Sunday, April 10, 2011

The TATE and Ai Weiwei, including Internet censorship

Last year, John Stack (Director of Tate Online) released a policy paper on the activities of digital TATE until 2012: in essence a real three-year plan of activities with new media: Tate Online Strategy 2010-12. The document represents a valuable tool for many institutions because it starts from considerations also critical of the web presence of TATE and develop a vision for design then the points on which all future digital activities, from corporate website.

Hawkeye, the glasses of the future

The world never stops surprising gadgets, it is true that every day new devices are known movies worth, because here we have one of the James Bond films. This is the new Hawkeye glasses, sunglasses with built-in camera that will allow us to capture up to two hours of video. The new Hawkeye have 4 GB of internal storage and record video or take pictures at a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels.

As if that were not enough this pair of glasses also allows us to play MP3 music and has a remote control that allows us to manage all functions of the glasses. Also, as expected, the glasses are protected against conventional sun glasses. These goggles film camera, UV filter and the player can buy here in Spain for just 139 euros a pair.

Camera Apps: Please right retro

Current smartphones have installed more than ordinary digital camera - and with the help of apps, the images may still before downloading aufhübschen. Because in contrast to the recordings old analog cameras, the megapixel chips deliver most sober and neutral pictures, which tolerate a little more contrast and color.

A number of apps help - they mimic the look of old cameras with plastic lenses, long-stored photo paper or special lenses. The results are reminiscent of the often technically less sophisticated images of Lomography, to images of Polaroid and Holga cameras. In addition to high contrast is mainly the vignette effect, to the corners decreasing brightness of the images.

The Mac controls Witness home

The models of Mac (Apple) who have integrated iSight webcam can easily become a security system for home or office. Witness The application is responsible for giving this new use to your computer. Witness team turns the camera on a motion sensor. When you notice any changes, the application will start videotaping what happens.

In parallel, thanks to another free application for iPhone and available on the AppStore, Witness Remote, you'll see real time images that the webcam is capturing. Witness is downloaded directly to your computer from Orbicule page (www. orbicular. Com), which creates security programs.