Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wi-Fi location information: Microsoft knows where you've been,

First Apple, then Google, now Microsoft, with a U.S. scientist denounces that bypasses the Windows group to relax with the location data from wireless routers. Also data from cell phones and laptops are recorded accordingly - that makes possible the tracking of individual devices. Microsoft wants to make its users to self-discovery easier.

Actually a nice train would be the company it does not seem too far gone. In order to enable mobile devices to determine the position even without GPS, the company has built a worldwide database with the location data from wireless hotspots. The devices can use in order to locate itself, at least approximately.

Google TV and Logitech lose money

The joint venture between Logitech and Google Google TV does not give good results. The manufacturer of encoder Revue Logitech has dropped the selling price of $ 249 to 99 which represents a cost of $ 34 million on the results of the group. Encoder sales were "slightly negative" between April and June this year, according to Logitech.

The returns have been higher than a sales "very modest" in his own words. Logitech expects the improvements to Google TV, the incorporation of the Android application store, encourage supply. Logitech believes that the buyer perceived a notable difference between the price too much product and the value he gave to it.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Nintendo announced cut down the price of 3DS

The Empire Super Mario begins to falter. Or at least put a foot wrong. Nintendo has just announced that from Aug. 12 to reduce by nearly one third the price of its latest handheld console, the 3DS, just four months after its launch. Despite the screen 3d "glassless", which does not require the use of goggles, the ivy of the machine world's best selling video game just does not seem to have made inroads among consumers.

Google to open a paid service to speed up web pages

Google today introduced a new service, but this time they have to pay. This is Page Speed Service and promises to optimize the customer site to your query is made faster, giving an acceleration between 25 and 60% higher than the other sites. As explained in the corporate blog, you must join the site to an address in Google, from which to rewrite the code of the content for faster viewing and then be displayed to visitors of the site from the servers of the company.

Google launches hotel search engine

As usual, Google has launched a new product without prior notice and with operating exclusively in the USA. Hotel Finder Hotel is the search engine Google. The novelty with respect to searches is the sum of common factors. First, it includes the price directly from the results suggested. The browser, which works more accurately from the mobile phone, take the client's position, which can draw on the map in which area you prefer to find accommodation, recommendations sum social acquaintances and to set a price range.

Strong yen, earthquake and piracy: Sony revises forecast downward

The giant Japanese consumer electronics Sony revised its earnings forecast significantly down on Thursday in the publication of its quarterly results. The company, which announced $ 140 million loss this quarter, reduced by over 20% of its earnings forecast for the year. Sony is suffering from a combination of difficulties that led him to revise its forecast just two months after the publication of the latter.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nintendo sales fall 50%

The Japanese giant video game Nintendo has reported a fall of more than half its sales in the first quarter over one year to 93.93 billion yen, due to the absence of featured games for its consoles struggling to find buyers. The sales of Nintendo had already plunged by 25.6% in the first quarter of 2010 to 2011 a year, partly because of currency fluctuations.

The group has also been a victim of rising of the Japanese currency, all resulting in an operating deficit of 37.7 billion yen, against a gain of 23 billion last year at the same time, and a net loss of 25.15 billion yen equivalent to that lamented a year earlier.

Facebook removed the cover of a Nirvana album 20 years ago

Twenty years later, the cover of Nirvana album Nevermind is still provocative. Facebook removed the image of it, a naked baby in the water, the pages you have opened to commemorate the anniversary. Shortly after the said. The social network reported that the image violated the conditions of use set by the company.

Gave no further explanation but the hypothesis is that due to the baby's penis. The baby photography, Spencer Elden, said in 2008 that he liked the picture: "A lot of people around the world have seen my penis. This is cool." Spencer was the son of a photographer friend of the group Nirvana.

Alleged spokesman for the group of hackers Lulz Security arrested

Scotland Yard announced Wednesday, July 27, having arrested the spokesman alleged hacker group Lulz Security (LulzSec), which had claimed a wave of computer attacks for two months in late spring, before dissolving. The group referred to various sites related to targets like the CIA, the U.S. Senate or large enterprises.

The suspect, a man of 19 years, "was arrested at his home in the Shetland Islands, and is being transferred to a police station in London. A search of his home is in," said the British police . For Scotland Yard, it is "Topiary", one of the founding members of LulzSec. A young man of 17 years was also interviewed by the police in connection with this transaction, but is not under arrest.

Google, Facebook and Apple are betting on facial recognition

Google denied that it was to allow easy recognition, but acknowledged that it could, that its technology was able to detect who was in the picture with only 14 samples. The controversy arose with the introduction of Goggles, an application of augmented reality.

Despite this refusal, Google has set off alarms privacy Pittpatt acquisition, a company founded in 2004, specializes in machine vision. In a statement issued by the company that emerged in the Robotics Institute of Carnegie Mellon University index that its work is not strictly recognize people, but to identify objects and real-world environments.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The turnover of Amazon is growing by over 50%

Amazon, the world leader in sales of cultural products on the Internet, said Tuesday profit down but revenues up sharply for the second quarter, exceeding analysts' expectations. The turnover of the group jumped 51%, while earnings per share fell from 45 to 41 cents, due to large investments made by Amazon.

After the announcement of these results, the work Amazon has gained 6% in stock. For the company CEO, Jeff Bezos, the strong increase in sales is linked to "low prices, the increase in supply and innovation" of its site. Amazon created this year 15 new distribution centers. According to the American giant, this growth should continue this year.

Google + wants to ban nicknames

Barely a month after its launch, Google + wipes his first controversy. Internet users are denied entry to this social network on the grounds that they were part under a pseudonym. Some of them have suffered in the wake of the outright suspension of their Google Account, thus depriving them of access to their Gmail or blogging service.

Electronic Arts, double earnings

The American publisher of video games Electronic Arts (EA) released Tuesday that net income more than doubled in the first quarter of fiscal year 2011/2012 shifted, exceeding analysts' expectations, and a turnover up 26%. The earnings were $ 221 million against 96 million during the same period a year ago.

Per share, this amounts to 66 cents. But taking into account that certain revenues are deferred from the purchase and activation of a game, adjusted earnings per share is equivalent to a loss of 37 cents, less marked than analysts had anticipated (loss current 40 cents). The turnover reached 999 million on its side against $ 815 million a year earlier, well above forecasts of Wall Street (509 million).

STRIKE-1100W Aerocool X gets 80 PLUS Gold certification

Aerocool one of the leading brands worldwide leading manufacturer of PC gaming systems and accessories is pleased to announce the acquisition of the 80 PLUS Gold award which is awarded only to the power supplies able to deliver levels of efficiency of at least 87% , 90% and 87% in the load conditions of 20%, 50% and 100% provided by the test.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The manufacturer of the BlackBerry fires 2000 people

Research in Motion, the maker of BlackBerry, announced Monday its intention to eliminate 2,000 jobs, or 11% of its workforce in the face of increased competition from Apple and Google. The principle of job cuts, which was announced last month, is a bit more than expected. "It's not totally unexpected.

The number of job cuts is higher than had been left heard at the beginning, "said analyst Peter Misek of Jefferies & Co." This is obviously focus to realign the cost structure of new growth, that is to say about the reality of sales. " The reduction of the workforce will reduce the number of RIM to about 17 000 employees.

The album became "app" Bjork reinvents the music

ROME - The name makes you smile: "app album." Still could be the future of the troubled music industry, hit by declining CD sales endemic. The project is signed by Bjork, the Icelandic singer, who recently posted on Apple's online store the first song of Biophilia. Or rather, the first constellation, a galaxy of media that will be completed Sept. 26. A new way of making records at the time of the iPad, synthesis of sounds, images, interaction. He goes out, not surprisingly, in the first place for the tablet of Steve Jobs and later as a regular compact disc. It is not the first "album app" in the strict sense, in May, the duo has created a Bluebrain iPhone called The National Mall, which incorporates songs and geolocation, but it is the first truly multimedia, thought to be a pop star and developed in collaboration with Apple itself.

Surprise resignation of a manager of information security of the United States

The head of an agency of the United States to coordinate responses to cyber attacks announced his resignation Monday after a series of attacks against computer systems of the U.S. government. Randy Vickers, the director of the Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CERT) has resigned without giving reasons.

The resignation follows a series of attacks against Web sites linked to the Pentagon, the CIA and the U.S. Senate, which had not resulted in the leakage of sensitive information by U.S. authorities. The attacks were claimed by the group LulzSecurity since dissolved. Last week, sixteen suspected pirates, including two with a direct part of LulzSecurity, were arrested in Europe and the United States in an international dragnet.

The album became "app" Bjork reinvents the music

 - The project is signed by Bjork, the Icelandic singer, who recently published in the Apple online store the first song of Biophilia. Or rather, the first constellation, a galaxy of media that will be completed Sept. 26. A new way of making records at the time of the iPad, synthesis of sound, text, images, interaction. He goes out, not surprisingly, in the first place for the tablet of Steve Jobs and later in the form of standard compact discs. The video is not the first "album app" in the strict sense, in May, the duo has created a Bluebrain iPhone called The National Mall, which incorporates songs and geolocation, but it is the first truly multimedia, thought to be a pop star and developed collaboration with Apple itself.

Google + is hunting for nicknames

The search engine Google, which launched there about a month a social networking competitor Facebook, said Monday that its policy for managing aliases, prohibited by the terms and conditions of service. During the weekend, Google had removed a large number of accounts using aliases, without warning their creators, causing a wave of protests.

"We have noticed that many violations of rules on Google + names were honest mistakes, and our practices for those users could be frustrating and disappointing," said Bradley Horowitz, one of the leaders of the project. "We are putting in place a number of improvements to our procedures - particularly on how we warn users that their account is not in compliance with our policy." In the future, holders of an account under a pseudonym will be notified that account will be deleted if they do not use their real name.

The Mozilla Foundation is preparing an operating system for mobile and tablet

The Mozilla Foundation, which publishes such as the Firefox browser, announced Monday it is working on a project operating system for mobile phones and touch pads. Called "Boot to Gecko" (B2G), the project should lead to a complete operating system - the main software of a computer or a telephone, such as Windows, Mac OS, Android, or GNU / Linux.

Still nieau initial design, B2G should work on the model of Chrome OS, the operating system Google's Web-oriented, with applications based on Web standards. The operating system will be fully free and open, meaning that its source code - the structure of the program - is freely available and modifiable.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Chinese police close two Apple fake stores

It looks like an Apple store, the color - white - an Apple store and the apple logo is everywhere, yet it is not an Apple store. The authorities of the city of Kunming, in southern China, closed two stores posing as official distributors of U.S. computer manufacturer, but that operated without direct relationship with the company.

China produces large quantities of counterfeit iPhone and Apple iPad, but these false shops, flushed by an American expatriate, sold many authentic products. Vendors working in the shop were convinced that they worked well for Apple. Upon investigation, police tracked down five similar stores, operating without license from the U.S. manufacturer.

Apple replaces defective iM

Some iMacs sold between May 2011 and July this year have problems with hard drive, the Seagate 1TB. The computers affected are 21.5-inch and 27. The company is contacting buyers who provided a valid email address during registration of the product to communicate the problem and start the free replacement operation.

Customers can check if your machine is affected by the problem entering an Apple page and entering the serial number of your computer. On the same page is the list of accredited suppliers that can come with change.

Facebook fixes a vulnerability on private videos

The social network Facebook announced this Monday, July 25, correcting a security vulnerability affecting users' private videos, reports the TechCrunch site. The flaw allowed "friends" a user to access the title, description and image appeal of his videos, even though these were registered as "private" and therefore theoretically not accessible.

The flaw did not allow however to check out these videos. The problem, which lasted over a week, is the latest of many problems regarding the respect of privacy for the first social network in the world. Authorities to protect the privacy and associations from several countries have warned users in recent months against the location-based features or facial recognition offered by Facebook.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Apple TV also wants to live in the auction for Hulu

 If there is something that was missing was the Apple TV. Hence the company founded by Steve Jobs is planning to solve the problem by buying Hulu, the streaming site (legal) that revolutionized - with Netflix - the lives of viewers in the United States, the only country where it is available.

Hulu is the paradigm of the TV on demand: his motto is 'anywhere, anytime'. Just a PC and an internet connection to have a small screen in his own image and likeness. The user to power, choose the program or movie and suffers a bit 'of advertising and some limitations (five episodes last week, but free access to the entire archive).

Friday, July 22, 2011

Alibaba is launching a smartphone and an operating system

Chinese Alibaba Group, which specializes in online commerce, announced its entry, Friday, July 22, the smartphone market, with a model equipped with its own operating system. Alibaba is expected to unveil its first smartphone next week in Beijing, according to a spokesman for the group, Florence Shih, interviewed by Agence France-Presse.

The device will cost between 2,000 and 3,000 yuan (215 to 322 euros). An article in the Wall Street Journal (paid access), the terminal will provide an important part in the "cloud computing" or "cloud computing" and have a chat. Alibaba said its smartphones will be produced by the Chinese Beijing TianyuTelecommunications Equipment, with the American Nvidia chips.

Anonymous claims to have hacked NATO databases

The collective hacktivists Anonymous says he introduced Thursday, July 21, in the databases of the Treaty Organization (NATO). On the site of micromessagerie Twitter, the group says have a gigabyte of data, but said it would be "irresponsible" to publish most of them. Anonymous refers to a document but a dozen pages in PDF format, with the header "NATO Confidential".

The group said they used a simple "SQL injection" to achieve its piracy. This technique is to exploit a flaw, such as forms of a Web site to inject malicious code directly into a database, and get access to protected parts of the site. ANONYMOUS, considered threatened in a report published in June, NATO described the growing threat of collective Anonymous.

Microsoft releases an annual profit up sharply

U.S. computer group was able to identify, Thursday, July 21, up 23% of its annual net profit to 23.15 billion dollars (16.04 billion euros). The fourth quarter of fiscal shifted from Microsoft, completed June 30, also exceeded expectations, with a 30% increase in net income to 5.87 billion dollars.

The turnover has meanwhile increased by 12% during the year to 69.94 billion dollars. Adam Holt, analyst at Morgan Stanley, "The strong fourth quarter set the scene for a fiscal year 2011-12 full of positive factors." For his part Walter Pritchard, Citi, was looking forward to a "professional market very strong." Only the Windows, which equips the majority of personal computers in Tech Buzz News, suffered a setback: the quarterly revenue yielded 1%, and annual revenues were down 2% to 19.02 billion dollars.

The Minitel French, sentenced to death

Minitel, the French pioneer telematics service anticipated the popular use of the Internet's days are numbered. France Telecom, which launched in 1982, has decided to close down the service on June 30, 2012. This is the third such announcement since the company initially planned in 2010 and subsequently disconnect a decision postponed to 2011.

Now, the time seems short, Minitel's heyday dates back to 1990 when he was nine million users and 25,000 services. On Facebook there is a small group of a hundred members claiming its salvation. In 2010, 950,000 French Minitel consulting services and 810,000 still possessed the device. The simplicity of its management and the absence of viruses have been two factors that have always distinguished those who persist in using it.

Apple interested in the Hulu video service?

The computer group Apple could make a bid to video service Hulu, reports Bloomberg, Friday, July 22. The information site, citing two unnamed sources, said however that the discussions have only just begun. With this acquisition, Apple, which has more than $ 76 billion in cash and securities, may consolidate its position in the field of online video service and compete with Netflix.

Google deletes its toolbar for Firefox

Google is cleaning. Last Wednesday Labs announced the closing of its product testing area. The next day, in a post on the blog dedicated to the service itself explain the reason that close. Google does not update the toolbar for Firefox. In the farewell message are committed to continue providing support for version 4 of Firefox, but not 5.

Google believes that the network has sufficient bonusstars evolved not to need this type of navigation accessories. However, at no time mention is made one change since 2009 has shaken the world of browsers: the arrival of Chrome, made by Google.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Nokia: further losses in the second quarter

The world of mobile phones, Finnish Nokia, published Thursday, July 21, further losses in the second quarter. Nokia, struggling for over three years, suffered a net loss more severe than expected, from 368 million euros, against a profit of 227 million euros a year earlier, according to his financial report.

Analysts on average expected a loss of 104 million euros, according to Dow Jones, the second negative result after the historic loss for the third quarter of 2009. In the second quarter, Nokia posted a further decline in sales of 7% to 9.28 billion euros, slightly less than feared. The number of phones sold plunged 20% to 88.5 million units, against 111 million a year earlier.

Baidu launches its own Web browser

The group of Chinese search engine Baidu launches into the battle of cybernavigateurs. Available in beta for Windows operating systems, the browser interface is very similar to Baidu's Chrome, by Google. The user can, for example, from the home page, download extensions and customize the software. It is also possible to directly access the search engine Baidu, the Web address bar.

But beyond this similarity in the interface Chrome, the new browser also borrows the engine of Internet Explorer. By venturing into the area of Web browsing, Baidu wants to strengthen its presence in the Chinese market. The last census of the Chinese authorities reported 485 million Internet users in the country.

eBay exceeds expectations in the second quarter

The online trading company published Wednesday, July 20, quarterly results better than expected, thanks to the sustained growth of its subsidiary PayPal. Ebay posted a net profit of 283.4 million dollars (199 million), against $ 412 million the same quarter last year. Lower earnings were due in part to the cost of the acquisition of GSI Commerce this year.

The group also performed on a quarterly revenue of $ 2.8 billion, representing an increase of 25% over the second quarter of 2010. 100 million PayPal accounts Results from Ebay are particularly driven by the performance of its online payment subsidiary, PayPal, just enregistrer100 million active accounts.

Google Labs goodby

Google loses one of its most charismatic services, GoogleLabs, testing laboratories open to users. In this space were born some of the most innovative products were launched after a formal way. In a brief statement in one of the blogs of the company specifically how it will change. It can still visit the page but not to play with new programs, but to see how they evolve.

According to Bill Coughran, vice president of the company this service has already fulfilled its mission. "Although we have learned a lot by throwing prototypes Labs, we believe it is crucial to a greater focus on the challenges of the future", published in the blog. One of the services born from this laboratory has been Body interactive Browser, something like a Google Maps of the human body with advanced visualization.

The end of the Minitel scheduled in 2012

The Minitel, a French invention which has equipped up to nine million households in France, will disappear for mid-2012. With the rise of the Internet, the end of the small plastic cube, especially famous for access to its services "3615", had already been proclaimed many times. France Telecom, which launched in 1982, he was finally granted a reprieve last nine months, announced, Wednesday, July 20, the end of the Minitel to June 30, 2012.

Intel exceeds expectations in the second quarter

The world of microprocessors, Intel, published Wednesday, July 20, quarterly results better than expected, with a 2% increase in net profit to $ 3 billion. Sales for "record" for its part, increased 21% to 13 billion dollars. "The strong business demand for our most advanced technologies, the rise of portable devices and Internet traffic, which has fueled growth in data centers, as well as the rapid growth of IT in emerging countries, have led to record results, "said the CEO, Paul Otellini, said in a statement.

Touch pads: Samsung wants to compete with Apple

South Korea's Samsung Electronics unveiled Wednesday, July 20, in its home market, a new version finer and lighter in its tablet Galaxy, hoping to narrow the gap with Apple iPad. This new device has a screen of 10.1 inches against seven for its predecessor launched in October. Moved from 500 dollars in the United States, the same price as the iPad 2 the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be in competition with more than hundreds of products most of which work with the operating system Google's Android.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Yahoo: slight decline in sales in the second quarter

Web portal Yahoo has disappointed investors, Tuesday, July 19, with a new backflow of its sales in the second quarter, despite a 11% increase in quarterly net profit to 236.97 million dollars (166 , 74 million euros). The net sales for the second quarter, that is, outside fees paid by Yahoo to partner websites, was $ 1,1 billion, against 1,13 billion  a year ago.

PayPal attack: hackers arrested

The U.S. federal police (FBI) announced, Tuesday, July 19, that its investigation of the hacker group Anonymous had led to arrest six persons in the United States. The British and Dutch police have arrested five other "pirates". According to the FBI and the Department of Justice, they are retained by the police "on charges related to their alleged involvement in a cyber attack against the website PayPal (eBay group) as part of an operation claimed by the group Anonymous.

Google warns about malicious software

Google has introduced an alarm system to warn the user of a computer is infected by a specific malicious program . The message appears at the top of the page navigation of the browser. Google has taken this step after noticing a virus that generates traffic to the servers of the browser. This unusual traffic was warned by the company in a routine review of their data center, says the corporate blog.

Apple offers its new operating system only on Internet

One day after posting the best economic results of history Apple's new operating system will be available for download, but not in stores. For the first time you can not buy a box with a disc to update your computer. Will only be available throughout the day, through its online software store. That is, much like the upgrade and purchase applications for iPhone and iPhone, but from the desktop.

Microsoft asks for help against spam

Wanted. Microsoft offers $ 250,000 for information that facilitates the capture of the creators of Rustock. The reward is offered months after the dismantling of the core servers of the botnet (network of zombie computers to remote commands from the same owner) called Rustock. Microsoft has published advertisements in the Russian press, since it is believed that the authors live in that country.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Streaming from the DVD, Netflix announced the end of physical media

It will be to sanction the death of the Netflix DVD? It would be an ironic fate. The popular website was launched simple and effective idea: to bring the discs with movies in the homes of Americans, through the mail. It was a comfortable rental home, which cost a few dollars a month. After watching the film was restored by returning back the DVD, at no cost to the user.

And Netflix sent his next film. Given the low prices of the service, millions of moviegoers subscribe, anxiously waiting for the disks in the letter box. Then came the Web, broadband ultra-fast, capable of transmitting high-definition video, and Netflix began to change: the movies became available on the Internet directly, always paying a small monthly fee (8 dollars).

IBM exceeds expectations in the second quarter

The IBM group has published Monday, July 18, a quarterly profit up 8% over the previous year, thanks to the business performance of its computers and software. The world's leading IT services has reported a net profit of 3.66 billion dollars (2.5 billion euros) in the second quarter, against 3.39 billion dollars (2.3 billion euros) a year earlier.

The revenues, meanwhile, increased 12% to $ 26.7 billion (18.56 billion euros), while analysts expected 25.35 billion dollars (17.8 billion euros). "Sales in hardware, software and services have had double-digit growth", was particularly welcomed the CEO Samuel Palmisano said in a statement.

AMD Radeon HD 7000 with PCI Express 3.0

Cisco announced the elimination of 6,500 jobs and yield plant

The telecom equipment and computer Cisco announced Monday, July 18, 6500 deletion of positions, including 4,400 layoffs. This corresponds to a reduction of about 9% of the workforce and about 15% of senior executives. The press had already announced last week, major cuts. These reductions, which will affect the world and Tech News Buzz "all functions", part of a plan to save $ 1 billion per year (707 million).

Murdoch scandal: Hackers crack The Sun website

Suddenly appeared a hoax about the death of media mogul Rupert Murdoch: the hacker's website tabloid "The Sun" have attacked. The attack is known to the group Lulz Security - they announced further actions. London - The British tabloid "The Sun" is known in its reports and investigations to be not exactly squeamish.

Just recently, the actor has sued the newspaper Jew Law - because of the alleged wiretapping of his phone mailbox. Now, "The Sun" has become a victim of a hacker attack. The Grupe Lulz Security on Monday cracked the website and spread a false report about the alleged death of media mogul Rupert Murdoch: The 80-year-old was dead was found in his garden.

Google bought the domain name

The group of search engine Google bought, Monday, July 18, the domain g. co, designed to shorten the web addresses of all its services. "We will use g co to send you to web pages belonging to Google, and we are the only pouvoircréer shortcuts in g co," said the vice president of marketing for Google, Gary Briggs, on the group Blog .

"This means we can go on a link shortcut g. co being sure to always land on a page of a product or a service from Google." This new system is complementary to another service, goo. gl, launched in late 2009, which shortens the other Web addresses. Shorter addresses are used in particular on micromessagerie sites, like Twitter, where the text should have a maximum of 140 characters.

The OSCE claims Internet access as a right

The OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe), which has more than fifty countries, has published a report on freedom of expression on the Internet, where he exhibited severe criticism of the policies that involve cutting Internet access to a citizen and the blocking of websites. The text, which documents the practices in different countries, believes that the measure is being imposed to block access to a site when the authorities can not require changes in content since it is housed in a third country.

Copyright: Baidu Signs Agreement with majors in music

The Chinese search engine Baidu announced on Tuesday, July 19, has signed an agreement with three majors of the music industry to fight against piracy. The partnership with Universal Music, Warner Music, Sony Music, meeting within the joint venture One Stop China, Baidu allows first to offer a legal supply from its search engine.

The site will return to tracks in MP3 format, but also to playback stream flow ("streaming"). In total, approximately 500,000 shares should be accessible from Baidu. In return, the Chinese group agrees to pay the beneficiaries, depending on the number of downloads and plays. Access to the service will only be possible for the Internet addresses of the country.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Internet affects our memory

When a person knows that you can retrieve information with one click, do not bother to remember. This is the conclusion of a series of papers published in the online edition of the journal Science. The study, conducted by three psychologists from the U.S. universities of Harvard, Columbia and Wisconsin-Madison, measured the ability to remember a group of volunteers who, in general terms, we are facing several tests that were offered minor information (for example, the eye of the oysters was greater than his brain) or color associated brands and asked to be remembered.

Facebook violated by Reda, the good hacke

Let's go talk about the security of the world's most popular social network, Facebook, this time breaching the defenses was a Moroccan boy named Reda Cherqaoui through a program, called Agatha, he created and that gave him easy access to more 80 thousand accounts.

Microsoft's social network is called Tulalip

After Google, Microsoft's turn. Publication involuntary (or so it seems) of a snapshot in socle. com, now retired, has released the first signs of the project. In this web-site, which currently only has one page apology, published a page of a new service that allows venture that is a search engine focused on social networks, basically Twitter and Facebook, which offered a link.

The project is named after a Native American tribe based in the State of Washington, Tulalip. Tulalip Microsoft has said that only a project that has come to the Internet by mistake. But it coincides with the purchase by the company's social dominance. com for about two million euros. Microsoft, unlike Google, has a friendly relationship with Twitter and Facebook, whose real-time results can follow from Bing in the United States, which can not Twitter Google whose contract with for these purposes ended last month and not renewed forcing the browser to ignore these searches in real time.

Apple closes the security hole affecting iPhone and iPad

Computer group Apple has published Friday, July 15, a patch to address a major security flaw affecting the operating system of devices of the brand, like the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The flaw, which could be exploited to collect personal data, was discovered in early July. It concerns the management of files.

pdf: opening a file containing malicious code could allow an attacker to gain access to numerous confidential information, including passwords, bank details, content of emails or SMS of user.

Server Attack on police computer: hacker arrested

A group called NN-crew had published confidential information about a week of duty in the Internet. These were among other things, movement profiles of the monitoring system of Patras, with the data from the GPS tracking devices are evaluated. The customs data confirmed the leak, the federal police took the Patras-server from the network temporarily and warned all users.

Use data from the Federal Police or the federal Office of Criminal Investigation should not have been affected. The Customs Criminal Office has subsequently reported to the prosecutors in Karlsruhe. Apparently the hacker had access to a download server to the federal police, was deployed to the software for various departments.

Patents: HTC loses a battle against Apple

Computer group Apple has won a first round in the legal battle that pitted him against HTC. In the first opinion, Friday, July 15, the International Trade Commission in Washington ruled that the firm taïwainaise violated two patents for Apple. Initially, the American accused HTC ten violations of patents in various fields, ranging from user interface with motion sensors on mobile devices.

Group HTC announced that it would appeal. The final opinion of the commission is expected in early December. But if the verdict was upheld, imports of HTC smartphones, using the Android operating system from Google, could be banned in the United States. FALL OF TITLE HTC "It's not the worst case for HTC since it was recognized that they did not infringe on eight patents, however, said Michael On, Taiwanese investor, quoted by Bloomberg.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Twitter app for people with disabilities a "chirping" with a breath

 It's called "Bird Breath", the breath of the bird, and is currently only an application for iPad, created by Techfirm, Japanese developer, which also allows the handicapped to use Twitter. The importance of social networks is that even for those who can not use a keyboard, and Breath Bird in particular is dedicated to those who can not use your fingers and has difficulty speaking.

And to use just a breath. How it works. At launch, Breath Bird shows on the left side of Twitter updates, and the right side its interface all its own. When you want to send a message, using an illuminated keyboard on the right side of the screen. The rows of letters on the keyboard are highlighted in an automatic cycle, and the idea of Breath Bird is all about: to write is enough to blow the iPad when the keyboard lights on the string of letters that contains what you need.

The processor of the iPhone 5 ready for production

The legal battle that pits Apple and Samsung could soon have the first consequences beyond the courts and patent disputes. According to the Taiwanese factory CNET TSMC will be chosen to make the processor A6, which will form the core of the next iPhone 5 and a future iPhone 3. This new unit would have four processing cores.

The Pentagon goes on the offensive on Internet

The Pentagon is preparing for a militarization of cyberspace. After several attacks on their networks and subcontractors working for him, the Department of Defense has decided to make official a new cyber defense strategy, which provides Internet range of possible battlefield, as it is land, sea and air.

Cyber Command, created in May 2010, will assume the management of military resources intended to safeguard the security of U.S. networks.

Reda, the good hackers '' that violated Facebook

All your data on Facebook are not safe: to steal, to do good, we thought Agatha, a program created by a young Moroccan - Cherqaoui Reda, 22, a security expert - who was able to identify a flaw in the social networks created by Mark Zuckerberg. Agatha would have full access to the data of more than 80 thousand Facebook users, without the need to discover your username and password.

Reda is a genius of science: just out of high school and enrolled at the faculty of computer science at the University of Casablanca, has created a society that takes care of websites and online security. And over the years has identified problems in sites such as eBay and Hotmail. Today he lives and works in Paris.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

iPad competition: Amazon Android tablet will come in October

Now there is obviously a date: The delivery retailer Amazon is preparing to launch its own Android Tablets for the fall. Amazon is pushing for the tablet market. The rumor mill tells of this attack for some time, CEO Jeff Bezos himself had hinted several times - now says the usually well-informed "Wall Street Journal" from a start in the fall.

Video Games: traditional publishers attracted by social networks

Video games on social networks are attracting more and more 'traditional' publishers. The world number two industry, the American Electronic Arts (EA), has acquired the game publisher PopCap. EA will pay approximately $ 650 million in cash and $ 100 million in securities for the designer of puzzle game Bejeweled or Zuma and the strategy of plants against Zombies.

Windows 8 will run easily on existing PC

The news on the new operating system from Microsoft, are becoming more numerous and of rumors and denials, occasionally get some news from Microsoft that this time is felt by Tami Reller, corporate vice president of the Windows division, about the minimum New Windows 8.

Spotify entering the United States

Spotify has achieved its goal. Enter the United States. Swedish music service has spent months negotiating with record labels launch in that country. Finally he did it. This evening will give details of the premiere, but the American media that Spotify will anticipate and invitations to enter their U.S. site today and the full opening will occur soon. The service model will follow the already offered in other countries, including Spain. A free advertising and limited hearing and a payment, monthly subscription fees of five and ten dollars depending on the services you want.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New hacker attack against the Pentagon by Anonymous

Another coup for the group of hackers Anonymous, who published Monday a list of email addresses and passwords that its "hackers" say they have looted from the network of Booz Allen Hamilton, a firm that advises such the U.S. Department of Defense. Anonymous said it had posted more than 90,000 addresses stolen from a Booz Allen Hamilton unprotected server.

"Anonymous says he removed four gigabytes of source code, revealing information that could help them attack the U.S. government and its contractors," said the security firm Sophos on his blog, saying that the real victim of this intrusion was "the U.S. government." Booz Allen Hamilton confirmed Tuesday afternoon to have suffered an "unlawful attacks against its computer system." "We are conducting a comprehensive review of the nature and extent of the attack.

WikiLeaks: Brussels complaint against Visa and MasterCard

The Icelandic company that collects money for the site Wikileaks has sent a complaint to the European Commission against the credit card giants Visa and MasterCard for blocking since the end of 2010 donations to the site, his lawyer said to Agence France-Presse , Wednesday, July 13. "The complaint was sent (by mail) and will be filed Thursday," said Svein Sveinsson Andri, a lawyer at the Supreme Court of Iceland which represents the company DataCell WikiLeaks and in this case.

The Xbox 360 will also run on Windows 8?

The news is doing the rounds of the network quickly, the site Insideris explains that Microsoft could make compatible the new Windows operating system 8, with their Xbox 360 games through a subscription to Windows Live Marketplace.

Electronic Arts buys PopCap Games

The video game publisher Electronic Arts (EA) announced  Tuesday, July 12, an agreement to buy PopCap Games, a specialist games on mobile devices and social networks. The acquisition, which may range from 750 million to $ 1.3 billion, should be completed in August. EA will pay approximately $ 650 million in cash and $ 100 million in securities for the designer of Bejeweled and plants against Zombies.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cisco would consider removing 10,000 jobs

The U.S. telecoms equipment supplier Cisco is about to eliminate 10,000 jobs or 14% of its workforce, Bloomberg announced, Tuesday, July 12, citing two anonymous sources. According to Bloomberg, 7,000 jobs could be lost in the month of August 3000 more job cuts would correspond to early retirement. In May, the group announced quarterly results that have troubled analysts and investors.

A $ 1.81 billion, fourth quarter net income of the group is falling by almost 18% over one year for the second consecutive quarter. Sales, up from 4.8% to 10.87 billion dollars, is itself just as expected. In April, Cisco also announced the closure of small Flip video camera, purchased two years earlier, resulting in the elimination of 550 positions.

Twitter has over a million applications

A year ago, was only 150,000, as reported by the company blog. Every half second register an application for this ecosystem of short messages. The blog reports that since December, investors have invested more than $ 500 million in companies that are dedicated to developing applications for Twitter and more than a thousand millonesse been spent on the purchase of companies related to their ecosystem.

Patents: Apple files suit against HTC

The war continues patents in the field of mobile devices. Apple has a complaint against the Taiwanese manufacturer of smartphones and HTC touch pads. This is the second time the U.S. firm files suit against HTC. Apple believes that the Taiwanese group violates five of its patents in areas as diverse as the user interface or motion sensors, the document details of the complaint, dated July 8, with the Board of U.S. Trade, based in Washington.

Anonymous hacks 90,000 emails from the U.S. Defense

Anonymous continues its activity. This time has revealed the contents poured into The Pirate Bay. These are data from the U.S. company Booz Allen by the Department of Defense U.S. government. Anonymous, as has been reported, has had access to 90,000 military emails, passwords and a 50 MB database.

The original announcement also says that the hackers group found 4 gigabytes of source code in SVN repository. The group justifies its action because Booz Allen participated in the same auction of government contracts that HBGary. According to the group in concursoha been corruption among officials of the company and the government, warrantless wiretapping and surveillance projects questionable.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Nintendo refuses to enter in mobile telephone

Smart phones have become a gaming platform, but not all companies are betting on them. The launch of an application of Pokémon for Apple and Android phones this month had warmed rumors about a change in strategy by Nintendo. But the company, through Bloomberg, has denied that anything will change in their business plans.

The case is because Nintendo Pokémon only has 32% ownership of the company that operates commercially and, therefore, does not own entirely on decisions made. But the rest of games owned by Nintendo remain without leaving their desks. Nintendo, which recently launched its 3D notebook, book your catalog to their consoles, says a company spokesman.

Android is a robot

Not exactly an essential technology but provides entertainment to its owner. This is a small robot (video), the shape of the mascot of Android, which can be controlled via Bluetooth with a phone or tablet equipped with this system. What makes PhonyBotz and leave in October. The little robot can change the color of your eyes, be rotated at the top and scroll.

These movements are contributing information to the owner. You can greet the same, note that the battery needs charging mobile, the arrival of an SMS message or the modification of certain parameters on the social network of its owner. Has a range of four hours and 48 in standby operation.

LinkedIn is now number two social networks in the U.S.

The social network LinkedIn, for industrial relations, in June has risen to second place in the sector in the U.S., behind MySpace but ahead of Facebook, according to a ComScore study, published Friday, July 8. In June, LinkedIn has recorded 33.9 million unique visitors. Professional Network is certainly far behind Facebook, but it passes MySpace, with 33.5 million visitors .

The site group purchasing Living Social prepare an IPO

Social Living website, which offers as its competitor Groupon coupons from local merchants to users, is preparing an IPO that could value the 10 to 15 billion, say, Friday, July 8, several U.S. media. According to CNBC, "the Washington-based company is planning an IPO that could be about a billion dollars (706 million), and think its implied valuation is 10 to 15 billion [7 , 06 to 10.6 billion euros].

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Spotify arrives in the U.S. and challenge Apple and Google

Spotify, "the coolest music service still can not use" (the second definition inspired the Wired article), is about to land in the United States. And while all the big names in the market trying to square the circle between music and 'cloud', this announcement is certainly not a novelty of little consequence.

Think for a moment: 13 million songs available instantly without having to download, available everywhere. It 'a service that simply does not offer any. And let's face now, in Italy is not yet available. Although in other European countries where you can use (like the United Kingdom, France, Spain, and Sweden - where he was born) was a huge success.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Google "fully cooperate" with the U.S. antitrust authorities

The Deputy Executive Director of Google, Eric Schmidt, said Thursday that the company "fully cooperate" with the U.S. antitrust authorities, at a conference on new technologies in Idaho. Google is under investigation by the Federal Trade Commission and another investigation of the U.S. Senate Committee on abuse of dominance, which has repeatedly complained about the lack of cooperation of the search engine.

If you download movies and music you can not surf the web

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), the association of media companies in which militate so much as the Hollywood majors record labels, has achieved a significant victory: in case of illegal downloading of movies, music and television shows, the responsibility will fall Provider and consequently on its customers.

YouTube changes its look

Google changes the YouTube interface. Clearly, you love to watch and share videos. While you're watching your favorite videos or new, YouTube is haunted day and night on how the videos are presented. Our team is constantly experimenting with new ways to make your experience is exactly what you're looking for.
The new design is called Cosmic Panda and is in testing phase. The user can choose to try or continue with the usual interface. The main change is a dark area at the top which presents the video. At the bottom right of this window is a series of small rectangles that allow the surfer to choose the size of the viewing screen.

Nuoivi trouble for Aruba Another blackout servers

Aruba., the main Italian provider, which provides connectivity to dozens of companies and individuals, is down again. For about an hour its servers do not show signs of life. This means that an unknown number of websites that exploit their resources are not currently accessible.

Twitter comments, ironic or alarmed, are wasted. But no one knows exactly what's going on. The "webfarm" founded in Florence in 1994, had already had major problems last April 29, when in his home in Arezzo was a fire. The incident was the basis of one of the most serious blackouts regarding the Italian web.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Google ejects 11 million sites. their bsquedas by spam

Google does not offer search results that lead to sites under the subdomain. because it believes that most of them are used to spread spam (unsolicited bulk email). As Google explains an official of a corporate blog, the company provides shelter domain owner free or low cost that is used for sending spam.

In the second half of last year, phishing attacks detected 4963 (post misleading) from this domain, which is almost twice that detected in any other domain. This subdomain is offered by a Korean company. The said company has 11,383,736 domains registered and more than five and a half million active accounts.

Anonymous strikes 20 Italian universities

After complaints arrived for some people connected to a cell Anonymous hackers, get revenge by LulzStorm a nova Anonymous rib 20 that hit Italian Univerity, accounts by stealing and publishing them on the net. The news was spread via Twitter, which also contains a link to the package containing the accounts and where you see "Universities are the starter.

This is just the beginning. Solidarity with our brothers reported!"

Most serious hacker attack to the Italian universities

 - The news was given directly to an account on Twitter, LulzStorm, just created: the data of students and professors from various Italian universities are available to all. An avalanche of sensitive data stolen from 18 universities including There are also those of Bologna, Siena, Cagliari, Bari, Pavia, Rome, Turin, Naples, Foggia.

Facebook integrates the functionality of Skype

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, confirmed Wednesday, July 6 System Integration of telephone and video conferencing directly from Skype in its social network. "We use the best technology on the best social," said Mr Zuckerberg. Skype, which claims more than 700 million users, was acquired May 10 by Microsoft for $ 8.5 billion.

Microsoft also has a little less than 2% of Facebook. Facebook users need to install an add-on application within the social network in order to make video calls. Mark Zuckerberg also announced the creation of cats for groups, and a graphic redesign of its service. The functionality is far from new - MSN and Google have long proposed to discuss in video conferencing - but setting it up for 750 million Facebook users is an important development.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Google suspends the "real time" search engine

Google announced Tuesday JULY 5, he had temporarily disabled the "real time" of its search engine, due to the expiration of a contract which bound him for almost two years of Twitter services. "Since October 2009, we had a deal with Twitter to include their news in our search results through a special feed, and this agreement expired on July 2," said a spokesman in a statement.

Copyright Complaints: YouTube Lady Gaga resumes

That was fast: The official YouTube channel of Lady Gaga is available again. YouTube had disabled the video range of international stars before, a company had complained of copyright infringement. Now the French company called a misunderstanding. Lady Gaga must show the world again on YouTube videos.

On Wednesday morning, appeared on the official YouTube page, Lady Gaga, only the following error message: "The YouTube account was terminated ladygagaofficial, because we have received from third parties more notifications of copyright infringement." As the complainant, the French production company led Air Production.

Copyright Complaints: YouTube channel locks Lady Gaga

On the YouTube page of Lady Gaga seems only the following error message: "The YouTube account was terminated ladygagaofficial, because we have received from third parties more notifications of copyright infringement." As the complainant is "Air Production" cited. So far it is unclear who is behind this name.

Observers speculate that it could at Air Production be a television production company that had produced a show with a performance Lady Gaga. Even when you click on music videos that are embedded on the official website of Lady Gaga, displays a similar error. In one of the live video linked there appears to be the complainant company "Media Interactive Inc." - Which pointed to this YouTube video channel, is not recognizable.

Google "global" strategy to force Google +

A week after the launch of the Google social network +, the giant search engine has launched several initiatives to impose its service. Google wants to make the first Google + public profiles, reports the specialized site Search Engine Land, Tuesday, July 5. As of July 31, the user can no longer keep his Google private profile, now fully integrated with Google +, and will reveal at least the name and first name.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

AMD unveils T-Brazos platform tablet of 2012

Google's real-time search is no longer available

Google Real Time Search is the  offline - perhaps because the company has with its new network Google + other plans. What is happening with Google's real-time search with the latest news from some twenty social media, especially Twitter could be searched? Since the weekend visitors will see only a 404 error message: This page does not exist.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Microsoft collaborates with Chinese search engine Baidu

The major Chinese search engine, Baidu, has reached an agreement with Microsoft to provide search for English to Chinese Internet users from its own service, according to The New York Times. Baidu has reinforced its leadership in the local market after Google abandoned him after a conflict in fact motivated by censorship and insecurity.

Google opened a Chinese version of its search engine in Hong Kong where Chinese can come as the domestic version of the same is subject to censorship by the authorities. The agreement with Microsoft will also benefit your search engine visibility Bing in that country. The agreement, according to local analysts, the more difficult the business of Google search engine in China.

Hacked Twitter account a Fox News announces the death of Obama

Twitter channel by Fox News devoted to politics, @ foxnewspolitics, was hacked, this Monday, July 4, Indipendent Day. For two hours, this account owned by conservative Rupert Murdoch tv  channel announced the death of President Barack Obama. "President Barack Obama was assassinated, two bullet wounds have prevailed. July 4th is a sad for America," announces one of the messages. Other tweets announcing that the president was shot by an unknown gunman in a restaurant in Iowa. Piracy has not been claimed.

Mac OS X Lion in the hands of developers

Facebook integrate a VCR with Skype service

Mark Zuckerberg, the boss of Facebook, has promised that this week will make an important announcement without disclosing what it is. Techcrunch bet it will be to integrate a Skype video call service. Skype is now owned by Microsoft, which in turn has 1.6% of the social network. This agreement would facilitate the operation to respond to the proposal of a new social network launched by Google last week and said in his news service through video conversation.

Sony PlayStation 4: technology similar to Kinect and output in 2012

'Hacker' assault to Apple

Apple is the new target of attacks by Anti-Sec campaign launched by Anonymous and the dissolved group Lulzsec. Anonymous has warned in a message to Twitter and published the 26 user passwords hosted on a server that have accessed. This action comes just days after a group YGN Ethical Hacker Group, informed of the weaknesses identified in the Apple Developer site.

The group, which gave information on June 25 warned that he would publish the data if Apple did not respond... A similar warning a few weeks ago gave him to Java site. Oracle responded by thanking the warning.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

"Google plus" convincing and challenge Facebook

There is no confirmation about that, but you can bet that at this time Mark Zuckerberg is very worried his dream of world domination is in front on social networks, all of a sudden, a fierce competitor, and now also the target a triumph in the bag for Facebook, it could fail miserably. Google, the search engine giant, after various tests - with disappointing results - on the road of the Web "social" is really serious.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Malware TDL4: criminals brushes army of zombie computers to

Trojan Downloader 3, TDL3 short, is one of the most notorious malware on the Web. The computer software attacks, bypass security barriers, removes competing malware and can be remotely controlled remotely via an encrypted commands. In this way can be called without the knowledge of computer owners construct botnets - armies of giant computers that will be used to send spam or for the infamous DDoS attacks on other servers.

New graphics for Gmail and Calendar

With the arrival of Google + (Plus), Google started to renew the graphics of its services, as you may have noticed the new theme has appeared in these dark days on the search engine, now taking shape ta for other services like Gmail and Calendar.

An Anonymous group creates its own 'wikileaks' to receive leaks

A group linked to Anonymous, Peoples Liberation Front, has launched two websites dedicated to collecting leaking of documents for publication. Modeled Wikileaks aims to localleaks information on the local and the collective hackerleaks hacker calls to provide information to the site the spoils of their raids.

According explain localleaks, the project began to take shape in January this year and talks between Peoples Liberation working together n the defense of Wikileaks. The site admits the direct inspiration of Wikileaks model and ensure that their priority is to collect sensitive information coming from local governments or officials themselves "safe and anonymous."

AMD Opteron Bulldozer, you can act on the TDP bios

AMD has revealed a new and important function called TDP Power Cap, which will be present on the Bulldozer CPU Opteron server, based on the architecture Valencia (8 cores) and Interlagos (16 cores), which will allow the bios to change the maximum TDP "thermal design power".

Apple, RIM and Microsoft seized patents by Nortel

Apple, Research in Motion (BlackBerry) and Microsoft are part of a consortium of six companies, with EMC Corp., Ericsson and Sony, which got their hands on the latest patents of the telecoms equipment maker Nortel. The acquisition represents $ 4.5 billion, after an auction that has ruled Google and Intel.

Telecommunications giant to the Internet bubble burst, Nortel filed for bankruptcy in January 2009 and has since liquidated most of its assets, raising about $ 3.2 billion. Nortel has just sold his latest portfolio of more than 6000 patents and patent applications related to Internet and wireless technologies, the most popular on the Internet technology mobile broadband which feature the latest models of smartphones 4G.

HP launches Tablet TouchPad with its own operating system

HP has launched its tablet U.S. equipped TouchPad WebO2 operating system, resulting from the purchase last year of Palm. An operating system that you plan to use in other devices manufacturer and license to third parties. In Spain "will come along this year," the company said. The tablet features multi-touch screen 9.7-inch capacitive keyboard.

Unlike the iPhone is compatible with Flash. For now, the app store offers about 300 degrees but can go to the applications for the mobile WebOS with a catalog of 7,000 titles. Equipped with a dual-core processor 1.2 GHz Qualcomm, weighs 726 grams, 20% more than the iPhone though its battery which provides longer life.

Microsoft releases the first service pack for Office 2010

After the launch of Office 360 Microsoft has released the first service pack for Office 2010, which goes to fix many bugs and adds something new especially in PowerPoint 2010, Outlook 2010 and OneNote 2010.