Saturday, August 13, 2011

David Cameron wants to deprive the insurgents of social networks

"When people use social networks to violent actions, we must stop them. We work with the police, intelligence agencies and industry to study how we can prevent these people to communicate via these sites and services when we know they are preparing criminal or violent acts. " In his message to British MPs on Thursday, Prime Minister David Cameron said the government was working to tighter controls on social networks.

Global sales of smart phones increased by 74%

Almost 429 million mobile phones were sold in Tech News Buzz in the second quarter, according to research firm Gartner published Thursday, August 11. Of these sales, one quarter are smartphones, mostly equipped by the operating system Google Android. Global sales of mobile recording an increase of 16.5% year on year, while those of smartphones - these phones "smart" to surf the Internet - have grown 74% over the second quarter of 2010.

New battle between Google + and Facebook

If you have videos, the other also. If an email offer, the other is not far behind with messaging. The duel between social networks Facebook and Google + experienced yesterday another episode. While the new network, Google announced the opening of it to the games, Facebook, already has them in great numbers, announced changes to its platform to content developers and improved gaming experience.