Sunday, March 6, 2011

Does iPad year 2? Or perhaps Honeycomb? Image of the Week

This week we experienced the launch of the iPad 2, the new Apple tablet, in fact, has not meant a complete revolution, but rather a collection of small improvements to maintain the hegemony that the first model has over in recent months in the world of the tablets. But this year will be different. iPad 2 Honeycomb compete with Android, and more specifically with Xoom gadgets like Motorola, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, MSI Windpad 100A, LG Optimus Pad or others who come in the coming months.

XFX introduces its support for three monitors and AMD Eyefinity

It was a little more than a couple of years when XFX announced that it was associated with AMD, then ATi, apart from making models NVidia. The alliance has come to the point that the then-traditional alliance XFX NVidia has been completely forgotten and the manufacturer is now focused entirely on AMD products.

One of the most curious and interesting technologies from AMD's own Eyefinity technology on which we have talked a lot and that is to have multiple video outputs for each graphics card to be used in configurations of up to 6 monitors simultaneously. To do so XFX has introduced a support for three 24-inch monitors, a priori something as simple as a metal frame that holds the devices to put them to the user.

Galaxy Tab 10.1 Samsung continues its plan provided, in case raised doubts

Samsung has taken little in answer to herself, and that the statements of Don-Joo Lee, vice president of mobile division, which have generated some further questions on what they were doing with Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. In the same media that extolled the features hard to beat the iPad 2 have reported that the tablet is not going to be affected in their plans, or what is the same, nor will it change the shape and design of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 or the scheduled dates will be modified.

Microsoft is selling a new controller for the Xbox 360

Microsoft has released a new controller for the Xbox 360. Actually there is nothing revolutionary, but it sure will appreciate the more nostalgic. This is a classic design but whose main feature is the new spreader adaptable. And can be found in stores, but yes only some, as in Spain is only sold through FNAC, Game and GameStop.

And as shown maintains the original design, in form and distribution of buttons, but the color comes in a matte silver (instead of the traditional white or black) that surely will delight many. As noted, the main novelty is found in its crosshairs of digital control that can be transformed, as it features two alternate positions simply by turning the round part of the same, so you can make in the traditional pad or crosshead usual.

AMD Bulldozer will not be backwards: hi AM3 +

One of the most active rumors in recent weeks talking about the expected backward compatibility of the new processors from AMD Bulldozer current sockets, referring more specifically to AM3 using virtually all motherboards these platforms. AMD was expected to offer this backward due to the great history that the manufacturer has written, with new products that can be used on platforms at least a generation ago.

Elf P1, a mobile almost human

Never missing the odd gadget out of a science fiction movie Elf cheap and P1 is another clear example of what science dreams of doing someday. Japanese scientists of the Japan Institute of Advanced Telecommunications (ATR) presented what for them will be a revolution in wireless communication of human beings.

The Elf P1 aims to reduce the lack of human contact that exist in current mobile communications, the mobile device is a human form about 20 centimeters long. The design includes movable arms that react to the tone of our conversation partner and the frame is covered with a layer of gel that mimics human skin, plus mobile controls are hidden so you do not miss the point.