Sunday, May 22, 2011

Xperia Xperia Arc and renewing Play

Sony Ericsson has announced that updated software for its smartphones Xperia Xperia Arc and Play, both phones will be renewed with a new version of Android from next week. Although not yet confirmed when the new update release is known to take place sometime next week. Both the Arc and the Xperia Xperia Play will start using Android 2.3.4.

Among the novelties of the new operating system will prompt the inclusion of Google Talk that from this upgrade will enable users to make free VoIP calls. Initially the system will be installed in the UK but is presumed to spread to other countries soon.

AMD Bulldozer here are the first rumors about prices

There's new news to talk about AMD Bulldozer APU and Llano, with new rumors that this time the price tag, although still not fully aware of the specifications or performance that will have much less compared to the Intel CPU. The prices of these new CPU should start from $ 190 for a quad-core FX 4110 model until you have $ 320 for a model with eight core FX 8130P, going for $ 240 for models with six-core FX 6110.