Monday, July 11, 2011

Nintendo refuses to enter in mobile telephone

Smart phones have become a gaming platform, but not all companies are betting on them. The launch of an application of Pokémon for Apple and Android phones this month had warmed rumors about a change in strategy by Nintendo. But the company, through Bloomberg, has denied that anything will change in their business plans.

The case is because Nintendo Pokémon only has 32% ownership of the company that operates commercially and, therefore, does not own entirely on decisions made. But the rest of games owned by Nintendo remain without leaving their desks. Nintendo, which recently launched its 3D notebook, book your catalog to their consoles, says a company spokesman.

Android is a robot

Not exactly an essential technology but provides entertainment to its owner. This is a small robot (video), the shape of the mascot of Android, which can be controlled via Bluetooth with a phone or tablet equipped with this system. What makes PhonyBotz and leave in October. The little robot can change the color of your eyes, be rotated at the top and scroll.

These movements are contributing information to the owner. You can greet the same, note that the battery needs charging mobile, the arrival of an SMS message or the modification of certain parameters on the social network of its owner. Has a range of four hours and 48 in standby operation.

LinkedIn is now number two social networks in the U.S.

The social network LinkedIn, for industrial relations, in June has risen to second place in the sector in the U.S., behind MySpace but ahead of Facebook, according to a ComScore study, published Friday, July 8. In June, LinkedIn has recorded 33.9 million unique visitors. Professional Network is certainly far behind Facebook, but it passes MySpace, with 33.5 million visitors .

The site group purchasing Living Social prepare an IPO

Social Living website, which offers as its competitor Groupon coupons from local merchants to users, is preparing an IPO that could value the 10 to 15 billion, say, Friday, July 8, several U.S. media. According to CNBC, "the Washington-based company is planning an IPO that could be about a billion dollars (706 million), and think its implied valuation is 10 to 15 billion [7 , 06 to 10.6 billion euros].