Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Take Janus, another powerful smartphone

Lately we have seen how the tablets gradually gain power, technology gadgets is becoming higher. Now is the time for smartphones and we have the second mobile processor 1.5 GHz dual core. This is the new Janus Take, mobile developed by the Korean manufacturer to be sold exclusively at its borders. Yet many still have the hope that these sexy asian transcend borders.

As for the technical characteristics of Take Janus we find a high quality phone. Starting with the basics we need the phone comes equipped with an excellent dual-core processor 1.5 GHz, one of the most powerful mobile market, also has 16 GB of storage and has Android operating system 2.3.3.

Nintendo Wii focuses on the new tablet arrives in 2012

LOS ANGELES - An iPad for gaming? Maybe not, but something that tries to oppose the advance of Apple in an industry increasingly dominated by other names. PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo of course. Historically, the most innovative company in the industry, and even then "Nintendo day" Electronic Entertainment Expo, the goal was hit.

Undeniable, however, that the surprise was equal to the disappointment: we expected to see the new Wii 2 that it only arrived in 2012. But in the meantime, Nintendo showed the new, advanced console's controller that will be: a real tablet with 6-inch touchscreen, sensors, webcams and microphones.

IPad and social media app to turn Italy

These first days of June did not give a memorable time, at least for the center-north: I am so dedicated to surf any website that I had "scored" some time ago and then, for one reason or another was done in oblivion. A big mistake because they are two Italian initiatives truly noteworthy, and bear witness once again the desire for innovation from the bottom up.

The first example, I did not know, but follow very closely is "cultural movements - archives, libraries and museums in the Lazio region (and beyond). Activities and projects of innovation. " A social network that uses the Ning platform, where you can create your own profile, write posts and invite friends.

Still problems to Skype connections collapsed for two hours

Just over two weeks and here we go again: Skype has once again gone down, collapsed. Unlike last dellavolta however, the fault has not denied access to their account, has "charmed" the program on "connecting", sometimes allowing the start and then immediately undergo a "crash" (fall). Result: people around the world have not been able to use VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) to call - and write in chat - through the network from late morning to afternoon.

Sina.com launches English version of its micromessagerie

The biggest Web portal in China, Sina. com, will launch an English version of its popular website micromessagerie, announced a spokesman of the company town, Tuesday, June 7, the Dow Jones. Micromessages sites are particularly popular with over 450 million Chinese Internet users to communicate and disseminate information in a country where the press is tightly controlled by the state.

Weibo Sina, Sina. com, is the leading Chinese equivalent of Twitter, which is censored in China. According to an official of Sina, he had the end of April more than 140 million registered users and plans to greatly exceed 200 million by the end of the year. This announcement comes just weeks after the IPO on Wall Street, RenRen, Chinese clone of Facebook, in an operation at 743.4 million dollars (498.26 million euros).

"Duke Nukem", the resurrection of a video game myth

The developers of the game Duke Nukem had announced a new episode of the series ... since 1997. But Duke Nukem Forever is finally released that June 10, 2011, on PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Regularly described as "vaporware of the year" ("game ghost") by the magazine Wired, this shooter and action is one of Arles in videogames.

To ward off disaster, the more impatient may even play a demo version of the title, provided you have preordered the game .. Duke Nukem, which features a hero dressed up in sunglasses and a cigar in aftershocks salacious, facing hordes of aliens, is eagerly awaited by her fans. But many problems have permanently undermined the project.

The Hadopi sent 400,000 "recommendations"

In just over eight months, the High Authority for the dissemination of works and the protection of rights on the Internet (Hadopi) sent 400,000 "recommendations" or warnings to Internet users via e-mail, registered letters and 3500, according information of Figaro. Numbers lower than expected - the target of 10 000 emails per day in late June had been announced originally laid - because of cumbersome procedures, says the High Authority.

Skype still crashes "We'll be back online soon"

ROME - From his "feed" Twitter, Skype reassures his people: "We have identified the problem, we should be back online in about an hour." But the mind conjures up a short time ago, when the popular communication service Voip stay still for long. And the network is already there who wonders whether Microsoft, which recently acquired Skype for several million dollars, has done a good deal.

Skype is currently unreachable, you can not access the service from many countries. The fault lasted for several hours, and seems primarily focused on Europe, but failures are reported patchy across the globe. Half a world without a voice. In Italy, Skype does not work for now, as it appears in much of Europe.

E3 2011: available the trailer for Assassin's Creed Revelations

Ubisoft has finally shown the trailer for Assassin's Creed Revelations, is where our Ezio get older but still fit and will face a variety of missions in Constantinople divided into four broad areas called Constantine, Beyazid, Imperial and Galata, with plus the possibility of the visit Cappadocia. As we anticipated in an earlier news "New Revelations about Assassin's Creed" is the news a lot and will surely meet the expectations of fans of the series.

iOS5 here with an official news

Apple is working on the new version of its OS for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, the latest information and images appeared on the network, the new version seems to have many new features, should be a total of 200 features and enhancements, and some of these inspired by the world's Android. Among the new features are iOS5: Notification Center, which is a top bar style "Android" to view and manage alerts, IMessage, a new messaging service that allows you to easily exchange text messages, photos and video between all devices iOS ; Newsstand (newspaper), which allows you to purchase and arrange subscriptions to newspapers and magazines more easily and quickly.

The new portable Sony does not come alone

The presentation of the new Sony handheld console, surrounded by festive air in the facilities of the Olympic Games in Los Angeles, was surrounded by several apologies. First by Jack Tretton, president and CEO of Sony in the U.S. and then Kaz Hirai, the global homónino entertainment division. The constant attack on their online gaming platform marred what he wanted to be a brilliant launch, that of PSVita, "because it means life," said the successor to the PlayStation Portable.

Welcome to Digital in the Middle Ages

It was scheduled for late summer release of the new album from Kaiser Chiefs, the British band sort of Leeds about ten years after the Britpop boom, and yet it is already possible to buy at www. kaiserchiefs. with their fifth album "The Future is Medieval." The band became famous for songs such as Modern Way, Ruby, driven by the singles I Predict a Riot and Everyday I love you less and less, aware of the problem posed by piracy and the fact that in music we are no longer bound formed the so-called "physical" (the disk or CD), devised (although some objects that would have "blown" the idea) a rather unique way to spread their latest work: after hearing snippets of the 20 traces made available, it invites the public to create their own version of the album, you can choose 10 songs, if it decides the order and most are given the opportunity to also designed the cover.

The app that can save the lives of First Aid in version 2.0

See the video presentation, it could be mistaken for a TV series in style ER or Grey's Anatomy. An elderly couple is doing the shopping, when suddenly his heart stops pumping blood to the brain and other vital organs. It is a sudden cardiac arrest, cause of death for 300,000 people a year in the United States.

Not far away is putting in place a committed printers. Your smartphone starts to play and warns that the next shop is a man who is about to die. If you hurry, you can still save him, putting into practice what he learned about CPR. The first change is that it is neither a film nor a series, but an application for smartphone call Fire Department.

The Sony PSVita the footsteps of the iPad

A touch screen, two cameras and wireless connectivity, Wi-Fi or 3G are the main features of the PSVita, the new portable console from Sony by the Japanese group, Monday, June 6, at the E3 video game trade show in Los Angeles. The replacement for the current PSP, sold nearly 7 million copies in Tech Buzz News since its launch in 2004, is a compromise between the traditional console and the smartphone which it borrows the touch screen and the game wireless network.

Life, Xbox PlayStation pocket is controlled by voice

LOS ANGELES - The news comes in the late afternoon, the stage of the Memorial Sports Arena, sports arena south of downtown, situated between the great arteries lined with fast food and old dealers. Kaz Hirai, head of Sony Computer Entertainment and the likely successor to Sir Howard Stringer at the helm of all the Japanese multinational company, took the floor to reveal the price and launch date of the new PlayStation Portable.

Microsoft integrates speech recognition to its game system KINECTS

Already in 2010, Microsoft had expected E3 show in Los Angeles dedicated to video games, KINECTS to unveil its game system without a controller. A year and ten million copies sold later, still in the chamber Gallen Sports Center, normally devoted to basketball, the multinational has presented the new system, which became the spearhead of the American group for conquer the public of casual gamers and hardcore gamers.

Apple placed on the download to counter Google, Amazon and Spotify

In announcing on Monday night, a new music download service, co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, took by surprise most of its competitors, including the online bookseller Amazon or the Google search engine. Speaking at the opening of the Worldwide developpers conference, the big annual meeting of Apple's programmers in San Francisco, Mr.

Jobs has gone against the foot of the current trend of broadcasting music online: where Most companies rely on streaming or streaming, Apple chose to offer a download of a bit special. Once the service is launched in the coming days, the device user of the mark will be offered for download on their terminals all the pieces they have purchased or will purchase on iTunes, Apple's online store.

Apple puts cloud computing at the heart of its aircraft

The giant consumer electronics, Apple said Monday its future operation icloud service, which lets you synchronize documents, information and even music between different devices of the mark. Presented by Steve Jobs, the cofounder of the company at the opening of the Worldwide Developpers Conference, the annual high mass for Apple programmers, the service will include a system including synchronization of music libraries on users.

New Games and Xbox travel companions

The voice has been the main protagonist of the staging of Microsoft during the preview of E3 2011. With the Galen Center to burst and long queues, Xbox showed its potential. The conference, which has been invited this newspaper, has moved around four key points. The first are the big games like Tomb Raider, a classic Sony, RYSE, Gears of Wars, for example, as well as sports Electronis Arts.

Next: entertainment in the lounge for the whole family, come through a partnership with Disney, Sesame Street and Star Wars. Highlight these securities by the use of Kinect, Recognitions service Xbox movement. The third is the web experience with YouTube, Hulu and Bing, searched the house brand.

Stealed 20,000 Internet users from NTECO

The National Institute Comuniación Technologies (INTECO) has reported the theft of their online learning platform of data of 20,000 Internet users, such as names and phone numbers of users that have been published online, as has counted the agency on its website. The Institute is taking, reported by his side  Institute spokesperson, the necessary measures to minimize harm to users of the platform, where the theft was discovered today in the course of actions carried out regularly, in collaboration with security companies and other information centers in response to security incidents.