Tuesday, June 7, 2011

IPad and social media app to turn Italy

These first days of June did not give a memorable time, at least for the center-north: I am so dedicated to surf any website that I had "scored" some time ago and then, for one reason or another was done in oblivion. A big mistake because they are two Italian initiatives truly noteworthy, and bear witness once again the desire for innovation from the bottom up.

The first example, I did not know, but follow very closely is "cultural movements - archives, libraries and museums in the Lazio region (and beyond). Activities and projects of innovation. " A social network that uses the Ning platform, where you can create your own profile, write posts and invite friends.

In addition, we can find videos, photos, discussion groups, but most are reported in the foreground events, many of which are very interesting: it ranges from the eBook and digital publishing initiatives, new scenarios for archives and libraries to the mobile applications museums. This last item is my second message today: You've just bought an iPad? Well, then tested for 4 new app developed by the Umbria region to promote and disseminate the contents of parks, museums and events.

The project is called UmbriaApp: the new container of multimedia information accessible via smartphones and tablets and periodically updated through the web. The app currently made about Umbria Jazz, Museums, Parks and the Spoleto Festival and you can download them here. Do not I wish you all good Umbria!

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