Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Apple placed on the download to counter Google, Amazon and Spotify

In announcing on Monday night, a new music download service, co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, took by surprise most of its competitors, including the online bookseller Amazon or the Google search engine. Speaking at the opening of the Worldwide developpers conference, the big annual meeting of Apple's programmers in San Francisco, Mr.

Jobs has gone against the foot of the current trend of broadcasting music online: where Most companies rely on streaming or streaming, Apple chose to offer a download of a bit special. Once the service is launched in the coming days, the device user of the mark will be offered for download on their terminals all the pieces they have purchased or will purchase on iTunes, Apple's online store.

But above all, for an extra $ 25 per year, U.S. users can analyze their entire disco, and download all their Apple devices of high quality copies of all the songs from other sources - digital discs , competing distributors ... or illegal downloading. SYNCHRONIZING THE TERMINAL By promising to offer its customers "the same benefits to all their songs for securities purchased on iTunes, Apple breaks a taboo: that of a de facto amnesty - and pay - for part of illegal downloading .

To offer this service, Apple has negotiated agreements in recent months, details of which is kept secret with the major record labels. According to information from the New York Times, the agreements with EMI and Warner Bros. could not be reached last week. Google and Amazon, which launched in recent weeks new online music services, have instead chosen not to go through an agreement with record companies.

"Google Music" as the "Cloud Drive" Amazon can not download songs: these platforms streaming. The user launches the music files in its possession, and can then listen to any computer or terminal connected to the Internet. One type of listening that will not be offered by Apple: Steve Jobs, the key to personal computing is now syncing, not broadcast.

"Why, because the terminals have changed. Today, they all read music, photos, videos. If I buy a song on my iPhone, I want to listen on all my other devices. Keep all these objects synchronized us crazy. " Future versions of IOS and Mac OS operating systems for mobile devices and Apple Mac, also presented Monday, will be largely based on the principle of synchronization: in addition to music, all documents, photographs, or user information will be updated almost instantaneously between units of the brand.

A basic principle on which Google also most of its services. "LICENSE GLOBAL PRIVATE" The presentation of Apple intervened just hours after the announcement of streaming music site Deezer is a limitation of the playing time for its use by non-subscribers. With Spotify, which had already established a limit on the number of plays to entice users to subscribe to its pay offer, so they are two of the main broadcasting services streamed music seeming to recede model funding for advertising to prefer one of the subscription.

Decision Deezer has boosted Adami, the company that manages the rights of artists and performers. "Imagine limit listening to the radio a few hours per month. Sales of discs they would find it doped?" worried about the body, in a statement Monday. This strategy will result in the emergence of a global license "private", "controlled by record producers," he thought.

The global license, this financing alternative culture proposing payment of a subscription in exchange for total legalization of the download, would it becoming reality, but because private actors? The model proposed by Apple is not so comprehensive: it does not, in particular, to download new songs, and the service is closely related to the model of Apple closed - without the artists there are necessarily their behalf, says Adami.

Asked about the social network Twitter about the Apple system, Sauzay Benjamin, one of the leaders of the organization, responded with an ironic "we will not show the same statement twice the same day."

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