processor family designed to tablets and advanced smartphones, ie it is the direct competitor to ARM, NVidia Tegra and with Apple A4, A5 and company.

For now it is one the only model available, but hopefully in the future or get more. Intel Atom Z6XX falls within the new architecture Oak Trail, and his name was developing Lincroft. All models will follow a process of manufacturing at 45 nanometers and may use the typical features of a mobile, such as cameras, flash drives, telephone connections (GPRS/3G, nothing is known about 4G), WiFi, GPS and optional WiMAX .

Microsoft Windows starts sending 8 to manufacturers, "MetroUI based alternative interface?

Multitude of specialized forums are reporting that Windows products Windows 8 is coming to manufacturers to begin to test it on their computers. The name that is being distributed is "Windows Server vNext 8 and Pre-Release Program." Microsoft partners like HP and Dell are having access to it through Connect, the external system testing of the company's Redmond, obviously need an invitation code for download.

Wanted drummer, on Twitter

It was September 20, 1976 when Larry Mullen Junior put an ad on the bulletin board at her school in Dublin in search of musicians to form a group. They said three boys, was born shortly after the world's most famous band, U2. Look, forget moments like these. And forget even the smoky basement of London where the Sex Pistols were going to try.

The music changes to her face and its market. It is now clear, there is no music without internet and without social networks. Bitter resignation or new, unique way to stay alive? Twitterband is just one example of ongoing change. The band was formed by bringing together a group of strangers who have played and recorded their first song without ever meeting.

Amazon to Launch "the tablet that everyone expects of him?

E-books, video on demand content, music player in the cloud and even her own store for Android applications. There is much to sharpen the mental instrument to realize that Amazon plans to launch a tablet with which to start on the market. The store has been so far the clearest signal. Yesterday, the incessant rumor operated by the registration of a number of domains among which one: ScratchPad.

Google Maps in the sights of Beijing

A year after a major conflict between Beijing and Google is the tool for mapping the search engine, Google Maps, which could be outlawed in China. Since May, services like Google Maps or Google Street View are subject to government authorization to operate in China, but Google, which has until March 31 to file a license application, has not yet done so, reports the Chinese press.

According to the official Xinhua agency, which does not specifically name Google mapping services online since 2008 have committed more than 1,000 violations of the law, including the release of confidential information and errors in the Boundary the country. Errors that were not always to the disadvantage of the People's Republic of China last year, the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh, claimed by Beijing, had seen all place names in Mandarin move suddenly.

The Lack D continues in the hands of new standard M-3DI

When it seemed that the marks relating to the three dimensions pulled all the rope in the same direction and helped the consumer, the game is over. Panasonic and Xpand have chosen new playmates and go to another park, so far removed from him that seemed likely to use all the friends gathered in the CEA group to entertain consumers in three dimensions.

M-3DI is a new standard that led the Japanese and the company Xpand, and supported by companies such as ViewSonic, Epson Funai or have announced that start in the world of 3D systems assets for the purpose of TVs, projectors, 3D computer equipment and any compatible ... with which they pose clear.

The music seeks its place in the tablets

Internet, videos and magazines have adapted quickly in the tablets. In this new digital home device that is not your site is the music. It is true that it seems difficult to give an importance beyond can listen to while using the tablet but the record companies do not give up (would be foolish to do so given the success they have applications in the tablets) and are already testing ways to give more value to launch of a disk to also want to have in, say, an iPad.

Nintendo Wii euphoria over a 3D

June will be a big month for Nintendo, and the renovation of its home console is on the roadmap speculation. If you thought the 3D world have opened their three-dimensional DS soon jump into the room, next to the TV, you were wrong. At the moment, and against what they think other manufacturers, Reggie Fils-Aime, head honcho of Nintendo's American division, said they still do not think a 3D desktop console.

Special gadgets and energy: How to save electricity in your computer

Formerly it was said that the computer just consuming electricity. Lie. Assuming that an oven has an output of around 3,000 watts, a powerful computer can easily reach 300 watts, approximately one-tenth. Is it too little? Note that usually turn the oven on time, but many computers are the clock running.

If you're wondering what to do to spend less energy on your computer then you're in luck: Here's the most important aspects to achieve and get to reduce your energy bill. If you also do special event to our other energy saving then you are guaranteed success. In computers traditionally used power (W, W) and not kWh (kilowatt hour) as the unit of measurement of what you might spend a computer.

Nokia E6-00, Touch Type with Symbian and ^ 3 in detail

We have been following in his sporadic appearances on network terminal is the first Nokia with Symbian OS ^ 3 in having dual control system and data input, which the Finns called Touch & Type. I think the images make clear what are the characteristics that make the Nokia E6-00, the QWERTY keyboard below the screen, BlackBerry-style indoors or Finnish, some E-series terminals The novelty is that the screen is touch, do not yet know when is resistive or capacitive, or the same size (between 2.5 and 2.8 inches), but its resolution: 640 x 480 pixels (VGA), a detail that it seems strange since it is much higher than the Nokia phones have much larger screens.

Firefox 4 comes to mobile

The program of the fox, which is actually a red panda, released Version 4 for Apple computers, Windows and Linux just a week ago. Since then it has surpassed 42 million downloads. Now launches mobile phone version, currently only for Android and Maemo operating system version of Nokia's most advanced.

For computers appeared in over 40 languages. In the mobile content with 10. In both cases, the Mozilla Foundation's program is free. Although the show's creators wanted to offer a version for iPhone and iPad has not been possible. "I think Apple is because they consider us competitive in this area, why not allow us to upload to the app store," laments Pascal Chevrel, head of the browser in Europe.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

HTC 3D EVO European terrain tread

HTC has a habit of maintaining many of its products for the U.S. market, in some cases reach European territory HTC EVO line but so far never been marketed in the old continent. We say so far as the new HTC EVO 3D if you will, the mobile technology company has confirmed that its new smartphone with 3D display should be available in stores across Europe.

The phone had been confirmed for the U.S. market in the hands of the operator versions Sprint CDMA / WiMAX through an announcement during the last CTIA. Twitter account now HTC was announced that a French operator will have a GSM version of this phone, although not yet confirmed that company will be.

Sony unveils new handsets

The famous developer of technology products has introduced two new models of headphones, it is the Sony MDR-RF865RK and the Sony MDR-NC13. Sony MDR-RF865RK is a wireless model that has largely improved the scope compared to other models of Sony wireless range, this model has a range of 100 meters, in a clean unobstructed course.

They have built-in battery that offers a maximum load range of 25 hours of use. Moreover, the Sony MDR-NC13 is a helmet with noise filtering system, the same system apply the classic sound sample filtered environment that promises up to 90% reduction in noise. This model requires, as usual in the headphones with filtering, self-powered and uses one AAA battery that offers up to 100 hours.

Cheezburger Network Acquires Know Your Meme

Know Your Meme The site, which offers programs and a database on the Web culture, was bought by Cheezburger Network, a network of sites and comic parodies. Created by the site Rocketboom, one of the pioneers of Web culture, Know Your Meme was sold "for a seven-figure sum," says the company. Worship made by his tone shifted and his work - seriously - Research on phenomena as obscure as the Get Down (above), Leeroy Jenkins and Over 9000, the site boasts 3 million unique visitors per month.

Acer implemented improvements in its 3-Series TVs

Acer announced the launch of its range of 3D TV Series 3 in early 2010 when it was proposed to bring 3D technology to all households by offering high-tech TVs, and economic. Still has not been content with that and continue to improve its features making them an excellent choice for those seeking access to three dimensions.

In the end we found the S243 Acer 24-inch HL and HL S273 Acer 27-inch LED monitor is an excellent 3D image quality of Full HD 1080p in 16:9 format. Among the changes will find an improvement in contrast ratio amounting to 100.000.000:1, also increases the 3D viewing angle reaches 178 degrees.

Acer updated with wide viewing angle range of LED displays S3

A little over a year that Acer announced the launch of the S3 series of LED displays, consisting of Acer S243 S273 HL and HL, 24 and 27 inches respectively. Already at the time it seemed that both were, value for money, an excellent choice to renew the PC screen. Now Acer has announced the renewal of the S3 range.

Mal did not had to go to these monitors, because the changes are just a few minor adjustments. The design with aluminum L-shaped holds, and the size, resolution and form factor, which remain at 24 and 27 inch Full HD 1080p and 16:9 respectively. The main change is the incorporation of technology that improves the viewing angle up to 178 degrees.

"Facebook has become a social platform that underlies all Web services"

Facebook organized, Tuesday, March 29, the first of a series of meetings with developers in Paris. Assumed operation of seduction, intended for start-ups and big companies. Interview with Christian Hernandez, director of international development at Facebook. Why run these meetings with developers? Facebook has three audiences: users, advertisers and developers, and we seek to build on these three tables.

What beautiful eyes you have ... guess the pileup

Under those two eyebrows What pretty eyes you have ... ... This I am singing now the latest gadget that has landed on the desk of News Tech Buzz. With what we've talked and seen on this gadget, that picture sure we give you a clue is more than enough for what it is adivinéis. Is still "warm" presentation.

At the moment we are enjoying using this gadget mysterious and wish her a good session of worldwide sales. Guess the pileup? Hurry we have tail section.

New IA in order to improve Kinect

Microsoft has decided to greatly improve the experience of usage for Kinect trying to increase the speed of movement detection. The project has already brought good results by bringing speed to identify the body of an order of magnitude compared to the existing system, including parts of the body such as arms, legs and chest.

Spotify withdraw an advertising virus

Spotify has warned that an announcement on its service contained a virus. There was no need to click on the advertisement for this machine contaminated surfer. The advertisement mimicked the installation of a fake antivirus program. According to Spotify, who have installed on your machine protection against the virus were safe from infection.

The company says it has withdrawn the ad and apologized to Internet users who may have been affected by it. Spotify claims to work for situations like this do not recur and can still access the service safely. The vulnerability affected the subscribers free of charge.

Amazon Cloud Driver, Web Player and Player for Android

Amazon has launched a new online service for listening to music in streamin from any device connected to the Internet without downloading the music acquiatata and then moving from PC to other devices and vice versa. The service is divided into Amazon Cloud Driver, Amazon Web Player for Cloud, Amazon Cloud Player for Android, the first has provided the storage of purchased music, whereas the high offer the chance to listen to music from a PC, tablet, smartphone and other mobile devices, with the possibility to create their own playlists.

A million of dollars for selling without license Beatles songs

BlueBeat owners. com EMI have agreed to pay nearly a million dollars  for selling through Internet Beatles songs in praise lack of permission. BlueBeat stepped forward a few months on sale from its Beatles catalog in the hands of iTunes. A federal judge already ruled last year that the company had violated the rights of EMI.

The above site offered the British band's songs 25 cents each. BlueBeat always argued that it was not the original versions and argued that the subjects had re-recorded and introduced new elements to a simulation technique called psychoacoustics. The judge found that this term was simply a way of camouflaging the real offer, for which no rights, which did not meet any reality

IPad uses at home: you put the limits

Nobody better than Decoesfera editor to show the uses that have a home iPad. Not talking about that we all know, but very homely uses for this tablet from Apple. Although the room is the natural habitat, we can also give useful iPad in the bedroom, kitchen, office and of course the bathroom ... with the journals that fit there.

The phenomenon tablet gives us new ways to consume content, but also create, to which applications are very helpful and improvements in its operating systems. What uses do you give / give to your tablet, the company is it? In Decoesfera | A thousand and one uses for the iPad at home.

Amazon launches music system "in the clouds"

The online bookseller Amazon has announced Tuesday the launch of a service for storing and playing music online, called Cloud drive that can store and play MP3 files from any computer or from a mobile Android. The basic version is free and allows you to store 5 gigabytes of documents, and listen to music files, the ability of the service may be extended on a subscription basis.

The service is available from an Android phone or any browser, except the browser of the iPhone and iPod touch from Apple. GOOGLE AND APPLE ON ROWS Apple like Google are supposed to start their own service for storing and playing music online, but none of the two giants has yet submitted a functional service.

Sony invites you to travel without noise or being at home without cables

Sony renews its range of new headphones with two different but complete. The Sony MDR-RF865RK completes the range of wireless systems while Sony MDR-NC13 model seeking its place among the headphones with noise cancellation system. The model home, wireless, promising a range of 100 meters, always straight and smooth, which translated into real space allows us to use them without much trouble in a house with two floors of more than 90 square meters each for our experience.

StarMax HD, satellite television prepaid for 10 euros a month

The only thing we needed to know of Starmax HD, a satellite TV system with the novelty of being prepaid, price was their plan. The announcement has just occurred and we already give all the details. Going to the heart of the matter, Starmax HD has already begun their emissions and have it at home will cost from 10 euros per month.

Its strengths are the HD channels such as Eurosport HD or Discovery HD World and to access the same need not stay and sign contracts. Only pay. Well, already have a dish or with us. The prepayment system has two modes: 2 and 12 months. The cards have HD Starmax for two months out of 28 euros, while the full year cost us 120 euros.

Loewe Art 46 LED impressed just by looking at

Loewe has strengthened its range of LED-type TVs with a new 46-inch model has a stunning view from above. This type of marks where the image of their products and design are more than symbols LED technology is giving wings, allowing them to exercise more dramatic industrial design, called SlimLine in the case of Loewe.

The new model integrates LED Art Loewe 200 Hz technology, high definition TV tuner and comes with 24p mode to enhance the cinematic experience. 3D Nothing at the moment, because as with Bose, prefer to wait. Despite the slim, Loewe allows the user to integrate DR + hard disk of 250 GB (somewhat limited capacity) for recording functions.

HTC 3D EVO way to Europe

Just yesterday I talked about HTCEVO 3D, is that despite being a terminal with all the earmarks of stay in the U.S. and have been designed for your operators, the move to Europe is in the HTC roadmap. Previous versions of the EVO family of HTC did not reach the old continent, so we had high hopes about the 3D model, but because of their interesting media specifications, is going to take a European vacation for us are welcome .

Amazon plays the music you keep on "your cloud"

And Amazon hit first. So much time waiting for Google to take the music to the Apple network or change its system for downloading and streaming service that is increasingly active Amazon has them ahead by presenting a virtual hard drive where to upload our music and play it from anywhere (PC or Android phone, no time IOS) Amazon Cloud Player is a new service that is already on the table of U.S.

"Android interruptus" or tablets Android syndrome that seems to never arrive

The idea of tablets rich and poor tablets that I brought up a few weeks ago, today we add the tablets of lame. They're going to get hopelessly teams with Honeycomb Android hardware that outstanding characteristics but can not withstand the weight of a market dominated by Apple iPad Lacking the most important support: the operating system.

At least the version that has proved able to shade but not just arrived. Summer, that date seared in our calendar, it seems increasingly distant rather than close. The tablets with Android and manufacturers that support should not now think of rivals but in power say they are in the market because it does its great rival can boast in the street, if not its second generation, if at least version 1.5 of its bid.

Facebook launches Questions, a service for the opinion poll

"What is the first thing you should teach Beast," asks Mark Zuckerberg in your profile. Beast is a new pet, a dog with more than 80000 supporters. In two weeks he has garnered nearly a thousand responses and more than 24 suggestions to add to the initial choices of the creator of the question. It may not be the most profound questions or transcendent.

In 2010, Facebook already had the ability to use the service Questions like surveys. The change is that now we not only care about the quality of the questions, but answers. Andy Graham, Facebook product manager, explains in the blog of social service in the summer began testing the service with the intention that some users sharing practical information.

American Express launches online service to pay

Serve, the payment platform via the Internet from American Express has been released Monday in the U.S. where it is already available. The company started its international expansion next year. Like Paypal allow people to make transactions via mobile or businesses that already accept the card. American Express has released application for iPhone and Android, but also has a platform to manage the user account through Facebook.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Microsoft has a "small screen"

During the last CeBIT, the technology fair in Germany tubing, Microsoft introduced a new 243-inch touch screen ideal for business presentations or technical. The monstrous device allows us to interact in a very simple and flexible with all of the screen where you can drag or hide objects in a single or multi.

The project was in the hands of Microsoft Europe and had the support of Sterolize, a company renowned expert in interactive presentations. The project clearly not aimed at domestic audience but it is an excellent choice for large companies or convention centers. It goes without saying that the device requires a huge space, in fact practically need a room for yourself and you need to projectors and other peripherals to function.

Intel unveils its third generation of SSDs with cheaper and higher capacity

Intel takes another generation leap in solid state drives with the launch of the Intel SSD 320 Series, which will replace the existing units Intel X25-M SATA SSD. The main novelty of these new discs is that they are based on NAND flash memory chips of 25 nanometers. According to Intel, this new reduction of the reports can significantly increase the capacity of the units, which now reaching 600GB, and reduce the price by around 30% on the X-25M.

SmartBird almost a seagull

The Technology Development Institute of Japan Festo has launched a new project in their area of robotics that will leave more than a gaping; SmartBird is a bird flying robot capable of mechanically like the real birds. Robotics is advancing by leaps and bounds and every month new devices are produced by Japanese institutions, mainly.

This time we are surprised with SmartBird Festo unlike other droid is capable of mounting flight, landing and plan simply by using their wings. It is the first robot capable of flying but so far they did using a light gas and not mechanically. The SmartBird comes as part of the Bionic Learning Network and as you can see in the picture design is based on a gull at sea.

Mountain GTM 2000, analysis (and VI): final conclusions and opinion of the computer

Sixth and final part of our analysis of Mountain GTM 2000, we published today, and as planned we will draw the final conclusions. We do not forget to make a comparison with our main test team, the GTM 900 also of Mountain. It's been five innings where we have placed special emphasis on the graphics, providing the results of tests of Mountain GTM 2000 with graphics cards the most modern among which were the NVidia GTX 580 or 560 Ti or AMD 6950 and 6970, among others.

Sennheiser MM 30i help you connect

Not all mobile phone users want or what sports headphones more comfortable. sometimes communication takes precedence over other factors. The new Sennheiser MM 30i are precisely for the latter. Discussing these handsfree headset in these terms does not mean that no care for the sound (they do) or be comfortable (who are).

But the strong point of the Sennheiser MM 30i is that they are very small and light, as well as incorporating a control on the cable that allows a direct answer calls and control the functions of Apple hardware. The microphone included to the voice feature is omnidirectional, it stops the music when you receive a call and returns to the same place to hang.

LG believes in 3D also on their laptops

Has taken longer than other brands focusing entirely on computer science, but finally we have news of the renewal of LG laptops, which receive a good way to chip past LG. Among the new LG notebook models with screens are 12.2, 14 and 15.6 inches. The lowest range is the LG P210 diagonal, while the 14 inch model handles the P420 and the top model is the A5 series, with a model that surpasses all others: LG A520 and 3D display.

An Iranian claims piracy security certificates

A man posing as a hacker Iran 21 years has claimed the diversion of SSL security certificates for services as important as Gmail, Yahoo Mail or Hotmail, discovered last week. These certificates are used by Internet browsers to verify that a site is the original version and not diverted. Nine false certificates had been issued through an Italian subsidiary of the company Comodo, which publishes certificates.

Special gadgets and energy. Save energy at home

Now that the government has been sparing in the road, not a bad time to give a turn to the issue of domestic savings, particularly in regard to cutting the electricity bill. A low-tech that we, our home is inhabited by dozens of electrical devices that consume their daily ration of watts. In this special we do a little review with tips to prevent that diet is more than is strictly necessary.

Blog - No, the Apocalypse is not digital for 2015

AMD Catalyst for Linux, the only place with the HD 8000 series

Catalyst drivers for the Linux operating system, have made great strides in recent years, thanks to the interest of the world's OpenSourse AMD, which has led the company issuing the driver a monthly basis as for Windows, but in fact these Drivers are still behind those cloused Sours. The problem may have a few developers have the most significant "Deucher Alex and John Bridgman of AMD, Red Hat's David Airlie and the community," made available for the creation of these drivers, in fact even for the latest Radeon HD 6000 These drivers are still under development.

Microsoft seeks to punish manufacturers with suppliers who use "software pirate"

Microsoft is giving a legal battle in several U.S. states to get approval of a law that punishes and fines on manufacturers that country whose foreign suppliers using "pirated software in their production processes." Arguing it is unfair competition, Microsoft would seek sanctions to companies that take no action.

The initiative has alarmed domestic manufacturers who believe that Microsoft wants to save the prosecution of offenders in their field and prosecute American companies should exert an enormous amount of resources to monitor whether their suppliers use legally licensed software. Some do not rule out that the measure also has as its objective the fight against free software.

Intel ready to launch the Atom Z670 Oak Trail Netbook and tablet

Intel has announced the imminent commercialization of the new Atom Z670, which will equip most of the new netbook and tablet by mid-2011. The new Intel CPU is built at 45 micon and is a solution with a core system on chip based on x86 architecture, Hyper-Threading Technology and a frequency of 1.5 GHz with 512 KB onboard L2 cache and a controller LPDDR1 / DDR2, this CPU also integrates an Intel GMA 600 graphics core clocked at 400 MHz is compatible with OpenGL ES 2.0, OpenGL 2.1 and OpenVG 1.1, all around you with a consumption of 5 watts.

'Duke Nukem Forever' arrives with a delay of 14 years

The producer of the video game Duke Nukem Forever has announced that the disposal shall be delayed. May to 14 June. And he's done with humor in a video. No wonder. The game began development in 1997 as a sequel to Duke Nukem 3D which ended with the announcement of the emergence of a new game "soon." The game has suffered setbacks in the production company, 3D Realms, who ended up leaving.

I took Gearbox. Have been so many times it has awaited the imminent appearance of the game that is considered one of the great vaporware in the history (programs that are announced but never reach the market). This is a subjective shooter in which the protagonist is a talkative selfish and rude.

The iPhone alarm fails again with the time change

He missed last year with the time change. Failed with the New Year. And has done it again this week. The iPhone alarm clock does not recognize the time change. In multiply Twitter posts commenting on this episode. "How difficult is to correct this bug?" Asks a surfer and one admits that the iPhone, with the time change, it gets a little crazy.

In the previous occasion, when it came to pass after three in the morning at two o'clock, an unknown number of employees in different countries arrived late for work. Now would come too soon. The following failure of the alarm occurred at the turn of the year.

3D TV glasses confusion

LG and Philips have decided to launch 3D television technology that lets you view images in three dimensions with glasses lighter and cheaper than active polarization used so far, why not take batteries or switch the image to each eye. Are the same glasses used in cinemas and the effect is very similar.

Because the TV is somewhat cheaper, and above all the glasses, the two companies are confident that this technology will help to popularize passive 3D. Sony, Panasonic and Samsung continue to bet clearly only for active 3D technology because, in his opinion, offers better image quality and visual comfort.

Death of Paul Baran, a founder of the Arpanet

Paul Baran, an engineer who helped create the U.S. government's Arpanet, the precursor to the Internet, has died at the age of 84 years, died of cancer of the lung. In a series of technical papers published in the 1960s, it was suggested to build a communications network that would be less vulnerable to attacks or disruption than conventional networks.

His invention, the mid-1960s, was so far ahead of its time when it was presented to AT & T, the American telephone company rejected it. "Paul was not afraid to follow directions contrary to what others viewed as all good or right thing to do," he told the New York TimesVinton Cerf, a Google vice president and longtime friend of Paul Baran.

Facebook would Depressive

Western Digital raises the capacity of its My Book network drive Live up to 3TB

The guys from Western Digital have not much brains reeling when updating your external hard drive for networking, the Western Digital My Book Live. The main novelty of the new version is going up the storage capacity of two to 3TB. As with previous versions of 1TB and 2TB My Book Live offers a 100Mbps Ethernet connection to integrate disk into home networks with focus placed on the distribution of video content to the TV via DLNA.

Warren Buffett advises to invest in social networks

The billionaire U.S. investor Warren Buffett has warned investors to bet on social networks like Twitter, Facebook or Quora, holding that their valuation is excessive. "Most [of companies] are overvalued," said Mr. Buffett. "It is extremely difficult to properly assess the social networks. Some will be big winners, which will compensate for the failure of others." Many of these companies are not yet publicly traded and shares traded on the secondary market, poorly regulated, where investors buy the securities of OTC.

Between Silicon Valley and Washington, Dangerous Liaisons

White House to ... Facebook: according to information from the New York Times, Robert Gibbs, the former spokesman for Barack Obama, is in discussion with the social network Facebook, which seeks to recruit him. Responsible for relations with the press during the 2008 campaign, Mr. Gibbs was naturally became the chief of White House press after the victory of Barack Obama.

A post he left, two months ago to work on the 2012 campaign of President of the United States. But Facebook also provides for a charge year 2012: the company should go public, and his communication is vital because the social network is increasingly criticized for its policy of respect for privacy or business model.

Microsoft Cinema, 234-inch touchscreen for the best presentations

The dream of anyone who wants to make the best of the submissions may be close to what Microsoft is proposing Cinema, a 243-inch screen that allows us to interact by touch on it. The first time we saw at CeBIT, held in Germany, and has been developed by the division of Microsoft in the European country with the help of Stereoliza, specialists in the performance of interactive presentations.

Let's see how it works: Logically thinking about this kind of development to a domestic destination does not make sense, however, may represent an ideal tool for presentations for large companies or convention centers. As you can see in the video, the technology allows it to perform displacement and multitouch gestures on the screen.

Google is preparing a tablet Nexus, will be manufactured by LG

Despite the promise of Honeycomb, the tablet version of the operating system from Google is taking some criticism in regard to completion and user experience, at least they are the first impressions that come from tests carried out in sites recognized by Motorola Xoom. Xoom is the first tablet to make use of the system, and other alternatives are still weeks to go before its presentation to the market, but also have a much more mature than we've seen it, it seems that it is necessary a reference tablet by Google itself.

ASUS Eee Transformer Pad appears this week in Europe, expect a competitive price

ASUS on Friday officially announced the release of ASUS Eee Taiwanese Transformer Pad, the Honeycomb tablet that takes the form of laptop by adding a keyboard designed for the occasion. We knew of their specifications, and waited with interest to know the price and date of release. For now we can not be very precise with the appearance in Spain, but if you anticipate that the UK will next Tuesday, March 30.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Smile ... guess the pileup

Since we expect some intense weeks in terms of test pots in Tech News Buzz, as they arrive in our hands the most desirable gadgets of the year have already been presented, we must get back into shape with our Guess the pileup. Which we bring you today arrived on Friday Tech News Buzzcueva and since then has been a non stop ...

enjoy. After years of waiting, finally real, and the smile that you see in the picture almost makes this track for sure guess that is drawn in the coming days in the first to enjoy this gadget. I think about and tracks. Guess the Tech News Buzz pileup?

The Huffington lands in Europe, the fight with the NYT paywall

The new titles expand digital, traditional accounts are with the Network Less than two months after the acquisition by America Online (AOL), the Huffington Post's Arianna Huffington has announced plans to launch a ' edition of the site for the UK, with the aim to reproduce in Europe as his formula for success.

While the "superblog" plans the conquest of the Old Continent, the New York Times is faced with the difficulty of monetizing its online visitors and collects critical to every part of the Network for the tariffs imposed by his new "paywall. Post and Times are two of the top news sites in the United States, with the New York newspaper that he can count on a million visits per month more than aggregator, according to Comscore, a difference that was reduced significantly than six million visitors a year ago.

Facebook Snaptu and aims to buy low cost phones

LONDON - Seventy million dollars, more or less € 50 million, is estimated that Facebook has invested in Snaptu, an Israeli company founded in 2007 that develops applications and provides online services for mobile phones and low- cost. Not just high-end smartphones and then: the social network also aims to expand down.

The aim is the ubiquity of Facebook, on any device can connect to the Net and even those who do not connect, including many models from cheap phones. A market with its huge volumes of sales and selling, tempts even Mark Zuckerberg. The phones themselves are low cost and 80% of the market, about 4.2 billion of the total 5.3 phones sold worldwide.

Sharp introduces its new televisions Quattrone

The firm Sharp has introduced its new range of TVs that incorporate the new technology they have called Quattrone, a range that offers excellent image quality, but have forgotten 3D technology. The new Sharp Quattrone LE830 is a TV Edge LED technology, the same works at 120 Hz and has the famous quarter pixel yellow intensifies the projected image, this Quad Quattrone called Sharp Pixel Technology.

Samsung puts a price on their youngest Series 9

Barely a couple of weeks Samsung decided to give us release date for its elitist Portable Series 9, in addition to reporting on the price of 13.3-inch model. We are left with the desire to know how much would the 11.6-inch model, and we can share with you on U.S. soil that the laptop will be priced at $ 1,199, at first glance somewhat higher than the competition.

The price issue can be seen from many points of view, obviously not a product available, but we are playing in the league of MacBook Air, for performance and quality, in fact he shares with screen size and 64GB SSD as storage. In some media talk of a 128GB version, but we have not seen official information.

Playbook run Android applications

That is, the story sounds preposterous, the new BlackBerry playbook can run programs and applications designed for the famous Google operating system. With this announcement of RIM have managed to give a big shift to widespread criticism about their operating system, the application market for Android iOS and is much higher than QNX.

With this measure BlackBerry developers have reduced, almost vanish, the disadvantage that presented to other high-end tablets. Specifically RIM announced the BlackBerry Playbook will be able to run applications in C / C + +, Java, HTML5, Adobe Flash or Adobe Air and called for those developers to apply their applications.

IPad Fever 2: Image of the week

Although Nintendo 3DS cabinet yesterday also left, nor tails high expectations have been at launch Spanish. And that goes to buy a Nintendo 3DS be much more profitable than a iPad 2. So in the battle to be the image of the week, winning new product from Apple for their media coverage, well-planned and the media on their side.

The iPad 2 is already on the street, and as we have our fellow Applesfera, as always have done an excellent track of the previous moments and moments after making the sale of Apple tablet, has been a success. Online store orders are not served before 2-3 weeks, and the physical store stock is in the final.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

AVG anti-virus announces exclusive tablets

The market is growing daily tablets exponentially and more and more new models presented by the developers of technology company making a clear trend as regards computing devices. Software developers have this very clear and AVG has taken the first step in the matter by announcing a free virus protection just for tablets.

AVG is a company that has earned its market as regards computers becoming one of the most widely used anti-virus for years. AVG has both a free version, AVG Free, as a paid version, AVG Full. No doubt this is an initiative that places AVG ahead of other software developers to protect anti-virus and now only remains for us to see what the response of other companies such as Avast or Kaspersky.

Silverston Zipy connect your music with your car

Most are already cars that can bind directly to your sound system to our music from a portable player or USB memory. But if you have an older model or not choose that option when we bought the car, devices like the Silverstone Zipy are our allies. This accessory is placed in the "cigarette lighter plug and starts to cast.

On the radio in our car we have to tune the appropriate channel to listen to music and go. The sound source can be an SD memory card or hard drive you connect to your USB port. Also, when you restart, the device recalls the last frequency, track number and the previous volume. Best ZipyLife this product is that its price is within reach of all: 13 euros.

There is an airplane, not a dog, is a case for your laptop

Personally I am more in favor of covers for my portable practice of extravagant, but it is true that a touch of class always calls me. So you've been watching this case with a portable dog for 13 to 15 inches and having to share it with you. The cover is the work of Soki, which has less flashy models.

They are made with felt, so we must be sure before they enter our laptop, and know that protection is mainly against scratches and little else. The dog-shaped sleeve has two: one type sleeve fits and one that gives you so striking. Its price is 35 euros.

A touch of style to our IPAD 2

The new Apple tablet, the iPad 2, was introduced just a few weeks ago and came together to launch the Smart Cover, a protective casing for the gadget. This detail, that Steve Jobs jumped with the launch of the first iPad, led us to believe that the housing market would be strongly reduced, though some will continue to demonstrate their creativity.

Miniot The German company has introduced a new housing for the iPad 2 percent percent made with natural wood cherry. This accessory not only gives us excellent protection for the device but adds a touch of good taste to the tablet design. Has the same joint that makes it flexible and able to provide 100% of Apple's tablet functions, including self-lock.

Friday, March 25, 2011

New LG laptop range

LG, the developer of technology products, has introduced its new range of notebooks comprises four models ranging between 599 and 999 euros. The first is a compact netbook with a 12.5 inch screen, the LG P210. It counts with an interesting design in white and respectable technical features, among them are Intel Core i3, 4 GB RAM, 250 GB hard drive and a battery with an autonomy of 5 hours of use.

Another pole for my smartphone!

Has finally reached the smartphone that all regular at the bars wanted a phone that will join us in the reeds after work or weekends. We refer to the new Cheers, the first mobile phone that works with wine. The new Cheers has been developed by the technology development firm tryi Yeh of Taiwan. In addition to the new feeding system (yes, wine is food) the smartphone features a particular flask-shaped design.

The game can be faithful to history?

Effective tool to narrate fictional events, the game also proved that he knew in the past remain attractive using historical contexts, and observing real. Some types lend themselves particularly well to this type of exercise. This is the case of strategy game development studio with Britain's The Creative Assembly has made a specialty.

The studio has been publishing for over ten years a series, "Total War", which attempts to reconcile realism and gaming. "For the choice of context, we opt for periods punctuated by major wars, known by most people. They should also be compatible with the development of gameplay (a game mechanic) of interest "says Mark Sutherns, associate producer on the series.

Video - Dragon Age II "and the origin of the myth of hydra

The tablet change the rules of the game

I HAD a laptop, I used it often, indeed, to be honest I had replaced the old desktop with the laptop at home. Now, thanks the arrival of the era of post-computer, mobile phone and use the tablet PC and I no longer use. And the more time passes and the higher the number of people who will do the same.

It 's inevitable, but not because Apple has a good marketing department, not because the products of Jobs to go out of fashion, but because the iPad tablet and are changing the rules of the game, are changing the way we live the digital times, Listen to music, read books and newspapers, watch movies and videos, connect to the Internet, use programs to work, play.

Video - Time lost: Warlight

Music launch of Google is apparently imminent

In the house Google employees are already allowed to test the music service in the cloud - a sign of the imminent publication. Moreover, market researchers are going on: They report the loss of visitors to MySpace and the decline of P2P exchanges. All this and more at a glance. The long-awaited music service, Google Music Google may soon be published.

How the Internet magazine CNet. com reports, referring to representatives of the music industry, the company has started internal tests, which are common in the industry before the launch. Two weeks ago, there had been rumors of an imminent launch, when a developer stumbled when installing the Android version of Honeycomb, a functional issue Google Music.

Technological fever Friday afternoon: Galaxy Tech Buzz News

In a very interesting week for the world of technology and gadget fever (currently it is selling the iPad 2 in Spain, you can also buy the Nintendo 3DS, and no new generation of web browsers), nothing like review of quiet way the most interesting of our Galaxy paced Tech Buzz News Friday afternoon. But first a question: Is Android just for geeks or you can use any? Good weekend to all and do not forget that Applesfera SuperHero walked one in his club.

LOL very acronyms in the "Oxford Dictionary"

So the city is connected to Microsoft and the Portuguese Government plans to build near Oporto

1,600 hectares of buildings connected and updateable online government infrastructure and a new concept called urban operating system (UOS). It is not science fiction, but the details surrounding PlanIT, the city project that the Government attached Luso is launching Microsoft's hand. PlanIT began in the imagination of Steve Lewis, a former Microsoft executive who heads the project and, in fact, has reached an agreement with the Redmond company to be they who create the software environment on which cloud will develop all city services.

How metaphors programmed our minds

InternetActu - Another blow to the idea of man "rational animal" and a brick in the edifice of behavioral economics. Our vision of the world - and therefore our decisions - would be largely shaped by our system of metaphors, which pertain not only decidedly poets. This is evident from the experiment conducted by Paul Thibodeau and Lera Boroditsky at Stanford University, reported by an article in Discover magazine.

The iPad2 arrived in Italy some people have done 24 hours in a row

ROME - The iPad2 has landed in Italy. At five in the afternoon, the Apple Store opened its doors to long lines of customers waiting to buy the new "tablet" weblog Steve Jobs. And it was very successful, like the one already registered in the U.S., where in a few days have been sold over a million "tablets" with the symbol of the bitten apple.

OUR TEST THE FILE IN ROME THE FILE IN MILAN The new technology object of desire - with the first version has sold over 15 million - has already achieved the first goal, to surround himself with attention spread throughout the world. Its technical characteristics have forced competitors to revise the policies of industrial production of tablet "rivals" and, in many cases, to delay the marketing of its devices to solve two fundamental problems: the specific hi-tech (especially the display that, for the iPad 2 is 8.9 inches, in contrast to the first rumors that he gave as a 7-inch) and the price.

Stephan Bole: "The video game industry is not hardware, but content"

Nintendo released in France, Friday, March 25, a new version of its handheld console, Nintendo 3DS. Stephan Bole, CEO of Nintendo France, outlines the strategy of the Japanese company. What are your sales targets in 3DS Tech News Buzz? The number of sales that we announced is 4 million units in Tech News Buzz for late March.

In Japan, we are almost 800 000 consoles sold at the end of last week. We also have very high levels of reservation in Europe and the United States. In France, we are more than 55,000 reservations, and we expect to exceed 70 000. We're booking at levels higher than the Wii and Nintendo DS models.

Burma, censorship on the network also blocked VoIP services

BANGKOK - When the Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi said after his release, want to take advantage of new (and unknown to her) Internet technologies, an alarming wake-up alarm is sounded in the corridors of power of the 400 general residents km north of Rangon, the new capital Naypyidaw. But Jasmine was after the revolution and the revolts of the Middle East that the regime considered digital information far too "dangerous" for the "stability and public order." So not only Twitter and Youtoube always been banned, but Skype and other VoIP services (Internet audio technology) will be blocked to prevent any form of communication "easy" is in the country with the outside world.

Google delays opening of the new Android code

Android is an open source operating system. Developers can access your code and create versions. That is true to the Android 3.0, Honeycomb, the first Google has created specifically thinking into tablets. Andy Rubin, the head of Android at Google, has ensured that this operating system is "an open source project, we have not changed their strategy." However, "to respect the timing of exit of tablets have made some concessions.

Facebook deletes 20,000 profiles daily

Facebook has acknowledged that its daily eliminates 20,000 Pefile network. The main reason is that it is under 13 who are enrolled in the same admission criteria in breach of the site. Mozelle Thompson, respond to privacy, acknowledged in a congressional committee in Australia. "There are people who lie. Facebook deletes profiles would say 20,000 people found below this age." Thompson admitted that the mechanisms for the liars descibrir not perfect. Zdnet believes that these data are not accurate and that the figure reflects the closure of records for any purpose that infringes the rules of the network.

Blog - The French finally feel concerned

It comes out on Friday that the IPAD 2, available in black and white. It will certainly be the big news earlier this year, perhaps with the release of the new Nintendo console, the 3DS. The Japanese manufacturer innovates again with exclusive 3D screen to the small laptop.