Monday, August 22, 2011

Hacker attack the stolen data Epson 350 000 customers

The Epson comes under attack. From the division of the Korean multinational Nagano, Japan, were subtracted data of 350 thousand customers. In addition to the name and email, were removed from the phone number and information about purchases made. We still do not know whether or not there are among these numbers credit card.

Sources inside the company said they had referred the case to the competent authorities. "We are still investigating and trying to understand the origin of the attack," said an official of the Korea Communications Commission. Entity that is developing a plan for security after a wave of hacker intrusions in recent months against government and private sites.

The button "I like" of Facebook criticized by the German authorities

A German state has deemed illegal the button "I like" of Facebook, which allows users to indicate their favorite web sites, reports the site The Local, Friday, Aug. 19. Thilo Weichert, an employee of the authority to protect the privacy of Schleswig-Holstein in northern Germany, said that the system illegally collecting social network data users.

With this built-in button on many Web sites, Facebook, which claims more than 750 million registered, slightly more than 20 million in Germany, has a mapping of interests of its users.