Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The U.S. could respond militarily to a potential cyber attack

The Pentagon would consider "all options" if the U.S. were victims of a cyber attack has declared Tuesday, May 31, a spokesman for the Obama administration, saying the Pentagon was trying to develop military rules of conduct for this purpose. May 16, the White House announced new rules stating that the U.S.

"will respond to hostile action in cyber-space in the same manner as any other threat to the country." We reserve the right to use all necessary means - diplomatic, information relating to military and economic - as needed and in compliance with international law, to defend our country, our allies, our partners and interests, "added the text.

Samsung introduces an all-in-one with 3D

What we see in the picture is the new beauty presented by Samsung, the company has chosen to market hard tablets and smartphones has not forgotten the desktop and so has the new Samsung AF315. The Samsung AF315 is an all-in-one excellent technical features and exquisite design. Of its features we emphasize the excellent screen 23-inch LED backlit.

It is capable of displaying 2D and 3D with HD resolution (1080p), it can also transform 2D images into 3D automatically. Besides the new 3D technology Samsung has excellent hardware AF315, is powered by an Intel quad-core Core i5 and has endless configurations to suit the consumer. We do not know the cost will this beauty here in Spain but it looks like it will be a few dollars.

Bitcoin the currency of the CIA and hacker scare banks

BERLIN - Even the call of the Wikileaks currencies is critical for a project that can destabilize markets and the global economy and overthrow governments, but his fans will see a decisive step towards the independence of consumers and ordinary citizens of the world by banks and authorities. It 's a new digital currency, created by groups of hackers and is already being used to buy mobile phones on online auctions or DVD, or gambling on the net.

Nokia alert each of its benefits

Nokia has given another warning signal. Since the arrival of its first American executive, former Microsoft's Stephen Elop, not only did not hide the difficulties they threw them, either by official statements, either by itself indiscreet messages Elop. Today Nokia has warned that second quarter sales of its phones will fall substantially, even to touch the balance between losses and gains.

In an official communique, cautions that the reason is the falling prices and lower sales of equipment and services. Operating margin, according to his notes, this quarter will be between 6% and 9%, while in Elera one more point, and the previous 1, 3 points higher, around 11.3%. That is, the deteriorating economic situation of the company has grown to more, coinciding with the arrival of Elop.

Apple replaced the MacBook: the fund is dissected

Apple has initiated a recall program for the MacBook product from October 2009 to April 2011, who are afflicted by the detachment of the rubber that protects the fund. The problem from what you said in a statement released by Apple on the site, seems to appear "in some circumstances" not well set out the rubber on the bottom of some MacBook can detach from the base.

The replacement may be required by those who experience the issue even though it is no longer under warranty and can be carried out in two ways, the classic driving her MacBook into a service center or at an Apple Store, or using a kit called DIY "Do It Yourself Kit" that includes a new bottom of the base to be mounted in place of the defective, the eight screws, a screwdriver and instructions for disassembly and reassembly.

Sony PlayStation Network fully reopens Sunday

Sony has announced that its net PlayStation Network (PSN), which was attacked last April, will be fully restored on Sunday in all regions of the world except Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong. The total restoration of the interactive network of Sony for the PS3 and PSP will allow users to return to European or American to purchase and download games online.

The service, suspended following an intrusion that involved the theft of data from about 77 million users already resumed partial in North America, Europe and other regions on 15 May and, since last Saturday, also partly in Japan and other Asian countries. Japan's giant electronics said that by Sunday Qriocity also partially restored, another of his service attacked in April.

Google opens a flight search

"The summer is approaching, you may be thinking of taking a vacation," so begins the blog of Google to announce a new service: the flight search. For now offer it in eleven languages (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Turkish and Catalan). This new offering is related to the purchase by Google of a company, ITA Software, dedicated to the acquisition comparative flight competition mobilized to try to stop it on the ground that represent a modification of the advantageous market for Google.

Mac, iPhone and the world of "cloud" Jobs will unveil new software

Apple is about to roar again. And to release the new operating system "Lion" of the cage will be the same Steve Jobs. There will be him on stage, surprisingly, as announced today the same house in Cupertino, "Apple CEO Steve Jobs and a team of managers will kick off the annual Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) with a keynote address is scheduled for Monday June 6 at 10:00.

At that time Apple will present its next-generation software: Lion, the eighth major release of Mac OS X in online at the company, already has a preview; iOS 5, the new version dell'evoluto mobile operating system at the base of the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, and icloud, the provision of services cloud coming from Apple.

European patent: Appeal of Italy to the Court of Justice of the EU

Italy attacked, Tuesday, May 31, the decision of 25 member states of the European Union to create a European patent, without his consent or that of Spain, by filing an action in Luxembourg, said the ministry Foreign in a statement. Faced with opposition from Rome and Madrid to the terms of translating the patent, the other 25 member states decided to go through "enhanced cooperation" procedure of last resort introduced by the Treaty of Lisbon which a group of countries go forward on an issue where agreement is impossible to 27.

PlayStation Network: Sony about to restore services

The Japanese electronics giant Sony announced on Tuesday, May 31, it would reactivate its online services in all regions by the end of the week, except in Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea, when the restart occurs gradually since Saturday. Sony had to stop mid-April its gaming platforms PlayStation Network (PSN) and music Qriocity after undergoing an illegal intrusion and theft of customer data.

Twitter will launch the photo-sharing

TWITTER would launch its own photo-sharing service, thereby competing with Flickr, and Twitpic Instagram. The news website Techcrunch technology, but the news is making the rounds of the web. The service may be available via the web platform twimg. com, that Twitter has acquired last July. The proceeds should go to the association for the advertising photo-sharing.

There are currently no other details, the announcement could come Wednesday, the day the conference will be held D9 in California, an important event for the technology, where he will speak on the company's chief executive, Dick Ribs. Until now, the social network was characterized by its brevity: 140 characters per post and upload photos delegated to external services such as Yfrog or TwitPic.

The United Kingdom is developing a force of cyber

The United Kingdom is working to develop its military capabilities in cyber attack, not only defensively but also offensively. For the first time, the Department of Defense has acknowledged the existence of specialized units in the creation and use of cyber weapons. For the British army, the Internet is part of the battlefield of the future "and should be considered like any other theater.

"Cyberspace is a new battlefield, but the rules and norms, logic and standards that apply in other areas have their equivalent in cyberspace," said Nick Harvey, the Defence Minister, The Guardian. The nature of these offensive capabilities and cases in which they could be used, however, remain secret.

The EU is concerned about the concentration in the sector of hard disks

The European Commission will investigate the concentration in the hard drives because it is concerned about the competitive effects of the projects of two Asian groups to sell their work in this field to American competitors. Specifically, the Commission, guardian of competition in Europe, announced Monday, May 30, the opening of thorough investigations on two acquisition projects.

The U.S. Seagate Technology has announced its intention to repurchase $ 1.4 billion (971 million euros) the activities of South Korea's Samsung Electronics in the hard drives while Western Digital intends to do the same with those of Japanese Hitachi for $ 4.3 billion (2.98 billion euros).