Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Microsoft integrates speech recognition to its game system KINECTS

Already in 2010, Microsoft had expected E3 show in Los Angeles dedicated to video games, KINECTS to unveil its game system without a controller. A year and ten million copies sold later, still in the chamber Gallen Sports Center, normally devoted to basketball, the multinational has presented the new system, which became the spearhead of the American group for conquer the public of casual gamers and hardcore gamers.

Microsoft has started the ball rolling press conferences of E3 before its competitors Sony and Nintendo, Monday, June 6 A graph show, punctuated by images of the new marquee games on giant screens. The most innovative new features KINECTS for speech recognition. Announced in 2010 but still delayed, this technology will complement the motion recognition, allowing players to switch controller.

It will be possible to interact with the character of a game, participate in dialogues or select objects with just the voice. And this, whether "party games", these family friendly games to take control, or securities more difficult and adults Mass Effect 3 or Ghost Recon. "There is a real demand from the hardcore players to enjoy KINECTS to enjoy gaming experiences deeper," said Cedrick Delmas, head of group marketing at Microsoft France.

Still, the cost of translations of the scripts of games could limit the use of speech recognition. DRIVING WITH HIS VOICE TELE Beyond video games, Microsoft wants to make KINECTS the gateway to a world of multimedia entertainment larger. The group announced a partnership with YouTube to allow users of the Xbox 360 can watch TV on their videos from the famous community video platform.

In France, the group has already concluded an agreement with Canal + for the resumption of encrypted channels on Xbox 360. Other agreements may be signed soon with ADSL operators. With KINECTS, and Microsoft wants to offer to viewers to leave their zapper on a corner of the sofa and control their late night TV or video with voice.

A service that will arrive in France later this year. Without giving figures, Don Mattrick, president of the Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft said that 2010 was "the biggest year" of the group since its arrival on the console market in 2001. In France, totaling 2.3 million Xbox 360 machines sold (54 million in Tech News Buzz).

Twice more than the previous Xbox, which had not exceeded one million copies.

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