Saturday, May 14, 2011

Amazon CEO KindlePad we look forward to

As many of you know enough has been spoken in recent months about the possibility that Amazon launched its own tablet PC, but the company had not been expressed about it until now. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has made some statements that leave "chopping" the possibility that they will soon know the KindlePad.

Jeff Bezos invited us to "be alert to the arrival of a multipurpose pill that will compete with iPad", probably referring to KindlePad. The most curious of all is that only a few months ago the company claimed that tablet and other devices "are not reading," but now that Amazon itself is immersed in this market.

The energy comes from the voice speaking the phone will recharge

ROME - The human voice is energy. And recharge your mobile phone just by speaking it may be possible already in the near future, at least according to a team of engineers in South Korea Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul. "We tried to transform sound into electricity," said the engineer, Sang-Woo Kim to the British newspaper Telegraph.

"The voice is a possible source of energy, which has never been given the attention it deserves." To make possible the thing is a new type of battery that can transform sound vibrations into electricity. Not only the voice, then: you could also charge the phone by leaving it in a noisy environment.

# Morattiquotes, the campaign on Twitter

Just hours before the elections administrator, you can already draw some balance, at least in political communication. And one thing is certain: not the best idea came to us communicators, but a user of Twitter, which I think is organic to some party or electoral staff. I'm talking AndyViolet Twitter user, to which I publicly praised for the insight and the birth dell'hashtag # morattiquotes.

HP has a Wi-Fi mouse

The technology manufacturer Hewlett Packard (HP) has introduced a wireless mouse that could change the future of this valuable input device. This is the Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse, a wireless mouse that uses Wi-Fi connection. No doubt this is a very interesting peripheral, the new Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse works without connecting any kind of device, even a small receiver.

It uses Wi-Fi connection to transmit the commands entered, certainly an innovative idea. The benefits Wi-Fi does not end here, the new Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse has a much lower energy consumption to any wireless mouse receiver is Bluetooth or via USB. This new mouse has an operating range of 10 meters and will reach the Spanish market next month, the price is not confirmed but Spanish in the United States can be obtained for $ 49.99.