Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Xoom Motorola hits Spain

It is time that many gadget lovers were expecting, once and for all the new tablet of Motorola, the Motorola Xoom, tread the soil of Spain the hand of The Phone House. The Phone House has been the first Spanish company to become the new tablet with shiny Motorola Android 3.0. According to The Phone House on Motorola Xoom will arrive in Spain during the month of April so just subtract a few days to have it in our hands.

Vizio Introduces 3D displays

The 3D display market is growing by leaps and bounds, more and more models are presented by companies and Vizio is no exception, the manufacturer has presented the new Vizio and Vizio E3D320VX E3D420VX. Beginning with the Vizio E3D320VX, is a 32-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 1080p and a cup 200.000:1 contrast with 3D technology.

We can buy together with two glasses, one premium line of Vizio and other basics. It also has integrated Wi-Fi and several web applications designed by the Vizio. Moreover we have the Vizio E3D420VX, a 42-inch LCD screen that, like its twin 32-inch has a resolution of 1080p. It also has Wi-Fi, Web applications and operates at a frequency of 120 MHz, also comes accompanied by two glasses but in this case are polarized and high quality.

Anonymous attacks sites related to Sony

Anonymous has complied with its threats and being subjected to various Internet sites related to the company Sony to a denial of service (increased demands for access to a site to flood your server.) The group believes that Sony has abused the judicial system in an attempt to censor information on how their products work, what he considers an attack on freedom of expression.

The trigger has been initiated prosecution against Geohot Sony, a hacker who published a release system (jailbreak) PlayStation3 console. A San Francisco judge ordered the owner of the site to remove any information on systems of "piracy" of the console. When 21 year old behind GeoHot ordered to deliver the supplies available to the said tool related to Sony.

Introducing the K-Touch W700

China Unicom, the Chinese technology manufacturer, has introduced its new mobile K-Touch line, this is the K-Touch smartphone W700 that have very good features. Despite its confusing name, this phone has nothing to do with the Sony Ericsson W700, is the latest smartphone technology with the successful operating system Android 2.2 Froyo.

Among its technical features are nVidia Tegra processor 2, very popular today, 512 MB of RAM and 8 GB of storage. It also has Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, FM tuner, microSD memory reader, two chambers of 5 and 0.3 megapixels and a 3.8-inch touch screen with a maximum resolution of 480 x 800 pixels.

Found evidence that graphene could be used to create chips that are self-cooled

Few years we have been hearing about investigations into the use of graphene as a material for the creation of chips, processors and all kinds of electronic circuits. Until now it was known that this particular compound, consisting of a monatomic mesh of carbon atoms, is able to withstand amazing transfer speeds electrical impulses, making it the ideal replacement for silicon.

If the possibility of a graphene chip 1000Ghz frequency range is no longer attractive in itself, now science has discovered a second quality no less fascinating. Scientists at the University of Illinois have found that graphene is not only hot, but has the ability to 'self cooling'. One of the biggest problems of graphene is that its structure is within the field of nanotechnology.

Google patent points to Nortel's business by $ 900 million

GOOGLE attack by Nortel, the Canadian company the former telecommunications giant now in bankruptcy. Mountain View has announced it has reached a preliminary agreement to acquire the company at a price per hour of approximately $ 900 million. The purchase of Nortel, once perfected, would allow Google to take advantage of the nearly 6,000 patents in the telecommunications field and deposited by the Canadian company that includes wireless technology, 4G, Internet, service providers, networking and much more.

ASUS M25-NAS, network storage with style

ASUS has been removed from the sleeve a new content server in which to place and remove hard disks (up to 4 TB of storage in RAID 1) does not have to assume or take a screwdriver. The new NAS-ASUS M25 is less about sharing content via UPnP and DLNA, and to ensure our computer data, which is able to perform backups automatically.

Those images are "navigable" by the user and easily retrievable and fully automatically installed by the NAS. Returning screwless design, this NAS ASUS has two 3.5 inch bays Gigabit Ethernet connectivity. Inside is housed a 1.2 Ghz processor, 512 MB of RAM and 128 MB of flash memory, with support for dual firmware and client firmware.

Sony continues to tempt us with their new Blu-Ray

Far from being intimidated, Sony attractively strengthens its range of Blu-Ray in 2011 with models that catch the eye and promise a long session of home theater in style. If there is even a portable model to take us to wherever the best video quality. The stars of the new Blu-Ray from Sony is without doubt the 2.1 systems-EF200 Sony BDV, BDV and BDV-L600-L800, teams of blu-ray drive with all the functionality of the desktop, including the Bravia Link Internet Video and S-Force PRO technology to achieve 3D surround sound without having to resort to more speakers.

Motorola Xoom in Spain this month for 579 euros

Motorola Xoom The tablet is now ready for your arrival to Spain. The company The Phone House will be the first to offer it in their stores beginning later this April. Is the Motorola Android 3.0 Xoom? Exactly. The same tablet that could be considered as Google come to our country this month, and it would be denying reality to say that many look forward to.

Want to know the price? For free you can buy one at The Phone House with a price of 579 euros, while to have it funded have to resort to Orange, which will market to its customers with discounts of up to 250 euros.

The EXR sensor releases FinePix Z900EXR

The new advanced compact camera in Fujifilm's Z range release. Today it has launched in Spain the new Fujifilm FinePix Z900EXR, maintaining a compact body that fits in a lot of technology, starting with the new EXR sensor. This evolution of the classical CMOS camera provides the new higher sensitivity, improved speed of operation and administration of the scenes faster.

Also some chromatic aberration or the resolution of the corners of the photographs are on the table EXR technology operations of the new FinePix Z900EXR. As already doing a very successful manufacturers such as Samsung, menus cameras need a facelift to make them more intuitive and similarities to the environments in which the consumer is already accustomed to moving.

Large U.S. banks warn of a possible massive fraud 'email'

A dozen U.S. companies, including banks JPMorgan Chase and Citigroup, have warned their customers that they can be the target of attempted fraud after millions of email addresses have been stolen from the advertising firm Epsilon.

New search feature: Twitter Finds feel-good news

Now Twitter has released at least a first improvement, "Who will follow?" The function was restored. It was searching on the website for an idea that Twitter accounts are proposed to the subject, which you follow so far. So far these proposals have been selected solely on the basis of the designations and the self-description - now also included the contents of the tweets.

In addition, the advanced search, the time limit on a previously little-known bottom of its existence, brought to the Twitter interface. If one looks again presented immediately Twitter the professional functions. The messages can be searched through operators. There are about are the well-known search engines for quotes related phrases, or the minus sign to exclude a word.

Applications on smartphones scrutinized by U.S. authorities

As part of an investigation on how applications for smartphones exploit personal information, internet radio Pandora said, Monday, April 4, a U.S. grand jury had requested information. Pandora, headquartered in California, revealed these facts in the updated dossier filed with the regulatory authority of the U.S.

equity markets, the SEC intended to document its request for an IPO. Pandora said a federal grand jury had requested the documents as he is apparently investigating the sharing of data with popular programs for Apple iPhones and other smartphones running software from Google, Android. Pandora is not the specific target of the investigation, and believes that "similar requirements have been provided on general grounds for publishers many other applications in smartphones, according to documents filed with the SEC.

LG Smart Diagnosis, the machine that 'whispers' the ears of technical

LG has just added a curious provision in its latest washing machines. Diagnosis Smart is a technology that allows the washer to communicate with the service in case of failure and report on what exactly happens. When attending the LG event organized today under the premise of a 'speaking machine' we were expecting something very technical like some kind of WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity, or even a small speaker on the washing machine to tell us their sentences in wet bar plan .

The Nasdaq composite reduces the weight of Apple's main index

The U.S. exchange operator Nasdaq OMX announced Tuesday a reform of the composition of its benchmark which puts a strong weight of its largest value, that of Apple's technology group. The Apple stock, which has more than quadrupled over the past two years previously represented 20.49% of the weighting of the Nasdaq-100.

After this change in the index, it still weighs more than 12.33% but still remains the largest value. Modifications of the Nasdaq-100 are rare and Reform on Tuesday is expected to cause a wave of movements in the securities concerned, managers have to adapt their positions to the new situation.

Sony Xperia Play, analyze their performance as handheld

After giving an overview of telephone and multimedia aspects of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play we are looking at Tech News Buzz, played meterne in fatigues with point most deserving of the punishment for this terminal: its behavior as a handheld. Have we been able to use it as such? Play Is it really the first Xperia phone that can play it serious? What about the battery? Then we will Work out all these questions about the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play.

Google wants to protect itself from attacks for patent infringement

The American group Google, announced Monday, April 4, he had made an offer of $ 900 million (634 million euros) to acquire "the patent portfolio of technology group in the Canadian Nortel Auction related to its bankruptcy. " Google intends to protect themselves against potential future prosecution of patent infringement.

The offer comes as Google co-founder Larry Page, 38, took office Monday as Group Chief Executive, replacing Eric Schmidt. Nortel said the portfolio included approximately 6,000 patents and applications for digital technologies of communication or mobile phone. Google's offer is the first to acquire these assets, which will be auctioned in June officially covered under the agreement of the Canadian and U.S.

Nikon D5100: input SLRs get very serious

We have among us the vaunted Nikon D5100, and although its basic characteristics were known, this new SLR for fans pleasantly surprised us. Needless to say, the sensor is the same as the spectacular rides and Nikon D7000. But first let's focus on the most prominent of the new Nikon D5100. The 1080p video mode and the articulated LCD screen with a new horizontal movement.

Although the body design remains virtually unchanged compared to the D5000 model that comes to pass, the new Nikon D5100 up a notch in quality thanks to the EXPEED processor 2 and especially the 16-megapixel sensor that directly inherits its powerful big sister. The focusing system of 11 points or up to ISO 25600 in forced (6400 without force) are other features you should know.

Google, Facebook, Dailymotion file an appeal with the State Council

The major Internet players in France, including Facebook, Google or Dailymotion, Wednesday will file an action for annulment before the Conseil d'Etat against a decree requiring them to keep for one year the personal data of the user. PriceMinister, Dailymotion or eBay are also stakeholders in this process, conducted by the French Association of Community Internet Services (ASIC), which groups the main companies of the French Internet.

BlackBerry Bold shows us possibilities Touch Touch

For those who have doubts about the tactile possibilities of the long-awaited BlackBerry Bold Touch, also known as Dakota, have appeared on the web interesting videos in which we can see how we interact with the 2.8 inch touch screen. It is certainly the model that is causing concern among the new generation of devices that RIM guys are preparing.

Keeping the typical structure of a BlackBerry Bold, with its QWERTY keyboard, and include touch screens, embodied an idea that many users were demanding. The operating system ready to take advantage of the hybrid system control and data entry BlackBerry OS 6.1 is also present in the Touch BlackBerry full touch model.

AMD 6790, analysis

AMD 6790 is the name of the new graphics card, AMD filed today. Again we see the first models were launched higher, with the AMD 6990 to the head, for now start by mid-range models such as the very 6790. It is therefore an interesting graphics for those who do not want to make a huge cash outlay, that is, the price of AMD 6790 is very polite and becomes a model to virtually everyone, and therefore perfect for those seeking something beyond the basics.