Wednesday, July 13, 2011

WikiLeaks: Brussels complaint against Visa and MasterCard

The Icelandic company that collects money for the site Wikileaks has sent a complaint to the European Commission against the credit card giants Visa and MasterCard for blocking since the end of 2010 donations to the site, his lawyer said to Agence France-Presse , Wednesday, July 13. "The complaint was sent (by mail) and will be filed Thursday," said Svein Sveinsson Andri, a lawyer at the Supreme Court of Iceland which represents the company DataCell WikiLeaks and in this case.

Visa Europe and MasterCard Europe are charged with five violations of European competition rules, including "abuse of dominance" and "discrimination of customers," the text of the complaint of 17 pages sent to the European authorities, including the has obtained a copy. GEL TRANSFER END 2010 In December 2010, the two companies had obtained a freeze on transfers via Wikileaks DataCell, adversely affecting the site specializes in the publication of secret documents of almost 130,000 euros in donations daily, according to Mr. Sveinsson. The decision to Visa and MasterCard, imitated by others as the payment system PayPal on the Internet, was taken during the media storm that followed the revelation by Wikileaks U.S. diplomatic telegrams confidential. "These credit card companies can not act as they see fit, because of their huge market share.

The rule of 'I do business with who I want' is not for them because if they refuse to work with someone, they eliminate the market, "argued the lawyer at the, noting Visa and MasterCard control between them 95% of payment cards in the European Union. In addition, Wikileaks is not illegal and is "a medium like any other," he pleaded.

"I'm always optimistic, especially when our cause is just, and our cause is just, "said Mr. Sveinsson. Under European Community law, a company that has violated the competition rules can be fined up to 10% its turnover. Two additional complaints should follow in September before the courts in Denmark and Iceland, one of which aims in particular to obtain reparations for the tens of millions of euros which WikiLeaks DataCell and feel they have been deprived, according to Me Sveinsson.

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