Tuesday, March 29, 2011

HTC 3D EVO European terrain tread

HTC has a habit of maintaining many of its products for the U.S. market, in some cases reach European territory HTC EVO line but so far never been marketed in the old continent. We say so far as the new HTC EVO 3D if you will, the mobile technology company has confirmed that its new smartphone with 3D display should be available in stores across Europe.

The phone had been confirmed for the U.S. market in the hands of the operator versions Sprint CDMA / WiMAX through an announcement during the last CTIA. Twitter account now HTC was announced that a French operator will have a GSM version of this phone, although not yet confirmed that company will be.

Sony unveils new handsets

The famous developer of technology products has introduced two new models of headphones, it is the Sony MDR-RF865RK and the Sony MDR-NC13. Sony MDR-RF865RK is a wireless model that has largely improved the scope compared to other models of Sony wireless range, this model has a range of 100 meters, in a clean unobstructed course.

They have built-in battery that offers a maximum load range of 25 hours of use. Moreover, the Sony MDR-NC13 is a helmet with noise filtering system, the same system apply the classic sound sample filtered environment that promises up to 90% reduction in noise. This model requires, as usual in the headphones with filtering, self-powered and uses one AAA battery that offers up to 100 hours.

Cheezburger Network Acquires Know Your Meme

Know Your Meme The site, which offers programs and a database on the Web culture, was bought by Cheezburger Network, a network of sites and comic parodies. Created by the site Rocketboom, one of the pioneers of Web culture, Know Your Meme was sold "for a seven-figure sum," says the company. Worship made by his tone shifted and his work - seriously - Research on phenomena as obscure as the Get Down (above), Leeroy Jenkins and Over 9000, the site boasts 3 million unique visitors per month.

Acer implemented improvements in its 3-Series TVs

Acer announced the launch of its range of 3D TV Series 3 in early 2010 when it was proposed to bring 3D technology to all households by offering high-tech TVs, and economic. Still has not been content with that and continue to improve its features making them an excellent choice for those seeking access to three dimensions.

In the end we found the S243 Acer 24-inch HL and HL S273 Acer 27-inch LED monitor is an excellent 3D image quality of Full HD 1080p in 16:9 format. Among the changes will find an improvement in contrast ratio amounting to 100.000.000:1, also increases the 3D viewing angle reaches 178 degrees.

Acer updated with wide viewing angle range of LED displays S3

A little over a year that Acer announced the launch of the S3 series of LED displays, consisting of Acer S243 S273 HL and HL, 24 and 27 inches respectively. Already at the time it seemed that both were, value for money, an excellent choice to renew the PC screen. Now Acer has announced the renewal of the S3 range.

Mal did not had to go to these monitors, because the changes are just a few minor adjustments. The design with aluminum L-shaped holds, and the size, resolution and form factor, which remain at 24 and 27 inch Full HD 1080p and 16:9 respectively. The main change is the incorporation of technology that improves the viewing angle up to 178 degrees.

"Facebook has become a social platform that underlies all Web services"

Facebook organized, Tuesday, March 29, the first of a series of meetings with developers in Paris. Assumed operation of seduction, intended for start-ups and big companies. Interview with Christian Hernandez, director of international development at Facebook. Why run these meetings with developers? Facebook has three audiences: users, advertisers and developers, and we seek to build on these three tables.

What beautiful eyes you have ... guess the pileup

Under those two eyebrows What pretty eyes you have ... ... This I am singing now the latest gadget that has landed on the desk of News Tech Buzz. With what we've talked and seen on this gadget, that picture sure we give you a clue is more than enough for what it is adivinéis. Is still "warm" presentation.

At the moment we are enjoying using this gadget mysterious and wish her a good session of worldwide sales. Guess the pileup? Hurry we have tail section.

New IA in order to improve Kinect

Microsoft has decided to greatly improve the experience of usage for Kinect trying to increase the speed of movement detection. The project has already brought good results by bringing speed to identify the body of an order of magnitude compared to the existing system, including parts of the body such as arms, legs and chest.

Spotify withdraw an advertising virus

Spotify has warned that an announcement on its service contained a virus. There was no need to click on the advertisement for this machine contaminated surfer. The advertisement mimicked the installation of a fake antivirus program. According to Spotify, who have installed on your machine protection against the virus were safe from infection.

The company says it has withdrawn the ad and apologized to Internet users who may have been affected by it. Spotify claims to work for situations like this do not recur and can still access the service safely. The vulnerability affected the subscribers free of charge.

Amazon Cloud Driver, Web Player and Player for Android

Amazon has launched a new online service for listening to music in streamin from any device connected to the Internet without downloading the music acquiatata and then moving from PC to other devices and vice versa. The service is divided into Amazon Cloud Driver, Amazon Web Player for Cloud, Amazon Cloud Player for Android, the first has provided the storage of purchased music, whereas the high offer the chance to listen to music from a PC, tablet, smartphone and other mobile devices, with the possibility to create their own playlists.

A million of dollars for selling without license Beatles songs

BlueBeat owners. com EMI have agreed to pay nearly a million dollars  for selling through Internet Beatles songs in praise lack of permission. BlueBeat stepped forward a few months on sale from its Beatles catalog in the hands of iTunes. A federal judge already ruled last year that the company had violated the rights of EMI.

The above site offered the British band's songs 25 cents each. BlueBeat always argued that it was not the original versions and argued that the subjects had re-recorded and introduced new elements to a simulation technique called psychoacoustics. The judge found that this term was simply a way of camouflaging the real offer, for which no rights, which did not meet any reality

IPad uses at home: you put the limits

Nobody better than Decoesfera editor to show the uses that have a home iPad. Not talking about that we all know, but very homely uses for this tablet from Apple. Although the room is the natural habitat, we can also give useful iPad in the bedroom, kitchen, office and of course the bathroom ... with the journals that fit there.

The phenomenon tablet gives us new ways to consume content, but also create, to which applications are very helpful and improvements in its operating systems. What uses do you give / give to your tablet, the company is it? In Decoesfera | A thousand and one uses for the iPad at home.

Amazon launches music system "in the clouds"

The online bookseller Amazon has announced Tuesday the launch of a service for storing and playing music online, called Cloud drive that can store and play MP3 files from any computer or from a mobile Android. The basic version is free and allows you to store 5 gigabytes of documents, and listen to music files, the ability of the service may be extended on a subscription basis.

The service is available from an Android phone or any browser, except the browser of the iPhone and iPod touch from Apple. GOOGLE AND APPLE ON ROWS Apple like Google are supposed to start their own service for storing and playing music online, but none of the two giants has yet submitted a functional service.

Sony invites you to travel without noise or being at home without cables

Sony renews its range of new headphones with two different but complete. The Sony MDR-RF865RK completes the range of wireless systems while Sony MDR-NC13 model seeking its place among the headphones with noise cancellation system. The model home, wireless, promising a range of 100 meters, always straight and smooth, which translated into real space allows us to use them without much trouble in a house with two floors of more than 90 square meters each for our experience.

StarMax HD, satellite television prepaid for 10 euros a month

The only thing we needed to know of Starmax HD, a satellite TV system with the novelty of being prepaid, price was their plan. The announcement has just occurred and we already give all the details. Going to the heart of the matter, Starmax HD has already begun their emissions and have it at home will cost from 10 euros per month.

Its strengths are the HD channels such as Eurosport HD or Discovery HD World and to access the same need not stay and sign contracts. Only pay. Well, already have a dish or with us. The prepayment system has two modes: 2 and 12 months. The cards have HD Starmax for two months out of 28 euros, while the full year cost us 120 euros.

Loewe Art 46 LED impressed just by looking at

Loewe has strengthened its range of LED-type TVs with a new 46-inch model has a stunning view from above. This type of marks where the image of their products and design are more than symbols LED technology is giving wings, allowing them to exercise more dramatic industrial design, called SlimLine in the case of Loewe.

The new model integrates LED Art Loewe 200 Hz technology, high definition TV tuner and comes with 24p mode to enhance the cinematic experience. 3D Nothing at the moment, because as with Bose, prefer to wait. Despite the slim, Loewe allows the user to integrate DR + hard disk of 250 GB (somewhat limited capacity) for recording functions.

HTC 3D EVO way to Europe

Just yesterday I talked about HTCEVO 3D, is that despite being a terminal with all the earmarks of stay in the U.S. and have been designed for your operators, the move to Europe is in the HTC roadmap. Previous versions of the EVO family of HTC did not reach the old continent, so we had high hopes about the 3D model, but because of their interesting media specifications, is going to take a European vacation for us are welcome .

Amazon plays the music you keep on "your cloud"

And Amazon hit first. So much time waiting for Google to take the music to the Apple network or change its system for downloading and streaming service that is increasingly active Amazon has them ahead by presenting a virtual hard drive where to upload our music and play it from anywhere (PC or Android phone, no time IOS) Amazon Cloud Player is a new service that is already on the table of U.S.

"Android interruptus" or tablets Android syndrome that seems to never arrive

The idea of tablets rich and poor tablets that I brought up a few weeks ago, today we add the tablets of lame. They're going to get hopelessly teams with Honeycomb Android hardware that outstanding characteristics but can not withstand the weight of a market dominated by Apple iPad Lacking the most important support: the operating system.

At least the version that has proved able to shade but not just arrived. Summer, that date seared in our calendar, it seems increasingly distant rather than close. The tablets with Android and manufacturers that support should not now think of rivals but in power say they are in the market because it does its great rival can boast in the street, if not its second generation, if at least version 1.5 of its bid.

Facebook launches Questions, a service for the opinion poll

"What is the first thing you should teach Beast," asks Mark Zuckerberg in your profile. Beast is a new pet, a dog with more than 80000 supporters. In two weeks he has garnered nearly a thousand responses and more than 24 suggestions to add to the initial choices of the creator of the question. It may not be the most profound questions or transcendent.

In 2010, Facebook already had the ability to use the service Questions like surveys. The change is that now we not only care about the quality of the questions, but answers. Andy Graham, Facebook product manager, explains in the blog of social service in the summer began testing the service with the intention that some users sharing practical information.

American Express launches online service to pay

Serve, the payment platform via the Internet from American Express has been released Monday in the U.S. where it is already available. The company started its international expansion next year. Like Paypal allow people to make transactions via mobile or businesses that already accept the card. American Express has released application for iPhone and Android, but also has a platform to manage the user account through Facebook.