Thursday, March 31, 2011

Calculations in full color with Casio FX-CG20

As the market moves increasingly seen gadgets most colorful devices with better displays, image quality, faster processors and new specifications. But this progress not only refers to tablets, smartphones and laptops, Casio has introduced a new scientific calculator with a color screen. The new Casio FX-CG20 features a LCD display with a resolution of 82,944 pixels and 65,000 colors, maybe a little exaggerated for a calculator but striking nonetheless.

Samsung Galaxy prepare a version of IBS with 1.4 GHz chip

As we approach the launch of the new Smartphone from Samsung new details about the different versions of it, beyond the fact that not all of them come to Spain. In recent times has released a new Samsung model Galaxy SII will feature a 1.4-GHz processor updates on the new Samsung Galaxy SII not only dealing with technology, the company has also implemented some design changes.

The new device will have a metal back cover, probably something that Samsung has applied because of the bad reviews received by the excess plastic in the previous design. Regarding the technique we have confirmed that the new Samsung Galaxy SII chipset will have a 1.4 GHz (single core), although still not confirmed whether it is an improved version of Hummingbird or a new chip.

PCI-Express 3.0 might be a surprise to Intel for 2012 Ivy Bridge

Ivy Bridge, the Intel microprocessor family that will succeed the Intel Core 2nd Gen. (or Sandy Bridge), will bring about an evolution toward the main manufacturing process of 22 nanometers, but could also have some surprises: PCI-Express 3.0. PCIe has become in recent years in connection standard graphics cards to the motherboard in the domestic sphere, ie on computers in our homes.

Currently dominates the PCI-E version 2.0. The main improvements involve the third generation would be a bandwidth of twice based on 16 links (16x), so that the GPU could communicate much faster with the other components of the computer. Obviously, besides the improvement provided by PCI-Express 3.0 also need to evolve both graphics cards and motherboards, especially its chipsets.

Apple is the No. 1 tablets

Last year 2010 Apple introduced what would become the first tablet on the market, iPad, this device renewed the technology product market setting a new trend in what he referred gadgets. As we all know to be the first matter in positioning and Apple exceeded in this area to other companies for several months.

While we all have the certainty that in 2010 the market of the tablets was dominated by Steve Jobs and his people until now could not specify the earnings she Apple with its flagship product. Thanks to a study by Gartner now we know the exact figures of the market over the past year and have confirmed that Apple has been almost one hundred percent of profits.

Google and the "+1" one click to say "I like"

ROME - "More than one", he writes, "+1" and read "too". Originally, the "+1" on the web is an abbreviated form used on forums and message, when you want to subscribe to others without a thought back or add more. And now is also a button, for now focus only on Google. com and in the coming months on us too.

Which serves to let the world know that "to us" like a site or particular content. A sort of button "Like" global, like Facebook, only it does not bring its results only on the social network, but includes them in the Google search. Google more. The introduction of +1 is another of Google's innovations orientatate to a greater focus on sharing.

HTC will present developments on April 12, "Honeycomb phones or tablet?

Too many leaks about HTC phones in recent weeks for not having an official event by, as said and done, the Taiwanese firm is inviting the media on 12 April to submit news. As in the invitation does not give us more information we have material on the bet. Given the date, it could be Windows phones 7, since Microsoft's MIX11 kicks off in Las Vegas that day.

Two phones with Microsoft's operating system, which we hope are the HTC Ignite and Prime. HTC's event will take place in London and do not rule out new Android, in this case the two players with more ballots to appear on stage are the HTC Pyramid, and the European version of 3D HTCEVO. Both terminals have been appearing on the network in recent weeks, and they share the fact that the first two telephones with dual core in the Taiwanese firm.

Intel SSD 320 Series, a development somewhat lower than expected

Of the 320 Series Intel SSD is much to talk about. After a few words in his presentation Habar need something deeper about them, because it is one of the most anticipated developments in recent years. The reason lies in the new manufacturing process of memory chips, the jump from 34 to 25 nanometers that brings several changes: efficiency, performance and price are features that vary significantly from the previous generation and should be taken into account.

Threatened to block a German gossip site Cree students to censorship

IShareGossip site, a site for German teenagers who can post anonymously gossip and rumors, denounced Wednesday, March 30, the "censorship" which he considers to be after blocking by the major search engines in Germany. Inspired by the TV series Gossip Girl, where a teenager is an anonymous blog about the secrets of his comrades, the site lets leave comments on all German schools.

Few moderate, filled with xenophobic messages, defamatory or offensive, the site launched earlier this year acquired a strong reputation in a few weeks. But it is a fact that has propelled the various sites on the public square in Germany: the beating, by a score of people, a schoolboy of 17 who tried to defend a friend, victim of verbal abuse at the site.

Microsoft versus Google "Abuse of Position"

ROME - Even a clash of the titans of the digital world. Microsoft has submitted to the Commission a complaint against Google for abuse of dominant position. The survey is part of an already open by the Antitrust Authority of the EU, about the company's Mountain View last November, after several complaints, including that of the Internet portal owned by Microsoft Hello.

He writes a Redmon counsel, Brad Smith, on his official blog: "We recognize that Google has made over the past decade a number of innovations for which we should be commended. But we are concerned by the extension of a pipeline to halt the creation any alternative by competitors. " It 's the first time the company takes the field in Windows directly against his most formidable opponent, but not the first time the two big clash.

The Casio fx-CG20 offers more color and resolution in your backpack

I can not even imagine what would have been to college with the amount of gadgets and Internet access I have now between your hands. And surely one of them would have been the new Casio graphing calculator, the fx-CG20. Are not you sweet memories come to your mind? Or perhaps nightmares? The graphing calculator Casio fx-CG20 maintains the key layout of the previous models so there is no trauma to the change, and its most notable are of course color LCD screen with resolution of 82,944 pixels and 65,000 colors.

CXC Sennheiser 700 is adapted to the environment but not your pocket

There are headphones with noise cancellation system and then there are the new Sennheiser CXC 700, a model that does not leave you indifferent or benefit or for the price. The CXC Sennheiser headphones 700 are actually in charge of reducing the noise from outside but we offer three ways to do this, depending on the environment in which we find ourselves.

If for example we are in subway stations, bus or not very aggressive environments, the noise reduction will focus on a low frequency range (between 100 and 400 Hz) spectrum increases when we speak of an airplane (between 400 and 3,000 Hz) or in environments with many people and noisy (between 100 and 3,000 Hz).

Between nine and ten inches, so is the perfect tablet xatakeros

And what we imagined, but here are the results of the survey that I made about the perfect size for the screen of a tablet. I we suggested starting the 5 inches of the current superphone, which logically has obtained testimony just a few votes. The fork is from 5 to 7 inches has not had support from just xatakeros and now we have to go to higher values to see which you prefer as screen size for a tablet.

Driver Nvidia GeForce 270.51 Beta, a plus

Nvidia has released a beta version of the GeForce driver 270.51, which should guarantee a performance boost, with both single and video cards in SLI mode. The recent additions are many, starting from the increase in performance of 400 and 500 series cards up to the integration of 3D Vision Controller driver that should not be installed separately.

The control panel driver now includes an option to enable or disable the 3D Vision in windowed mode, new profiles, support for HDMI 1.4 with 3D TV 3DTV Play software, including DirectX 9 games, Google Earth and 3DVisionLive. com, new features on 3D Vision in windowed mode (which now works with Windows Aero enabled) and a new update system that notifies you of new drivers.

A PlayStation with telephone

When taken in hand like a normal phone, maybe something heavier. Horizontal slide the screen up and becomes a handheld console. Play is the Xperia phone from Sony Ericsson. Thanks to a mechanism of two-lane below the display is a panel with the controls of the PlayStation classic, two spacers on the sides that are handled with the thumb, just below two circles touch, and two buttons below the screen for fingers indices.

Google Print Cloud sneaks into HP printers ePrint

HP extends the presence of third parties on their printers with print function from the cloud, mail or any mobile device. With Apple already had right from the start, but his ePrint has now joined another horse winner: Google. The idea of printing with ease and where we want is closer than ever. This agreement brings HP and Google resulted in compatible printer models from the first, you can print more intuitively and directly from Chrome, Gmail email and Google Docs.

Blog - Scary Party: game situations, step by step

Google wants to become the new Microsoft's mobile

Google is moving their pieces in a very interesting direction. The Mountain View is driving the standardization of Android 3.0, and says that even negotiating with ARM to implement a standardized operating system ahead of the processor architecture. Standardization means several things. For one thing, it means removing the current obstacles to upgrade from one version to another on ARM platforms, solving one of the big buts Android fragmentation.

The boss of Acer leaves

In a move that catches us all by surprise, Gianfranco Lanci, Acer CEO, has resigned the company and no longer in charge of the brand, which had led to a rather large growth figures in recent three years, when it took over the reins of the company. The reasons were not disclosed in a very accurate (at least not official) and will probably never be known.

Differences in the company's strategy is what is argued, but it seems clear that the complexity of the market today has been a key factor. With its highly focused business in the manufacture of computers, Acer lives with the other brands in a constant stress because they miss a day at present is falling behind in relation to competitors.

Samsung Galaxy S Plus, new version with 1.4GHz

With the Samsung Galaxy SII just around the corner, still appear different versions of the original model, which does not necessarily have to appear in our country, but it is interesting to comment on it just in case. In different sources such as Samsung call it Galaxy S Plus, and fortunately, before I ask, keeps the Super AMOLED display the first model.

We remind you that there is an alternative to LCD and OMAP3 chipset, dubbed Galaxy SL. The other major development in the phone is using a chipset at 1.4GHz, we understand that this is a version of Hummingbird vitamins, but we expect confirmation in this regard. What is certain is that it is not dual-core processors, we recall that we have another handset market with this speed in the processor, the Pre 3 with a Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8 × 55.

Microsoft against Google complaint before the European Commission

Microsoft announced Thursday that it filed a complaint against Google with the European Commission for anti-competitive practices, joining an ongoing investigation which will determine if Google has abused its dominant position in online search. Industry leader in Europe, Google is more than 90% of online searches in the countries of the European Union.

In a lengthy blog post, Brad Smith, Microsoft's vice president, explains why his company has filed a complaint. There are problems jumble metadata access YouTube videos, which Microsoft claims not to have full access (unlike Apple, for example) or data sharing advertising campaigns. Microsoft also relies on the recent rejection by the American justice of the agreement between Google and publishers about the Google Books, claiming that the search engine tries to get exclusive access to "orphan works", these texts do are not in the public domain but which have no known assigns.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Android phone analysis (I)

Every day makes us more difficult to analyze mobile phones. Have already integrated many functions to find a balance between them is complicated. In addition, each user has specific needs, and there is no perfect phone. Sony Ericsson Xperia Play This we have discussed in depth for you added extra of being a real handheld.

In this first part we will tell you at length on the finish of the phone, its characteristics and behavior of the battery when you use it as a phone. Then talk about what your screen, your computer's performance, the operating system with touch Swedes and the multimedia section. End up with the star feature of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play: its use as a handheld.

James Cameron wants more frames per second to improve the 3D

Surely no one is more appropriate to talk about James Cameron 3D film. His movie Avatar we could say that was the baptism of 3D cinema in the world, and surely that the sequel is already preparing seeking a higher level. And for the director, increasing the frames per second shown in film and TV is the key to improving the 3D images, avoiding eye strain and reducing one of the drawbacks of 3D cinema: the loss of brightness by using glasses.

Boxee wants a stable relationship between the "box" and the IPAD

As promised Boxee itself and also to users that updated at least every three months your box of dreams, and we have details of what comes with being prepared for May. In addition to resolution of incidents and errors identified in the previous version, Boxee will enhance the web browser with better load times, travel, history and bookmark management while also adding a touch to the interface when playing videos.

Gbagbo ordered the government to block websites

The organization of press freedom Reporters Without Borders (RSF) reveals that the Gbagbo government has ordered the blocking of several independent news sites, or the elected President Ouattara favorable to all Ivorian providers. A half-dozen sites are affected by the directive of ITAC, Constable Telecommunication Ivorians, including sites such as Abidjan.

net or information. Hosted abroad, these sites will remain accessible in all cases other countries, but should be made inaccessible to the Ivorians. The directive, signed March 24, has not yet been implemented, which is said to Jean-Francois Julliard, president of RSF, it could be an intimidation.

Microsoft will 1 GB more on their Xbox 360 discs

These days Microsoft was looking for volunteers to test a user's desktop update your Xbox 360 home console and you know what it was: a new disc format for games. In the present, more than 1 GB is reserved for the video track and security measures and copy. In the company seems to have already found the solution to maintaining optimal security system and free up the most space that remained to the developers when putting their games on a disc for the Xbox 360.

The HTC Pyramid scene again

The next superphone HTC is closer every day. And every minute that passes we'll know better, this time up with pictures of pretty good quality. The HTC Pyramid and look this good in photos and more details are uncovered on their technical characteristics. Its 4.3-inch screen with a resolution of 960 × 540 pixels is the most prominent by far, and we know that your heart will beat to the rhythm that will mark a chip dual core 1.2 Ghz, well supported with 768 MB of RAM and under the command of Colonel Android 2.3 in time for the occasion makeup HTC Sense 3.0.