Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Games and Xbox travel companions

The voice has been the main protagonist of the staging of Microsoft during the preview of E3 2011. With the Galen Center to burst and long queues, Xbox showed its potential. The conference, which has been invited this newspaper, has moved around four key points. The first are the big games like Tomb Raider, a classic Sony, RYSE, Gears of Wars, for example, as well as sports Electronis Arts.

Next: entertainment in the lounge for the whole family, come through a partnership with Disney, Sesame Street and Star Wars. Highlight these securities by the use of Kinect, Recognitions service Xbox movement. The third is the web experience with YouTube, Hulu and Bing, searched the house brand.

The partnership with YouTube can be considered as a historical fact. For the first time Google has a product role within Microsoft. The deepening of the recognition of movement will become a reality. Will play up with your fingers, this is the fourth factor. Chris Lewis, Microsoft vice president for Entertainment believes that these developments will help to lead in Europe.

Microsoft does not have a portable console but with a mobile operating system ready to compete with Android and iPhone. In the screen displays an icon to connect to XBOX live. According to Lewis this union will be stronger with the arrival of Windows 8. The conference ended with a look to the future, with how Microsoft envisions the home entertainment: a combination of extreme gaming, immersive futuristic and educational projects for children in the home.

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