Sunday, June 5, 2011

icloud, the "cloud" to challenge Google and Amazon, Apple Jobs

SAN FRANCISCO - It seems that on purpose. On the eve of the opening of the WWDC, the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, starts Monday, the Bay of San Francisco clouds stretch to no end. From the point of view of the weather does not bode well in the universe but hi-tech glimpse of the contrary are without some very interesting developments.

They are the heart of the ecosystem so-called "post PC" which is increasingly mobile dimension to drive innovation. So now he faces the "cloud" of music that Apple will outline the stage of the Moscone Center. Meeting at 19 Italian, the master of ceremonies will be Steve Jobs, the CEO on sick leave from January 17 that does not want to miss important meetings of his company.

iOS 5 is integrated with Twitter

For over 4 years since Apple introduced us the first version of its IOS operating system since its launch has never had significant changes except for minor changes to correct safety or bugs, this could change soon. Apple rumored aims to fully integrate its fifth generation of IOS with the social service Twitter.

The idea at first seems more interesting, it was high time that Apple would give some attention to the social networking sector is generating so much money nowadays. Yet many are surprised by the fact that many other social networks have been left out, it seems strange but it has an explanation.

Hacker attacks: U.S. and Great Britain demand global fight against cyber-attacks

According to Sony hacks and attacks on e-mail accounts, the defense ministers of U.S. and Britain have called for intensifying the fight against hacker attacks. It should also be clarified as to when they are acts of war. When world leaders meet at present, is on the agenda in addition to Arab revolution, war and crisis increasingly € another issue: the safety net.

Just a few days at the G8 summit in Deauville, agreed the Heads of State and Government of the leading industrial nations, as they do to tame the Internet. Now, after re-hacked e-mail services and online networks, are also reported in the Defense of the United States and Britain say - and call for an international fight against such attacks.