Monday, March 21, 2011

HTC 3D arrives in June

HTC 3D, the new phone introduced by HTC technology firm capable of projecting 3D images in the touch screen, hit the market next June. This would HTC smartphone to compete directly with mobile as the new 3D Optimus presented by LG, and clearly the 3D is the new innovation and the companies seek to exploit to the fullest, especially at a time of low technological advancement.

About this smarphone HTC has disclosed virtually no information and so far its features are a mystery, in fact, the model still has no official name as HTC 3D is a simple way of referring to him. HTC should make great efforts to make this successful mobile as though hit the market in June LG 3D Optimus come before the stores.

Archos seek to compete in a big way

The developer of technology products Archos is not content with providing low-cost devices with bare technical characteristics, but now will go for the big as Apple iPad or GalaxyTab Samsung. So, Archos has announced its new Archos tablet Gem 9, a gadget that would equip latest technology and will seek to compete with high-end tablets.

And to be honest has a good start because it talks about Dual Core processors and hard disk storage, something that until now no tablet used. Among the numbers have been circulating the net is talk of a 1.6 GHz processor, 250 GB of storage, Honeycomb Android, 3G and Wi-Fi. The Archos Gem 9 would be presented during the upcoming IFA technology fair to be held in September and although there is no confirmed sell from 400 euros.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, will unveil the first data

There is no way to Samsung, always reveal important details about your products before the presentation, it is clear they do not put much impediment to it, and we will not miss the opportunity, and share information with you. This time it's the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, the intermediate model in the range of tablets from the Korean company, which as its name suggests, will 8.9 inch screen.

The event will take place tomorrow Samsung Unpacked in which we submit it officially. The first thing we assess is their light weight, 470 grams and dimensions collected at least that we can interpret the thickness: only 8.6 mm. It is logical that a smaller screen size, the set was going to win in mobility and ease of use, a detail that many people are beginning to value after months of use with nearby devices at 10 inches.

Thunderbolt to integrate Sony VAIO range

Sony has announced it is considering introducing the new port of communication submitted by Apple in its latest range of Macbook Air, the Thunderbolt. This incorporation would take place exclusively in its range of ultra portable Sony VAIO. The rumor is quite striking but no doubt this would be good for Intel, creators of the Light Peak (Thunderbolt).

The most interesting news is that Sony used a connector to install the technology itself, which is still not too clear. In another Sony is also considering including the new Google Chrome OS to its new portable light, especially in the model of 11 "would seek to compete with the new Macbook Air.

It looks attractive partner for tablet: Nokia reason

After declaring his love and to be adolescent Microsoft and tucked into the material with them to present soon the first Nokia Phone with Windows 7, the Finns know that one of the fronts that are open is the market for tablets. Its N series models were an interesting development for years, but now need more.

And at this rate can stay as far back as has been shown to be in the market for advanced phones. The buzz today is that despite its recent engagement with the Americans, it seems that Nokia is looking for a lover to their tablets. And no wonder. The European company may not be clear that Microsoft is its kind for these duties, especially when what is now offering the people of Redmond is Windows 7, and there seems to be well into 2012 when in reality we see opportunities for Windows 8 tablets.

Panasonic Viera DT30 LED, E30 and E3, with LED connected TVs IPS Alpha panel

Finally, a screen maker is distinguished from the usual LED technology to deliver on TN panel TVs using IPS technology. This is Panasonic, which is about to market the series LED DT30 Panasonic Viera, E30 and E3. Available in diagonal 32, 37 and 42 inches, all TVs of this new family incorporate IPS Alpha panels, the latest version of Pro IPS that, in turn, come from the S-IPS.

Originally developed by Hitachi, IPS Alpha panels offer a color range much wider, lower consumption and better contrast than traditional TN. Although no specific statistics detailing response time, these new TV sets equipped with IPS technology from Panasonic called Advanced Pre-Charged Driving that boasts the fastest scan rate currently available in the industry and display a response to two times faster than previous models.

Porsche 918 Spyder, the car of your dreams impure

Sigh. Then look at the price. Again I sigh. Leo on their electric motors and then I begin to mourn. This has been my reaction to seeing this Porsche 918 Spider that after his presentation, is now available, although you will not be until well into 2013. The base of this beauty that comes out just over 600,000 euros a 500 hp V8 beast that is supported (laughs) in two electric motors with power between 218 hp other but they only have themselves autonomy of 25 km grazing 150 kilometers per hour after a recharge your battery.

Fast Browser: Mozilla Firefox 4 scoops on the Web

Officially Firefox appears 4 until Tuesday, but the new version is now available on the FTP servers. The rush is huge: On Tuesday published the latest version of Mozilla's popular Firefox Web browser. Already, the program is available in several languages on the FTP server so that it will be available on opening day already on as many servers. The switch to the new browser is highly recommended: Firefox 4 for added security while surfing.

Blog - Playtime Hits: Prototypes fun, "fiat lux", the forms of Cube

Benq W1100 and W1200, projectors domestic SUV

BenQ is proposing two new projectors that we like to call convertible, meaning that what we are worth it to watch video on the big screen, playing in another dimension or torture our family with a presentation on the last holiday in Brazil. The new BenQ W110 and W1200 models are compact, very good design and come with DLP technology and a resolution of 1080p, as well as improvements in faithful color reproduction.

Goldman Sachs: a former computer programmer convicted of stealing code

A former computer specialist investment bank Goldman Sachs, Sergey Aleynikov, was sentenced to ninety-seven months in prison for theft of trade secrets, announced Friday, March 18, the federal prosecutor in New York. The guilty verdict against Mr. Aleynikov, accused of stealing computer code used for high-speed transactions on the Stock Exchange on Wall Street, was delivered in December.

Aged 40, Mr Aleynikov faced up to fifteen years in prison and must pay a sum of 12,500 dollars (8,826 euros), according to AP. The high frequency trading, or high-speed automated trading - transactions there are in milliseconds - has become an increasingly important, generating millions in profits for banks and companies on the Stock Exchange.

The digital book sales doubled in the United States ...

The sale of electronic books (not for reading devices) in January rose by 116% over the same month last year in the U.S., according to figures from the National Association of Publishers. The absolute value was 70 million compared to $ 32.4 million the previous January. The sale of downloadable audio books also rose, by 8.8%.

This dramatic increase not prevent the loss of revenue of the entire sector, which is almost 2%. The biggest drop of around 30%, occurred in the field of books for the general public and their best sellers, while children's books and specialized cushions your losses. Just grow a bit, but overall volume is very small, religious books and scholars.

Firefox version 4 final

We have often talked about the new version of Mozilla brouser the house and was eventually released the final version of Firefox 4, but on the Mozilla site has not yet appeared in the download, you can download the final version of the browser from the link of the ftp . As we said before the news are many and many bugs have been resolved, the RC version was recently published and which we discussed in this news were not added new, but it was only done a better job of finishing and stability, but we remind you in brief what's new.

The creation of the Xxx pornographic industry

After seven years of paperwork, documents and questions, ICANN has approved the introduction weekend's Internet top level domain. xxx, for shelter sites dedicated to adult content. The existence of. xxx, however, divides the industry. The company that checks your registry, ICM believes that the new domain will give assurances to consumers against fraud in such deals and improve parental control over the content accessed by children.

Street View: Google has to pay penalty in France

French data protection experts have condemned a Google penalty. As the Street View car of the group's private data from wireless networks recordings, a fine of 100,000 euros will be payable. French CNIL (Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés), the highest penalty imposed in its history. 100,000 euros will Google pay it because the Street View cars while trying to wireless networks to map the photographed cities, also various other data recordings - including fragments of e-mails, URLs, and some apparently also passwords.

China vs Gmail "It 's a block government"

ROME - A new battle in an already long list, including the Chinese government and Google. This time, however, as it was feared for some time, the target of attacks is Gmail, the popular email service that has many hundreds of thousands of people even within the Great Wall. That for the past two weeks complaining about difficulties in accessing and using the service.

The warning comes from the British newspaper Guardian. There is obviously no certainty on the direct responsibility of Beijing, but Google claims to have fully investigated and found not to have internal problems. The fineness of the attack in the hacker would bring up the block "like a bug with Gmail," said Mountain View.

Adobe Flash: "Our technology has always lived with HTML, and this will continue"

Severely criticized by Apple last year, Flash technology from Adobe that lets you create applications "rich" (video games, videos ...) on the Web, is now blocked on iPhone and iPad. In parallel, the new version of HTML, the language reference on the Internet, directly integrates functions such as video, which was until recently the preserve of Flash.

Flash is present on almost all computers in Tech News Buzz, is it threatened? The point with Michael Chaize, representative of this technology in Europe, while the latest version of Flash comes out shelves on Monday. In the list of objections sent to Flash, Steve Jobs of Apple, including a mention energy intensive technology.

Sony updated its range of basic computer headphones

Each year, Sony usually choose one of their range of headsets to paste a good look at the technical and, above all, aesthetics. This time it is the turn to your computer headset family. The company's new models Japan are basically three, depending on the type of use you want them and, above all, how we want to fit our ear.

We have from small intraatrial Sony DR-EX13DPV, a headphone and microphone large maxilla and the Sony DR-AG100, designed to spend long hours in front of a video game. The first representatives of this new range are the Sony DR-EX13DPV. This is intraatrial with microphone built into the cable for video or voice calls over IP.

Google accuses China of blocking his email, Gmail

Google has accused Monday, March 21, China to create disturbances on his email. "There is a blockage from the government, is such that it suggests that the problem is with Gmail," assures the American search engine, in an email sent to Agence France Presse. Chinese netizens have complained for several weeks of difficult access to their Gmail email account and disruption of virtual private networks (VPNs), which can circumvent censorship.

Intel Atom's range will live on with new models in April

We all know that the family of the Intel Atom is quite forgotten. The few releases have occurred in recent months have been medleys on earlier models provided only notable differences. Perhaps Intel has decided to stop for a few months when the competition was lacking, but now that AMD Fusion is on the market things have to change.

Intel to release new Atom for the month of April, more specifically in the IDF in Beijing, China, to be held on 12 and 13 of the said month. More specific details are still unknown, but it starts talking about passive dissipation and wireless features, with Widi the main character. The new models come onto the platform Cedar Trail, at 32 nanometers and a power graph that is said to double that offered by the current Pine Trail.

The Archos tablets Gen9 dual-core 1.6GHz and 3G connectivity in June

The French company Archos goes through good times on the market, with revenues in 2010 exceeding 44% over 2009. The fact they have worked with portable devices for 10 years has placed them in a good position to adopt the Android operating system. His most recent success is found in the tablets affordable with Google operating system, and unlike other projects of large manufacturers, there are products that never quite reach the final customer, as it is possible to find in most specialty .

Street View: the CNIL fines Google

Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés (CNIL), the French gendarme of privacy, has condemned the Internet giant Google to pay a fine of 100,000 euros for collecting personal information when setting up Google Street view, its interactive mapping service. To implement this service, Google uses vehicles equipped with cameras and recorders, which circulate in the streets and filming the landscape over 360 degrees.

Mountain GTM 2000, analysis

We began today with the analysis of GTM Mountain 2000, a review that will take us a few days. There are a total of six innings, we squeeze the last Mountain computer to play with different tests and configurations. Of course too long we will draw conclusions about what this team, the audience it is directed and the quality offered.

Let's start today with confidence and discuss the technical, construction equipment and the differences between it and another computer. It is the beginning of the analysis of one of the most interesting market computers for those who want maximum power and are willing to spend an amount certainly high on your new computer.

Sonos ZonePlayer S5 and ZoneBridge, analysis

In the past years Mobile World Congress took a small step Sonos devices, a California company that specializes in developing audio systems or multi-room multi-room sound. Now let's go into detail about how the hand pallet analysis of two of its flagship products, the Sonos ZonePlayer player S5 and ZoneBridge Sonos wireless router.

Both teams form a tandem with which to distribute music for different rooms of your home or office on a WiFi network can be controlled from as many devices as you want. Powered audio kits are more powerful, but connectivity and, above all, ease of use of the Sonos multiroom system and I anticipate that is simply spectacular.

NGP Sony always rely on the distribution "digital"

If last year was to the revolution in the world of home console, with the advent of systems and Sony Kinect Move, the 2011 has the move to its compact form. Here we have the Nintendo 3DS which we shall discuss in depth this week and of course the fat of the Japanese commitment to Sony: the NGP. Precisely the latter we know to be the missing link between the consoles mainly betting games in physical format, and are thrown into the arms of digital distribution, better control, lower costs and more opportunities for small developers.

Cell phones, PDAs and PCs was the work of no-limits

At first it was the Commodore 64. Then came mobile phones, internet, broadband, email, beep-beep of the Blackberry, the army of the tablet, Skype and teleconferencing. A godsend, guaranteed. The key hi-tech to free man from slavery after thousands of years of work allows - as John Maynard Keynes prophesied - "to devote a maximum of 15 hours per week." Too bad that did not go their way: new technologies have allowed us to increase our efficiency for four (9 hours today in what we produce in 1950 was made in 40) but our office hours are not shorter than one second .

A mini version of the Samsung Galaxy SII to the United Kingdom

Three British operator will have soon in Smartphones offer a version of "mini" Galaxy SII Samsung, could well have used the name to pull advertising, but the truth is not so mini, and is quite capable. The 3.7 inch screen puts it in the orbit of other phones like the HTC Android Desire or Nexus One, to give you a first idea.

With respect to the operating system directly come with Gingerbread. We had high hopes of finding a dual-core, whatever, on this phone, but it is curious that uses a 1.4GHz processor, so we will have a terminal seems interesting in terms of power. Remember, we only have the HP Pre 3 with a processor with similar speed.