Saturday, April 23, 2011

Location data: iPhones save more than Google phones

Apple's iPhone will automatically save motion profiles of its users, as Google keeps about privacy? According to initial findings of the developers also put Android phones to standard protocols - but only if the cell phone owner's consent. Logged my Google phone also where I've stopped me? This was the first thought of the Swedish software developer Magnus Eriksson when he invest and for locating the unencrypted data banks read that Apple's iPhone by default.

The PlayStation Online service, victim of a "intrusin"

The PlayStation Network, the online service Sony console that allows items on the Web, is out of service since Wednesday. What initially was attributed to maintenance, now it is the product of an intrusion of third parties as an official of the company's blog. "An external intrusion into our system has hit PlayStation Network services and Qriocity" the statement said.

For security reasons, goes on to explain, were disconnected on Wednesday. The company says it is trying to resolve the issue and appreciates the patience of users. Upon learning that the source of conflict is an external attack, many have claimed responsibility for Anonymous, a group that had announced action against Sony in response to their persecution of hacker GeoHot.

AMD Radeon HD 6770 and 6750, we take a first peek

AMD has released some information on the two video cards that should go to make up for the lack of cards in the mainstream market, thus adding to the catalog of products that are a little closer to the Radeon HD 6790. The new Radeon HD 6770 codenamed Radeon HD 6750 Turks and Caicos code name, according to the Sirto Expreview says, should be placed on the market April 28.

The Radeon HD 6770 features 800 stream processors, 40 texture units and 16 ROPs and produced 40-nanometer, but when you do not know the amount of memory and the operating frequencies. The Radeon HD 6750 features instead of 720 stream processors, 36 texture units and 16 ROPs, and also this card does not have any other information.

Google: convert YouTube videos, WebMate has begun!

After the announcement of the closure of Google Video, the boys from Mountain View announced that the conversion of videos on Youtube started and that was already converted 30% of the movies on the portal. For the uninitiated WebMate is a project developed by Google to support high-resolution video, commonly known as HD, using the VP8 video codec and Vorbis audio codec, all contained in a Matroska container-based and completely free.

Be sure to mortify the holidays. Maybe on Facebook

You know the game that the trout had been invented on Facebook? Bossi, Jr., as a digression from a rejection of maturity examination and the other had given birth to a curious pastime on the popular social network, from the clandestine titoloRimbalza. By clicking with the mouse near the barges crammed with immigrants who reached the Italian coast, the navigator had to try to reject them at sea by pressing a variable number of times before they disappeared from the monitor.

Sony, the Playstation Network under attack

ROME - After almost two days of silence, Sony has finally confirmed that the 'black out' of its network for video game consoles, PS3 and PSP depends on the attack by hackers and are not explained that access to the Playstation Network, to which they are registered 70 million users, will continue to be suspended until security problems are solved.

In the message appeared on the blog in the last hours of the Japanese giant, Sony says it is doing everything possible to restore services as soon as possible of the network and "sorry for the inconvenience", stating that the suspension of service may result in the suspension user's account.

Razer Hydra, a kind of Wiimote for PC

It is a fact that Nintendo Entertainment set a new trend in gaming that refers to the year 2006 with the launch of its Nitendo Wii console, the first with control of movement, as brands such as Sony or Microsoft had to renew their "standards". Asus already taken this technology to the desktop and the public did not comply as expected but now Razer Hydra try to give a second shot.

Razer Hydra is a kind of Wiimote for desktop computers, in fact the design is very similar reminding early versions of the Wiimote. This device is specifically designed to enhance gameplay in video games or action shooter and certainly the game experience obtained is much higher. The new Razer Hydra is compatible with over 125 current titles and more deliveries are added to list daily.

Alienware may launch its own tablet

Last week at the launch of the new Alienware M14X and M18X, laptops already had their chapter and look like they are serious, the company took to make the announcement that does not rule out the possibility of launching its own gaming tablet soon. The announcement was well received in the sector, we must remember that according to several studies this year the main use of the tablets is entertainment with a percentage close to 90%.