Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The surprising independence of the new Sony VAIO S

Energy independence has always been a determining factor when purchasing any type of portable device, especially with regards to netbooks and notebooks, as Sony has unveiled the new VAIO S with 14 hours of battery life. Those looking for a laptop that can operate for long periods and thus allowing us to work without the urgent need desperately seeking an outlet will be very interested in the new Sony VAIO S.

The new Sony Vaio S are bathed in color

The Sony Vaio more casual, Series C, meeting the forecasts and slipped back into color to catch the eye thanks to the contrast with black keyboard. Pure passion for design. The new Sony Vaio C has a 14-inch display with LED technology and 1366 x 768 pixels. Inside are an Intel Core i5 accompanied by graphic AMD Radeon HD 6470M, 320 GB HDD and 4 GB of RAM as standard.

A special touch that puts us really like the keyboard, as we noted dark but it is also backlit, which is a festival in the dark along with the other bright details of the case of this Sony Vaio C so joyous and festive. Like his other brothers of presentation, Sony Exmor technology pays for itself with its placement in the new webcam, which improves the work in difficult lighting conditions.

NEC introduced the world's thinnest phone

The developer of technology products, NEC is working on a new project that aims to bring to the stores that will be the thinnest mobile phone in history, it is the new N-04C NEC Sox. The Sox NEC N-04C is a smartphone with excellent technical characteristics that have nothing to envy to the current mobile and implausible dimensions, the device has only 7.7 millimeters thick, or less than one centimeter, which until now had been impossible.

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air, now more powerful and wireless Apple AirPlay

Bowers & Wilkins has just released the new version of its already legendary Zeppelin, an iPod dock for the very powerful sound delicious. The newcomer is called B & W Zeppelin Air, and its main novelty is the native support for wireless streaming system AirPlay Apple. AirPlay lets you play music from iPod, iPhone, iPad, or any Mac with iTunes without having to connect the player to the appropriate dock.

Sony already has new all-in-one L series renewed

With new Intel chips by the market, with more or fewer problems, computer brands throw the rest to introduce innovations that integrate these new processors. Some, like Sony with its L-series, also to take advantage of cosmetic surgery that has been very good. The new desktops all in one Sony Vaio L, that is, integrating all the computer components on the screen, are inspired by the TV even in V-bracket The display of new equipment that goes on sale in March is 24 inches, with full resolution and LED technology for better viewing and consumption.

Video streaming: Amazon brings the TV Flatrate

Large-scale attack on Netflix: Amazon offers its premium customers free movie streaming. Who pays $ 80 a year for fast delivery, always has access to 5,000 movies and series - the offer is open only to U.S. customers. Free shipping within two days - for this service pay several million U.S. citizens Amazon $ 79 a year.

You now get on top of that a TV-Flatrate: 5000 films and television series episodes to U.S. customers get streamed to the computer, to Internet-enabled televisions and special set-top boxes and Blu-ray players. Featured films include some fairly recent titles such as "Syriana" and the film adaptation of Stieg Larsson's Millennium trilogy, however, include popular series such as "deperate Housewives' not for all-inclusive offer.

Asus PA246Q monitor for graphics

Asus has presented a monitor called novo PA246Q Asus P-ISP in wide format with a diagonal of 24.1 inches, which is dedicated to the public and especially for the most demanding professional graphics sector. The features of this monitor are very respectable in fact Asus claims that 98% Adobe RGB spectrum to ensure image quality makes it perfect for professional use, the resolution is 1920 x 1200 pixels with pixel pitch of 0, 27 mm, the contrast ratio is 50,000:1, brightness reaches 400 cd/m2 and a response time (GTG) is 6 ms.

Lenovo ThinkPad T420, over a working day with only two batteries

Lenovo is another brand that has updated its notebook range with new models of the ThinkPad professional. The team most interesting is undoubtedly the Lenovo ThinkPad T420, that two nine-cell batteries reach the interesting figure of 30 hours of battery life. Other notable features of this laptop is its keyboard, with noise reduction system on each button or LED light indicating that the internal microphone is in use and avoid surprises in our communications.

Sony Vaio S is renewed inside and out

We've been waiting to renew Sony notebooks, especially in regard to high-end entering the small and powerful Vaio S and Z. On this occasion he has had an update inside and outside the Vaio S, which I consider very successful. For those who do not meet the family S, are about 13.3-inch notebook in which there is no problem to include the latest hardware inside, highlighting the inclusion of Intel's Sandy Bridge: From Core i5-2410M (2.30 GHz) Core i7-2620M (2.70 GHz).

Google Chrome address bar disappearing

The weblog browser Google is constantly changing and the latest submitted after the last beta, Google also reveals other characteristics of the interface will be transformed to make it even more minimalist and management of multiple accounts simultaneously. The new interface accumulated in Mountain View are the engineers are working seems to be destined to disappear in the address bar, at least in the version that integrates the Compact Ext in the title bar and tab appears only when this is selected, when in fact the solutions seem be at least four as you can see from below.

Curfew digital Libya

The blocking of the Internet continues intermittently in Libya, four days after the first cut on the night of Friday to Saturday, the authorities pursue a policy of intermittent power outages, which seems to obey no logic. Network access to sites and Libya had been cut twice in the night from Friday to Saturday and Saturday night to Sunday.

But on Monday, the main provider (ISP) in the country, which is headed by a son of Colonel Gaddafi, has reversed its practice: the network was shut down late at night and during the day before be partially restored in the evening. STRATEGY inconsistent "According to our measurements, we see that traffic is slowed sharply from the middle of the night.

There comes a SDK for the development of Microsoft Kinect PC

Microsoft a few months after release of Kinect for the Xbox 360 has finally decided to release an SDK to bring this technology on a PC, enabling developers to program games and experiment with something official. This time it was expected by many, infastti from the device came out several hacks to use it on PC and saw the great success of sales "Kinect 8 million sold in two months, Microsoft could not do anything but satisfy the developers.

Movistar you preparing the way for a new flat rate ADSL?

As we read in ADSLZONE and we have our co-Tech News Buzzone, Movistar has begun the journey to end in total flat rate ADSL service ... by mistake ... for now. At least that is the information you have provided the company after meeting in forums that applied a new profile FUP (Fair Use Policy) stricter new lines of ADSL and VDSL for the company.

With these "rules", Movistar control the traffic of its users and if they detect a high usage over certain limits, set a new profile is limited. This fair usage policy is also not new, but it seems that operators are more willing than ever to use them. The application of the limitations of ADSL connections has been an error Movistar, the company said, and the alarm state that is the internet user in Spain today, consider limiting the ADSL flat rates with the number customer is not a mission impossible.

Internet authority accuses U.S. of "kidnapping" domains

Internet governance is threatened by pressure from the U.S. authorities to come to the "off" unilateral domains regardless of global organizations have attributed the task of managing them. This is seen in an interview with AFP Stephane Van Gelder, president of the GNSO (Generic Names Supporting Organization) body ICANN.

"A year ago, the agencies fighting crime is the Interpol, the FBI and police from various states come to ICANN and the GNSO with lawsuits on the deactivation of sites and domains on the Internet," he explains. "We have been called twice by the White House to discuss the fight against counterfeiting and asked us how to fight this phenomenon ...

Deep unease among subcontractors Apple

Chinese employees of the manufacturer Wintek, a Taiwanese company that manufactures such as touch screens, wrote a letter to Steve Jobs, Apple CEO, to alert him about the risks to the health of employees in the factory Suzhou Industrial Park. Employees have used Wintek hexyl hydride, also known as n-hexane, between May 2008 and August 2009 to clean the screens.

This product, banned in Europe and the United States because of its carcinogenic nature, is now increasingly used, but the plant employees say their health is still compromised. N-hexane was replaced by alcohol, but the long-term consequences are difficult to assess. "This is a deadly poison," said the letter to Reuters was aware.

Kinect hit the Windows development libraries in spring

Sometimes it is better to join the enemy to fight with him, is that after checking the constant hacking Kinect has suffered since its release, Microsoft has decided to bring its developer tools to Windows 7. It really is a story that I knew and anticipated, but it is good to know that the tools will officially operating system from Microsoft in spring as a free download as we read on his official blog.

Cebit 2011: All about the IT fair

Opening times, admission prices, Program: How to get to Cebit in Hanover, with more than 4,200 exhibitors to keep track and get the most from the biggest IT event of the year. What? CeBIT is the world's largest computer trade show. In 20 halls are more than 4,200 companies from 70 countries before their products.

are expected in Hanover to experts in research and industry and consumers. When and where? The CeBIT 2011 will take place from 1 to 5 March 2011 the exhibition grounds in Hannover. Only a few hundred meters away from the show keep trains on the railway station Hannover Messe Messe / Laatzen.

Hybrid discs for the new MacBook Pro, place your bets

And can be a tablet, a telephone, a mouse, a "soda straw" or as is the case, a laptop, that the rumors about Apple products do not fail. They are a little sauce (sometimes repeating) that we make consumer electronics. And on Thursday (if not give us the surprise now) is scheduled to present his new Apple Macbook Pro, today we have new ration of rumors, moreover logical and far-fetched.

If the MacBook Air over the SSD was complete, with the greatest of his notebooks, the task will not be so easy for the company of Steve Jobs. Place a large capacity SSD for the needs of space a user has an Apple Pro would not come cheap, so the last thing that is intended to maintain at least a couple of models in the range of affordable, is the combination of SSD and traditional hard drive.

Microsoft announces the opening of control Kinect to develop applications on Windows

The success of Kinect control for the Xbox and the attraction that has awakened to investigate other uses of the same has advised Microsoft to provide developers with a kit that allows them to create applications for Windows. The voice and gesture control console and the computer will. Is not excluded that the next version of Windows take advantage of this horizon is a radical transformation of the computer interface.

Think you drive well and you will

The future of their cars and move from using fossil fuels to cleaner systems on paper, is the autonomous driving. There is no year in which we see no new developments in this field. The last thing that comes to us and we'll talk about is not an autonomous driving system as we understand it, but rather to control the car with our mind.

Innovation comes directly from Germany, specifically the autonomous laboratories Freie University in Berlin. If you've ever heard of mind control, the operation of this drive system will not surprise you much. With sensors placed in the driver's head and managers to measure the brain waves of the same, scientists have established what bioelectric waves are responsible for making turns, accelerating and braking.

Tablets with Android, the protagonists of Barcelona

Past and surf the Mobile World Congress, it's time to make a general revision which have become protagonists in their own right, the fair of Barcelona, the tablets with Android operating system. Unless a model from Acer and Asus with Windows 7, the excellent Blackberry Playbook, and HP TouchPad also interesting Web OS, the rest of the tablet segment of this edition has been taken by assault by the operating system from Google, either version 3.0 Honeycomb, or with Android 2.4.

Echoes of MWC

The large international mobile technology, the Mobile World Congress, held earlier this month in Barcelona has been completed and has left us much about what will happen this year. But besides offering exhibition space for companies to share new developments and upcoming products is responsible for rewarding those products, leading manufacturers and developers of the year, the MWC 2011 is no exception.

The HP TouchPad want a direct confrontation with the iPad

One of the tablets that are a priori more prepared to lead a popular revolt against authoritarianism sales of Apple iPad is the HP TouchPad. WebOS your operating system forms the first line of battle, and is the one that must try to win quickly because if he goes into combat longer, the ecosystem of Apple tablet would be very unbalanced war.

One way that HP have thought of having to go into combat with possibilities is to advance the arrival of your HP TouchPad just a bit before it reaches the event iPad 2. The HP TouchPad, that what has been seen in MWC 2011 is very buggy the software (although it is "real"), you would start to ship next month for a possible mass start in April, virtually the same While it is rumored that there would be a market iPad retouched.

The Vikings, the "sun stone" and the polarization of light

The Vikings knew they move through the "sun stone" during their famous ecapades? One theory is often raised and debated, the Vikings were moving according to the position of the sun they could determine, even in cloudy weather, with this stone which is capable of polarizing light.