Saturday, August 13, 2011

Global sales of smart phones increased by 74%

Almost 429 million mobile phones were sold in Tech News Buzz in the second quarter, according to research firm Gartner published Thursday, August 11. Of these sales, one quarter are smartphones, mostly equipped by the operating system Google Android. Global sales of mobile recording an increase of 16.5% year on year, while those of smartphones - these phones "smart" to surf the Internet - have grown 74% over the second quarter of 2010.

Finnish Nokia still has the hand on the sales of all portable categories, with 22.8% market share, against 16.3% for Samsung and 5.7% for LG. But aside smartphones, Symbian operating system is far outdistanced by that of Google, Android, which equips 43% 107 700 000 smart phones sold in the second quarter, against 22% for Nokia.

The system fitted to phones from Apple is 18.2% share of smartphones. For comparison, Android fitted to 17.2% of smartphones sold, against 40.9% to 14.1% for Symbian and Apple, a year ago. The global market share of different operating systems on smartphones "Google and Apple are by far the winner.

The combined market share of IOS and Android have increased by almost 62% in one year. Consumers appreciate these systems that provide them with the applications they need ", says Gartner. The firm says expect a 12% growth in sales of mobile phones on the current year.

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