Friday, April 1, 2011

Casio launches two new projectors

The projectors are a tool that takes years on the market, but the mass of this technology did not begin until the early 2000. Casio was one of the pioneers in the area and has for several years he has bet on this market sector. Since the successful launch of the XJ-A245U the Japanese company has continued to improve its projection technology, the first laser projector system with LED Light Hybrid barely the 2,500 ANSI Lumens, at the end of 2010 managed to reach the figure of 3,000 ANSI lumens and to date has been exceeded again.

Tech Buzz News Magazine: Estonia, cybersentinelle the West

TALLINN, SPECIAL ENVOY - There once was a small republic in northern shores washed by the gray waters of the Baltic. Estonia, a wilderness, a thousand lakes, forests full of game covered with fir and birch. Once freed from the grip of its neighbor Russia, which occupied the last fifty years - and forbade its residents to own a typewriter, a fax machine or computer - the country toppled in a coup modernity .

Navigator no cloud, the cloud is the "google" Galaxy News Tech Buzz

As one who does not like things just the week we (finally), and we stand ready to offer a few links, which have given it the last seven days in our technological environment. Here we go with the Galaxy News Tech Buzz. And as we did last week, just this galaxy with a question that we do from questions and Buzzndroid News Tech Answer: Andorra Mobile or tablet? Picture of Javier Prieto.

The economy as a science "complex"

Sciences of complexity have the wind in their sails, especially among followers of new technologies. The question however is: are they any good? Clearly, can they predict? Or are they doomed to produce graphics and analogies certainly impressive, but the heuristic value is zero or almost? The search for practical applications ...

This is the grail that researchers actively stalk. We saw in a recent article that tried to simulate Dirk Helbing News Tech Buzz. Another scientist whose name has returned several times recently is that of Yane Bar-Yam, president of the Institute for Complex Systems of New England (NCEs).

But what do the girls?

Who are the "teen" born in the digital world? According to research commissioned by Microsoft and Where QuantoTiVuoiBene site and promoted by the so-called native digital technology, self-confident, attentive to the thinness and fitness. The responses collected from online questionnaires completed by about 3200 under-16 girls say that only takes 10 minutes in the morning to prepare, pay attention to the look, look at themselves and their friends, 70% of 9-12 year olds have an email account, Facebook is up 25% and 20% use chat.

Video - The Moment of Geek: cyborgs and androids

Logitech M325 looks to be comfortable at all

I think I never tire of saying that the two key elements for someone who works with computers is to have a good mouse and the best screen you can afford. The health of our eyes and hand function of this. The Logitech M325 just touches a chord with those looking for convenience, but without sacrificing accuracy due mainly to its fast scroll wheel house brand that also serves to advance and retreat in the daily task of web browsing.

Hercules eCAFÉ HD and EX Slim HD, two netbooks that bet on Linux and ARM

Recently we talked more tablets than netbooks, something conditioned by the amount of news and reports that appear, but that does not mean that occasionally pop out of the network different proposals that deserve a place on our website. This is the case with the last of Hercules. A couple of netbooks under the name Hercules eCAFE come to market, and most striking feature count as using a Freescale chipset i.

iPad 2, we show you their latest video

After a week of iPad 2 in the Spanish market could not dismiss this Friday without bringing our video analysis of the new features offered by this new tablet from Apple. Nothing better than moving images to understand what we face in the second bet Apple touch with nearly 10 inches, including a review of his case SmarCover and the "mirror." Look at how Apple are these the names of things that could be called magnetic protective cover or HDMI out to dry.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Android phone analysis (II)

In the first part of our analysis of Sony Ericsson Xperia Play pending let us talk of your screen, rather peculiar as you see, the Android operating system and customization "made in Sony Ericsson, and of course multimedia functionality of this phone boasts a 5 megapixel camera. So do not entertain more and go to the task with the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play analyzed.

Talk of a system of automatic brightness on the screen of a mobile phone is nothing new or surprising. However, this does not lead Xperia Play light sensor makes that option is not very welcome. The result is that in our testing the basic brightness offered us the phone is usually in most cases quite low, which makes the screen look worse than it actually is.

Beijing accuses Google of businesses related to tax fraud

The Chinese authorities accuse three companies linked to tax evasion and Google have opened an investigation, said the Chinese press. A procedure that increases the pressure on the search engine, engaged in a standoff with Beijing over the censorship of its search engine and its online mapping service.

Two of the three companies mentioned belong to Google, and the third is a partner in the search engine. Google has denied charges of fraud, the search engine said in a statement that he "thinks acting, and always have acted in accordance with Chinese tax law." The three companies are suspected of submitting false tax returns, and have about 4.2 million in the Chinese tax authorities.

Samsung will bring to production a transparent screen 22 inches

We will not discover anything if we say that Samsung is a leader in display market and the development of its technologies. The Korean company is also responsible for advertising it in various technology events in which it occurs. Sometimes in commercial products, others as a prototype to dazzle the staff, this is the case of flexible displays, transparent and showed throughout last year.

Samsung has decided to producing a transparent screen with a 22-inch LCD panel and 1680 × 1050 pixel resolution. There will be two versions, one in color and black and white, with 15 and 20% transparency respectively. From the point of view of consumption, Samsung reports that the screens need a 10% power using a conventional LCD, and that somehow takes advantage of ambient light (I guess it will need good lighting).

Qualcomm is already preparing its own superphone

Everyone wants their superphone with Android. This operating system, which for 2015 could be nearly half the market share according to latest predictions, is resurrecting dead companies and giving life to several others. So everyone wants to Android. Such is the infatuation of the market to Qualcomm, which until now watched the party from a window, it has tied the blanket to the head and has taught it would be their first phone with Android.