Thursday, March 3, 2011

Apple iPad comes with the base 2 with a new

With the launch of the iPad is hot 2, Apple has introduced some new accessories together, attached to this new generation, like the Smart Cover colorist, a very practical case (and with a curious similarity). But it has also launched a new support, a very minimal base and designed exclusively for the Apple tablet.

This is the base iPad 2 Dock, very discreet and designed to work comfortably with the new iPad. It is actually a renewal of the previous model, as it also has a port for connecting to sync and charge with the team and an audio output for connecting speakers (on acquisition of an optional audio cable, thanks Jobs).

Orange would have coined his presence in Tunisia with the clan Ben Ali

According to information supplied by Thursday, March 3 Owni information website, phone operator Orange has "coined its presence" in Tunisia, including the allocation of the country's third 3G license, with the son of the former -Tunisian President Ben Ali, Marwan Mabrouk. Thursday morning, when asked about rumors of such practices group in Tunisia, the CEO of France Telecom, St├ęphane Richard, denied any "corruption" in the microwave for France Inter.

"Anonymous" blocks the site Finmeccanica "They are suppliers of arms to Libya"

Anonymous, the group pro-hacker Wikileaks, launched at 21.15 a cyber attack against the site of Finmeccanica, to protest "against the supply of arms to Libya" and "hypocritical condemnation of Gaddafi by Berlusconi," it said in a statement from the network. The site is unreachable Finmeccanica, Italian and in its extension, both in the international one.

Technology, a fertile field of work

Various studies put the computer and the technology industry as one of the fields with better employment projections for the years ahead we must also take advantage of the Spanish. Among the various figures used is speculated that by 2016 the demand for network and data analysts to grow 53% of software engineers by 38%, systems analysts by 29% and network administrators and systems in a 27%.

Extends the range Olympus SZ

Olympus has introduced two new digital cameras for the SZ series, this is the SZ30MR and SZ20, both cameras with Full HD video recording. The new SZ30MR presents a special feature, we can take photos while recording video, plus you can record two videos simultaneously, with one angular and one in the foreground.

The camera has a resolution of 16 megapixels and 24x optical zoom. As the design is very compact and comfortable, plus it has a 3-inch LCD display, dual-core processor TruePic III +, 3D backlight sensor and recording. The SZ20 has very similar technology, the most notable difference is the zoom of 12.5x.

AD02 ZBOX Zotac AMD Fusion arrives in Spain

We saw in the presentation and view its features were already looking forward to it around here. Zotac ZBOX The AD02 is the model chosen to bring the AMD Fusion to ZBOX Spain. There will be two models which will Zotac Spain, a mounting medium and one is ready to begin work. The first one includes the APUAMD E-350, dual core 1.6 GHz and the GPUAMD 6310, which have all Fusion today.

Also accompanied by two slots for DDR3 memory and hollow to house a 2.5-inch hard disk, everything in your box (the one you have above) of minimum size. For its part, the Zotac ZBOX AD02 Plus becomes the same model as above but including 2 GB of RAM and a 250 GB hard disk already installed.

The BlackBerry playbook knock on the door

The news has been overshadowed by the launch of the second generation of IPAD, Apple tablet, but it is one of the products have generated more excitement. According to rumors circulating on the web new BlackBerry playbook could reach stores next April. Playbook is powered by a dual-core Cortex A9 1 GHz, 1 GB of RAM, 7 inch screen with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels and features the QNX system technology from RIM.

Sony talks about NVG Cards, support NGP games

Yesterday was again shown in the future society handheld console Sony, by now called NGP, he did at the Game Developers Conference. In this presentation gave developers face some details about the storage format of the games. It was a detail that was well above ready highlighted in the presentation of the device, and many were curious how it would be implemented.

We know the answer in the NVG Cards (tentative title), so the game will arrive in hardware. Fortunately it comes to Flash memory, which is that UMD, the PSP's optical media is a waste of energy and load times that a device at the end of 2011 will not be allowed. What we have made clear is that this is a proprietary design, we did not expect anything else from Sony.

The new iPad 2 to the test now is a real computer

LONDON - To see them together there are differences in appearance, but just down a little 'look to distinguish all the details that separate the new iPad from the previous generation. But these items are made to be touched and handled, and here the generation gap is even more evident. The new iPad is considerably thinner than the "old" and is a difference that can be appreciated handling it for a few minutes.

Aerocool unveils new products for the gaming

Aerocool is a leading global brand leader in the development and production of systems and peripherals for PC gaming at CeBIT and presented new solutions for gaming and the new chassis Vs-4, 6th Element and XPREDATOR. Aerocool he has accomplished in 2009 product family PGS (Performance Gaming System) by dividing your PC chassis in five categories, distinguishing them both colors for the logo.

Blog - The revival of independent game (2 / 2)

Comparison of tablets of 10 inches, find the differences

With the new iPad 2 and on the desk, it's time to face to face quartet tablets of 10-inch dual-core called to share much of the percentage of sales this year 2011. Unlike last year passed in 2011 we will have a choice between a number of models very similar features and advanced operating systems. Everyone starts the road less Apple and Samsung.

The first submitted the iPad 2 as the tablet that he had left last year with two important nuances: it no longer makes a difference not surprised with the design or specifications, and the difference between your operating system and the other is not determinant. Only the application ecosystem gives advantage now.

Should I buy the iPad 2? By Martin Vidberg

Apple on Wednesday introduced the second version of the iPad. A more powerful device, equipped with two cameras but not "revolutionary" against alternatives proposed this year by other manufacturers.

Olympus SZ-30MR and SZ-20, extending the recent series with Full HD SZ

Olympus launches himself to the compact to expand its fledgling long zum SZ series with two new models. This is the Olympus SZ20 SZ30MR and incorporate the main feature video recording in Full HD and some other interesting development. Is the case SZ30MR with a powerful lens of 24 increases and the interest provision of recording video at 1080p and also take 16 megapixel photos (which proclaims itself the first Olympus camera to have it), which is the resolution of sensor incorporates backlit.

Julian Assange appealed his extradition to Sweden

Julian Assange, co-founded Wikileaks, has appealed the decision of the British courts to extradite him to Sweden, where he is suspected of rape and sexual assault. After three days of hearings and several weeks of deliberation, a London court had sided with the Swedish court, which demanded the extradition of Mr.

Assange. The co-founder of Wikileaks, under house arrest in Britain, objected to his extradition and announced he would appeal the British decision, holding that the conditions of a fair trial were not met, and that Sweden was acting under pressure from the United States. Wikileaks has angered U.S.

Sony MDR-and MDR-ZX700 Z1000, look similar but are not

While Surf capeamos iPad 2 trying not to speak of tablets for a few hours, we look to the past event and tell Sony new high-end headphones from the company, the ZX series, consisting of striking MDR-Z1000 , professional quality, and the ZX700, ZX500, ZX300, and Zx100, with sound quality, but recorded at a level of domestic benefits.

The truth is that it is unnecessarily cruel to put together at one table to sound Sony MDR-Z1000 with Sony MDR-ZX700. Although identical in size and shape, are the first professional DJ headphones that cost a whopping $ 500, while the latter are good helmets household $ 100. The finishes and suspicion that have nothing to do.

A compute for disabilities

Tobii, a Swedish technology company dedicated to improving the conditions of the disabled, presented at CeBIT with Lenovo, the Chinese manufacturer that acquired the PC division of IBM, a computer embedded in a 15-inch screen is controlled look. Have an operating system adapted to be controlled entirely with their eyes.

After a few seconds early to gauge the position of the user's eyes, there is an environment of large icons. The clicking is controlled staring. You can double-click a double flash. It is actually created an interface for this device that works on Windows 7 (though the user does not perceive).

The City of Beijing wants to monitor its citizens via their mobile

Officially, he is an initiative to address the traffic problems. Named "Platform Information on the movements of citizens," a project of the Municipality of Beijing plans to monitor signals from the 17 million mobile phones in the capital to determine in real time travel in the city. The data collected will both inform citizens real-time traffic conditions, but also to optimize the network of public transport and road, "says Hall.

Gaikaidi gaming

Dave Perry one of the most famous game developers, wrote on his blog that the service's cloud Gaikai gaming is now available for public beta testing, this service is live in 12 countries, excluding Italy, through 24 data centers and allows to play demo versions of games. The service requires no special plug-in from Flash and Java, and can also benefit those who do not have a PC powerful, in fact Gaikai works by rendering the game screens remotely and then send a streaming video to clients of the players, some who has a more powerful video card will certainly better effects, but the fact remains that anyone can try out games that might not otherwise try.

First contact with iPad 2

Is only 11 months old, but my iPad has become old. The apparatus with which Apple wants to redefine "the post-PC" and has no substitute. His name is pretty easy, iPad 2. A simple view is the same as his older brother, but is now also in white. When holding hands does not appear that is 33% thinner. Now measures 8.8 millimeters in profile against the 13.4 mm of its predecessor.

Neither has been seen that done a sylph with its approximately 590 grams, 600 grams less than the last. However, as is placed face to face with the original iPad, the differences are obvious. As the rate note which gives its new processor, A5, as the first application is opened at random.

Samsung S II Galaxy Nvidia Tegra 2, confirmed

In mid-February I overtook the news, a variant of S II Samsung Galaxy Nvidia Tegra 2, instead of Exynos developed by Samsung itself, is underway. Today we have confirmation of its existence, to end any speculation about the alternative model, but we opened a second question that we found troubling and the Nexus S and Super AMOLED screen, what regions will Tegra Nvidia version 2? .

We are unable to assess which alternative is best, in fact or subject specialists as Anandtech, which brought to light the news last month, they could. But either way, as a customer I would like my market gets the most interesting option, which a priori consider the Samsung Exynos 4210, which is the model originally designed.

Mobile: Orange Free gives national coverage

Orange and Iliad, the parent of Free (whose leader, Xavier Niel is a group of shareholders Tech News Buzz) signed an agreement Wednesday, March 2 roaming in mobile networks on its second and third generation (2G and 3G). The signing of this agreement is deemed crucial for the start of Free Mobile, enabling it to provide for its future customers access to the network throughout the territory as soon as they covered the quarter with its own antennas.

Phones and tablets again reign in our Supergadgets February 2011

Getting back to our Supergadgets, this time in February 2011, a month short of full days, but new, especially in regard to mobile devices, after the Mobile World Congress with more news that I remember. It is difficult to choose the best devices exhibited during the month, but if I stay we are strict with three: the Samsung S Galaxy II was the feeling in regard to mobile phones entering the market for tablets, I'd HP TouchPad, but with many doubts about the fierce competition.

Steve Jobs unveils the new iPad

The Apple boss Steve Jobs is out of his sick leave, Wednesday, March 2, to present the new version of the iPad tablet computer. "It's been quite some time that we are working on this product, and I did not miss a fantastic day," Mr. Jobs said at a conference in San Francisco. With the approach of this presentation, speculation about the presence of Steve Jobs had almost eclipsed the rumors about the new iPad.

iPad 2: Steve Jobs takes surprising at Apple event on

He has a flair for the big show: Steve Jobs is a surprise at the presentation of the new iPad 2 occurred - the audience celebrated him with standing ovations. Watch what happens in the live ticker. He makes himself out Steve Jobs iPad through the presentation of the new. Lastly, there had been rumors about the health of the company president.

When he enters by two minutes nach zehn clock (local time) the stage, it pulls the audience applauding from the seats. "We have some time to work on this product and I would not miss this moment of simple," says Jobs. But first a little review: "2010 was the year of the iPad," says Jobs, and list them: 15 million units were sold in the first year, Apple holds 90 percent market share for tablet computers.