Saturday, August 13, 2011

New battle between Google + and Facebook

If you have videos, the other also. If an email offer, the other is not far behind with messaging. The duel between social networks Facebook and Google + experienced yesterday another episode. While the new network, Google announced the opening of it to the games, Facebook, already has them in great numbers, announced changes to its platform to content developers and improved gaming experience.

For Google, the initial catalog is very small, but it has popular titles like Angry birds and of course the company Zynga, which has a stake. To encourage developers, Google + charge a commission of 5% of transactions in them, 25% less than Facebook. Another difference is that it will maintain the playground, which is accessed from a button, a separate area of discussion, without intrusion.

Currently, access to game developers to the Google platform + is restricted. It is assumed that Google wants to control very well the offer is from your social network and not fall, for example, privacy issues. Facebook's reply was instantaneous. Facebook partially lifted a restriction that had upset the game publishers because it harmed their visibility.

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