Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Life, Xbox PlayStation pocket is controlled by voice

LOS ANGELES - The news comes in the late afternoon, the stage of the Memorial Sports Arena, sports arena south of downtown, situated between the great arteries lined with fast food and old dealers. Kaz Hirai, head of Sony Computer Entertainment and the likely successor to Sir Howard Stringer at the helm of all the Japanese multinational company, took the floor to reveal the price and launch date of the new PlayStation Portable.

"It will be called PsVita," says well before 6 thousand journalists came from all over the world. "It will be released later this year in two different versions: with wi-fi to 249 €, while for the connection that it has the 3g will € 299. The car, presented in Tokyo in January, is a powerful and capable of handling a video game with graphics similar to that of the home console.

Sony hopes in this way to render mobile content that until now have been the prerogative of the PlayStation 3. With PsVita ended the first day of lectures before the Electronic Entertainment Show (E3), the exhibition dedicated to excellence in electronic games. Now all eyes are on Nintendo, which is finally to show the Wii 2, the true protagonist of this issue.

Kinect arrive on voice commands. During the morning had started Microsoft in Galen Center, a few meters from the Memorial Sports Arena, among thousands of green and white effects. "Technology is changing the way people enjoy," said Don Mattrick, president of the Interactive Entertainment Business of the American multinational, while behind him ran pictures of the most important titles for next season.

Known names, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 in the first place, old acquaintances from the past like Tomb Raider that attempt to regain center stage, the inevitable high-definition sports title like Forza Motorsport 4. A long series of spectacular images, including chrome and explosions.

Overview of those titles are able to collect with confidence in a sector that, like Hollywood, sees few major productions have to concentrate on much of the proceeds. Kinect, the camera system and a microphone connected to the Xbox 360 was released in 2009, which transforms voice and gestures in the system of interaction, a step forward.

For the first time games will be integrated into a high technical level, like the sci-fi 3 Mass Effect, one of the best of E3 2011, offering additional features such as voice recognition (you can play in the dialogues of the characters and give orders during combat) . Or the last Ghost Recon, which will be less than the joypad could fight, browse and edit your war equipment out through gestures and voices.

In Ryse, console version of the HBO television series Rome, will even mimic the heads to kill enemies. "This is the way to 100 000 times the player feel more involved," he assured Peter Molyneux, under the visionary game designer at Microsoft, he also presented a chapter of his epic Kinect, Fable, The Journey.

In closing a short video of Halo 4, a box office hit on the Xbox, which is actually a movie about the end of the third chapter. The game will in any case only in 2013 and we do not know who and how many are working. New web services. The echo of San Francisco, where Apple introduced its new cloud services, strangely did not come here.

The universe of Super Mario and Lara Croft continues to present himself as a distant and separate business focused on its traditional games. The rest of the outline. For example, Microsoft has announced the launch of YouTube and search engine Bing on online service for Xbox Live, with over 20 million users.

All manageable with voice commands. And the arrival of Live TV, a series of television channels available via Sky and Consla as ESPN, but in Italy who knows when and if they arrive. Well, not exactly stunning news of Xbox Live on Sky whereas in some countries is already available and that the smart TV, TV sets connected to the Web, things like that seen for some time.

Electronic Arts and Ubisoft. A few hours after it happened to two major publishers like Electronc Arts and Ubisoft. In 2009 they appeared directors like James Cameron and music giants such as Paul McCartney and Ringo Star to talk about their videogame. This time there was an actor and rapper Ice T for Gears of War 3, among the most successful shooter along with Call of Duty.

Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson have played a brief video message during the show of Ubisoft, the French publisher who is celebrating 25 years of activity and the half-billion gaming products. Recounting a short stretch of games from Tintin, which are both working on the film and praising the games as a medium of the future.

All this for a period of a few minutes. Following the last Assassin's Creed, other evidence of war as the new chapters of Ghost Recon and Far Cry, some game called "casual" Just Dance 3 that as the rage everywhere. Moving on to another stage, that Electronic Arts, the music has not changed much.

Although in this case the digital wars were simply awesome for the degree of realism, we talk about Battlefield 3. The FIFA soccer games to 12 instead are developing further, artificial intelligence, which governs football is smart enough to be able to make mistakes as it happens to players in the flesh.

E 'was also presented a sims for Facebook, social networks, digital entertainment by the majors seem to have discovered only now. "The 2012 will be fantastic," assures John Riccitiello, CEO of EA. In fact, his company, judging from the games that will release next year looks like one of the most fit.

Sony. Returning to the PlayStation and its conference in the afternoon, it fell to Jack Tretton, president of Sony Computer Entertainment America, do the honors. Meanwhile, apologizing for the mess of the PlayStation Network, too long sidelined by a series of attacks. Tretton then went to future projects stressed the beauty of 3D, although many do not want to get to know your goggles to play or watch a movie, and showed the video game family: Uncharted 3, more beautiful and Hollywood Resistance and 3, another war game but a lot less convincing.

For 2012, two new exclusive: Starhawk, which combines in one fell swoop suggestions made by Mad Max and Transformer, Dust and 514, made by the same team that created the mass market gaming Eve Online. Finally Infinite Bioshock, steampunk masterpiece that is a candidate to be the best games shown at E3.

Exploit, at least in the version for Sony platforms, the link between PsVita and PlayStation 3 in a whole new way. We'll see.

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