Thursday, May 12, 2011

Here Wikia, the encyclopedia of pop-minded "Jimbo" Wales

NEW YORK - OK, we know all of Wikipedia, and there is no browser that does not come across at least once a day in the encyclopedia's most popular virtual world, the only one flaunting most readers of the fifty largest newspapers the world put together - and without even a shred of advertising. Wikia But, mamma mia, what ever will be heading this further, what secrets hide? Wikia is the latest split, the last part of the parent site, the latest invention of Jimmy Wales, the lord of Huntsville, Alabama, who had the altruistic idea of putting the knowledge available to everyone and FREE.

Google will distribute computers running Chrome OS

Google will launch next month the first computers using its new operating system, Chrome, with a particular distribution model contrasts with those of Microsoft or Apple. These computers manufactured by Acer and Samsung, will be sold after June 15 the United States and several European countries, including France.

Acer models will be sold from $ 349, those from Samsung's $ 429, said vice-president of Google, Sundar Pichai, Google's at I / O, the big conference where Google has its new . Unlike most other operating systems, Chrome OS (Operating System) is designed to operate "in the clouds", that is to say in connection with the Internet.