Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hacker attacks: U.S. and Great Britain demand global fight against cyber-attacks

According to Sony hacks and attacks on e-mail accounts, the defense ministers of U.S. and Britain have called for intensifying the fight against hacker attacks. It should also be clarified as to when they are acts of war. When world leaders meet at present, is on the agenda in addition to Arab revolution, war and crisis increasingly € another issue: the safety net.

Just a few days at the G8 summit in Deauville, agreed the Heads of State and Government of the leading industrial nations, as they do to tame the Internet. Now, after re-hacked e-mail services and online networks, are also reported in the Defense of the United States and Britain say - and call for an international fight against such attacks.

The attacks should be seen not only from the perspective of either country, "U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Saturday at a security conference in Singapore. Gates urged to establish international rules by which threats are unacceptable, criminal or cheap to even "act of war". He stressed that the U.S. and especially their defense structure "constant" Hacker attacks are exposed. These take the U.S. government "very seriously".

China has any involvement in the attacks back on Thursday it was revealed that had become private e-mail accounts by U.S. government officials and Chinese activists at Google's e-mail service Gmail goals of a hacker attack from China. The Chinese government, which was at the conference in Singapore had also represented, in preparing any involvement in the attack on his own and related charges described as unacceptable.

The Sony subsidiary, Sony Pictures in the United States apologized in a statement explicitly for all users of its website "for the resulting problems," according to a recent hacker attack. The group had launched an internal investigation and turned the FBI so that "those responsible are arrested for the crime." A hacker group called "LulzSec" was declared on Thursday, from Sony have stolen more than a million users of sensitive data. Anyone with e-mail service logs on the page automatically gets information about movies and TV shows sent. From there, the hacker claims to steal sensitive data. Hackers love Sony was only in April target of a hacker attack. Here, data from around the world about a hundred million customers of the Playstation network and the music and movie service Qriocity been hacked.

The two services and obviously had been attacked while Gmail are separated from each other, shared with Trend Micro. But there was "striking similarities". The author of the first attack on Sony have not been found, the speculations range from professional bands to activists of the web guerrilla Anonymous.

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