Monday, January 17, 2011

Talk underwater with your Motorola Defy

The motive that we present in this day has been specially designed for those who are addicted to communications. Is that if I ever told you "speak up under water, this is your opportunity to respondedles yes! A submersible mobile that allows you to have it when you're in the pool or beach, a rugged mobile to all who submitted a firm Motorola has surprised the market.

The firm has been called "Defy" and is the first waterproof mobile phone featuring Motorola, but not only tough on the outside, but is also waterproof and able to receive calls while underwater. Highlight its performance featuring the Android operating system, services and system Motoblur GPS, WiFi, 3.7 inch display and 5 megapixel camera with flash, among other functions.

The Director of Product Marketing Business Unit of Motorola Mobile Devices has referred to this new and great release of his company, noting that "this new machine offers all the features that any consumer would expect from a smartphone, including Web browsing advanced messaging and entertainment applications, and a rugged design capable of withstanding the challenges every day.

" This phone, can feed our addiction to stay connected even underwater, or just plays a greater role? Please remember to leave your comments! We leave you with a video demonstration of this amazing waterproof mobile:

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